Sessions, 1618: 24 and 25 February

County of Middlesex. Calendar To the Sessions Records: New Series, Volume 4, 1616-18. Originally published by Clerk of the Peace, London, 1941.

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Sessions of the Peace and Gaol Delivery, on 24 and 25 February, 15 James I [A.D. 1617–18].


p.484. Edward Barnaby of Clerkenwell, embroiderer, respited by the Court from the two last Sessions to give evidence against Alice Barnaby alias Pennington for marrying two husbands; the said Alice respited at the last without bail. Richard Fletcher, embroiderer, and Ralph Hopkins, butcher, both of the same, to give evidence likewise (and pp.473, 475 and G.D.R. 2/133d).

To the next General Sessions:—

John Wast of Heston handed in bail to Arthur Child of the same to appear and be of good behaviour; came and was discharged (and pp.491, 500).

Came and discharged:—

p.485. Frances Browne bound over for her unlawful departing from the service of her master William Booth, and for other misdemeanours wherewith she is charged; and John Rufford of Ratcliffe, carpenter, for beating the wife of the said William and entertaining the said Frances.

John Vesey of St. Andrew's, Holborn, shoemaker, for committing a great disorder in Gray's Inn Lane in the night time, being drunk, and disquieting the inhabitants there.

Philip Wilson of Mile End, gentleman, for unlawfully detaining £8 in money from Nicholas Bolton, which was due to him for wages for four years since.

John Mayde of Gray's Inn Lane for detaining wages and apparel from Jane Eckles, some time his servant.

Thomas Coston of Norton Folgate, cook, for good behaviour.

William Grymes of Westminster, victualler, for the peace towards William Scott.

Maurice Baker of the same, carter, for the peace towards William Reignoldes and Margaret his wife.

Henry Gregson of Clerkenwell, tailor, to answer the complaint of Arthur Phillippes.

Robert Thornton of New Brentford, tailor, for abusing Francis Northen.

John Foster of [blank] for good behaviour.

Robert Bridges of Hackney and Edward Whitethorne of the same, butcher, for fighting and quarrelling in the night.

Walter Scott of Coleman Street for the peace. Robert Wade of St. Bartholomew's-the-Great for hurting Nicholas Awdley.

p.486. Elizabeth, wife of Richard Bennett of St. Mary-le-Savoy, for the peace.


Thomas Stanley of St. Clement Danes, victualler, for disorder in his house in the night time.

Came and discharged:—

William Gibbes of the same, butcher, for stealing "a masty dogg" of Anthony Colchester, "being kept for safetye of his house."

William Sprite of the same, gentleman, for the peace towards Walter Pope.

Humphrey Turney of the same, gentleman, for the peace.

Thomas Clapham of the same for assaulting and beating Richard Bennett.

Elizabeth Gunter of the same, widow, accused by her neighbours to be a notorious bawd.


David Dunne of Drury Lane, cook, for assaulting and striking Helen Bennett; acknowledged protesting, etc., fined 2s.

Came and discharged:—

William Barbor of Aldenham, "milner," for assaulting and striking Augustine Roe upon the eye.

William Mote of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, joiner, for assaulting and bruising Rose Udes.


Thomas Hunt of Edgware, collier; acknowledged the indictment and fined at £4 3s. 4d. and committed to the Sheriff for a fine, but because the indictment is adjudged void by this Court, therefore he is indicted anew, which indictment he also acknowledged and was fined at 40s. and paid to the Sheriff.

Came and discharged:—

Isabel Dixon of [blank] for the peace.

Israel Parker fo Cow Cross, silkweaver, for good behaviour.

John Lownes of "Soame, co. Suff" [? Soham, co. Cambridge], drover, for selling calves at Mile End on the Sabbath day.

Respited to the next General Sessions:—

John Coxe of East Smithfield, victualler, for uttering beer and ale on the Sabbath day; came and discharged (and p.499).

p.487. Came and discharged:—

Thomas Reade of "Framingham" [Framlingham], co. Suffolk, drover, Hugh Hampstead of Hatfield, co. Essex, drover, and Arthur Lambe of Colchester, co. Essex, drover, for selling calves at Mile End on the Sabbath day.

Nicholas Massam of Rosemary Lane, victualler, for selling beer and tobacco on the Sabbath day.

Committed by order of the Lord Chief Justice for misdemeanours upon shrove Tuesday:—

John Tompkinson, paid 40s. for a fine and discharged; Thomas Shepparde, paid 29s. 6d. likewise; Edward Draper and Robert Keele, delivered without a fine or surety; Robert Lyllie of "Perpoole" [Portpool] Lane, carpenter, handed over in bail to Richard Jackson of the same, bricklayer, and William Clapham of High Holborn, carpenter, to appear at the next Sessions; Thomas Rayner, servant of Sir Phillip Knevitt of Clerkenwell, knight, handed over in bail to John Simpson, servant of the same, to appear likewise; Henry Vynes, servant of Edward Baylie of Shoe Lane, gilder, handed over in bail to John Ellis of St. Bartholomew's, coppersmith, Lewis Rowland of Snow Hill, tailor, and Edward Vynes of St. Giles'without-Cripplegate, coppersmith, to appear likewise; Henry Garrett, Edmund Pelham, Thomas Hunsdon, Robert Fernell, John Ridgway, Thomas Prentice and Nicholas Harrison respited to the House of Correction. At the next Sessions the said Robert Lyllie is dead as appears as well by the oath of Richard Jackson and William Walton as by a certificate under the hands of divers parishioners of the parish where he was buried; the said Thomas Rayner and Henry Vynes came and discharged (and pp.491, 500).

p.488. To the next General Sessions:—

Arthur Childe of Heston handed over in bail to Christopher Childe and Francis Zachary of St. Nicholas Shambles, butchers, to appear; came and was discharged (and p. 500).

John Williams of Staple Inn, gentleman, brought a writ of supersedeas for the peace and it was allowed.


John Braby of Tottenham for begetting a bastard child on the body of Elizabeth Holton "his wyves daughter". He is to be committed to the House of Correction there to have twenty lashes and there to work until etc; afterwards discharged.

To the next Sessions:—

Peter Young of Lambeth, lighterman, bound over in £100 in bail to Roger Younge of St. Olave's, Southwark, shipwright, and William Perith of Lambeth, co. Surrey, waterman, to appear for threatening the witnesses in open Court that were to give evidence against him at this present Sessions; at the next came and was discharged (and pp.491, 500).

Came and discharged:—

William Ruddocke of "Lymestocke", tailor.

Helen Alcocke of Ratcliffe for the peace towards John Boorer.

Thomas Ray of the same, victualler, to answer the complaint of Margery Gascoigne.

Elizabeth Smith of Rosemary Lane for the peace towards Thomas Foster.

Richard Smith of Goswell Street, vintner, for hurting William Ashton.

Thomas Quyre of Field Lane, butcher, for victualling without licence.

Margaret, wife of Thomas Howe of St. Botolph's-withoutBishopsgate, butcher.

Peter Bradford of Ratcliffe Highway, mason, suspected to live incontinently with Elizabeth Harwood whom he keeps in his house, she being suspected to be with child by him.

John Hayes of Wapping, sailor, for the peace towards Gilbert Lodge.

William Hardman of Holborn, husbandman, to answer.

p.489. John Husbberstead of Clerkenwell, tailor, for good behaviour.

Thomas Sutton of High Holborn, tailor, for the like.

William Booth of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, victualler, for the like.

Alexander Kingrose of St. Clement Danes, shoemaker, being the reputed father of a bastard child begotten on the body of Bridget Parker.

Order that Margaret Browne, daughter of Thomas Browne, late of Islington, cordwainer, and Elizabeth his wife, born at Islington aforesaid, shall be settled and provided for by the inhabitants of the said parish according to the Statute.

Order that Jane Chaundelor, a vagrant taken at Stanwell, is to be provided for at the parish of Feltham where she has been last settled by the space of a year last past, her place of birth not being known, and that George Chaundelor of Hillingdon is to enter into bond with sureties for the payment of 12d. a week and the arrearages thereof, due to the inhabitants of Feltham, which heretofore he has given his consent to pay.

Licensed tipplers with their sureties:—

William Stephenson of St. John Street: Henry Morrison and William Holland of the same.

p. 490. Richard Grace of Golding Lane: John Goborne of Old Street, tailor, and Nicholas Hallywell of St. Giles'-withoutCripplegate.

William Mynshawe of Clerkenwell: Edmund Goddard, grocer, and Henry Brookes, both of the same.

Isaac Bicke of Islington: Benedict Chaplyn and Robert Dawes, brewer, both of the same.


f. 122. James Scutts and George Richardson of St. Martin's-in-theFields for burglary; both at large.

ff. 122–124d. For recusancy:—

Ferdinand Emerson of St. Andrew's, Holborn, cutler, and Joan his wife, John Warden, cutler, John Dam alias Adam, cutler, and Helen his wife, William Mathewe, cutler, and Helen his wife, Susan, wife of Edwin Saule, gentleman, John Blake, tailor, and Magdalden his wife, Joan Woodfall, widow, Richard Lovett, goldsmith, John Baldwyn, Mary, wife of William Cobbe, gentleman, Ann Dowse, widow, William Beswicke, shoemaker, and Mary his wife, Ambrose Beswicke and George Beswicke, shoemakers, Susan, wife of Thomas Straunge, tailor, Mary St. Cleere, widow, Margaret Poore, spinster, Ann, wife of Lionel Titchborne, gentleman, John Coe, stationer, and Margaret his wife, Thomas Knight, scrivener, and Joan his wife, Thomas Howard, cobbler, and Mary his wife, William Cooke, gentleman, and Margaret his wife, Margaret Feilde, widow, and Joan, wife of Richard Gresham, carpenter, all of the same, Elizabeth Tayler of St. James', Clerkenwell, spinster, John Higgins, labourer, Peter Smith, printer, and Joan his wife, Elizabeth, wife of John Lyon, gentleman, John Webb, esquire, and Elizabeth, his wife, Elizabeth Boult, Katherine Massey, "Hakitha" Weyver, Joan Derrey, Mary Gower and Elizabeth Reignoldes, spinsters, Humphrey Paule, Tobias Hinderson and Mary his wife, Edward Ruffoote and Elizabeth his wife, Margaret Talbott, Ann Spittle and Margaret, Lady Askewe, spinsters, Jane, wife of Christopher Beeston, "stageplayer", Etheldreda, wife of Robert Beeston, yeoman, Richard Penvoes and Elizabeth his wife, John Robinson, tailor, and Agnes his wife, William Robinson, Joan Deerham, spinster, John Shepperde and William Darby and Susan his wife, all of the same, Alice Nashe of St. John Street, widow, Robert Gutteris of Charterhouse Lane, gentleman, and Margaret his wife, Sir Oliver Butler of Islington, knight, and Ann his wife, Patronella Byfeilde of the same, spinster, Thomas Colebrooke of St. Andrew's, Holborn, gentleman, and Ann his wife, Sir Francis Lovell of St. James', Clerkenwell, knight, William Petre, gentleman, John Trevillion, "wyner", Katherine Copley and Joan Parrey, spinsters, all of the same, Thomas Sleepe of St. John Street and Christiana his wife, Francis Huggons, Ann Jones and Joan Grynday, spinsters, Grace, wife of William Cooper, baker, and Elizabeth, wife of Joachim Ball, schoolmaster, all of the same. The said John Webb and Margaret Talbott pledged for fines in September, 1618.

f.124d. Ralph Bell of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, for assaulting Edward Vaughan.

John Browne of the same for assaulting Griffin Thomas.

John Nutting of Hendon, gentleman, Thomas Lee of Maryleborne, gentleman, Andrew Parker of the same, cobbler, and George Browne of Paddington, gentleman, for fishing in Matthew Small, esquire, "his pond at Paddington". The said George pledged for a fine in May, 1618.


f.139d. Miles Nurrey, Robert Cassenford, Richard Wolfe, Edward Younge, Richard Stevenson and Thomas Hall delivered by proclamation.

Robert Bradford respited for sureties to appear at the next.

Edward Ball respited without sureties for seven days, and if there does not then appear a good cause for detention, to be delivered; at the next delivered by proclamation. (and f. 143).

Richard Viccarice respited at the order of Thomas Watson and Edmund Doubleday, esquires.

Ann Dorrell, Margaret Roe and John Warner respited without bail.

Jane Brookes and John Smith indicted in London.

f.140. Spared a trial at this for default of evidence for the King, and respited without sureties:—

Robert Lavile [Lavyle] for robbing William Jenkyn in the King's highway, and for making an assault upon John Finch in the King's highway. William Goodwyn of Watford, co. Hertford, William Williams of Bushey, co. Hertford, and Mary Hordeyne of Ruislip, spinster, handed over further to prosecute the said Robert at the next. At the next the said Robert found not guilty of robbery, guilty of assault and wounding, fined £40 and respited for good sureties during his life (and ff.142d, 143d, 144d).

Acknowledges, seeks the book, reads, to be branded:—

William Bunninge for diverts goods of John Normond worth 6s. 8d.

Guilty, no goods, seeks the book, reads, to be branded:—

Robert Hutchinson for a silver cup of Richard Pryce.

Not guilty of murder, guilty of manslaughter at the common law, no goods, seeks the book, does not read, to be hanged:—

William Lambe for the murder of William Braye.

Not guilty:—

William Boswell for a mare of William West.

Edward Rogers for burglary and divers goods of Andrew Lee; for the like of George Eastland; and for the like of Nicholas Kinge; respited to the House of Correction (and f.139d).

Guilty, no goods, to be hanged:—

William Baggett for a burglary and divers goods of George Eastland; for the like of Thomas Turpin; and for a cloak of George Salter of Thames Street, ironmonger. At the next Sessions the said Salter came to prosecute the said William (and Sess. Reg. 2/492).

Not guilty:—

Ann Butler and John Davies for a burglary and divers goods of George Eastland; and for the like of Nicholas Kinge; Alice Bagot alias Butler respited to the House of Correction (and f.139d).

Guilty, no goods, seeks the book, reads but respited to be branded until etc:—

Robert Stevens for hunting in Hyde Park and killing five of his Majesty's deer, and concealing the same being examined before two Justices of the Peace; respited without bail (and f.139d).

Guilty, no goods, to be hanged:—

Thomas Munday for burglary and divers goods of our Sovereign lord the King.

Guilty, no goods, seeks the book, reads, to be branded:—

Henry Porter for a purse and £3 10s. of John Jefferies.

Guilty, no goods, to be hanged:—

William Hand for a mare of Thomas Cowper.

f.140d. Guilty to the value of 11d., no goods, to be whipped:—

John Payne [Paine] for divers goods of Thomas Johnson, a tailor in the Barbican. James [William] Mitchell [Michell] of Rosemary Lane, broker [cordwainer], accessory to the same and accused of buying stolen goods; at large (and f.142 and P.R.B. 1/122).

Not guilty:—

Sarah Nowell for divers parcels of cloth of John Ball. Thomas Byshoppe [Bishoppe] and John Davies of Shoreditch for the like; both at large (and P.R.B. 1/122).

Guilty, no goods, seeks the book, reads, to be branded:—

John Morgan for silver spoons of Thomas Hall.

Guilty, no goods, to be hanged:—

Abraham Hunt for burglary and divers goods of Ferdinand Bawds, esquire.

At large:—

Alice Harvy [Harvie] of Westminister, spinster, for the goods of Thomas Corbyn [Corbin], gentleman. Dorothy Harvy of the same, spinster, accessory before and after the same, postponed to be tried because the principal is at large, and respited for sureties to appear at the next Sessions (and f.139d. and P.R.B. 1/122).

Guilty, no goods, seeks the book, reads, to be branded:—

Thomas Ingle for a bull of Edward Ridley. Richard Wetherhed for the same, dead in gaol.

Respited to be tried until the next because the goods are undervalued:—

Peter Fowler for a cloak and two pairs of sheets of Elizabeth Roe of Westminister, widow; respited at the instance of Mister Jones, Common Serjeant of London. The said Elizabeth handed over in bail to Henry Roe, tailor, and Edmond Harpur, girdler, both of the same, to prosecute the said Peter at the next, when he is found guilty, no goods, seeks the book, reads, to be branded (and ff.142d, 143d, 144d).

At large:—

William Rose of Poplar for two oxen of John Wieldinge [Weilding] (and P.R.B. 1/122).

Not guilty:—

Robert Johnwood and William Cowper for assaulting and robbing Richard Keepe; respited for sureties to appear at the next; the said Robert respited further and delivered by proclamation and ff.139d, 143, 145d).

f.141. At large:—

Richard Rufford of Ratcliffe, cordwainer, for wounding and maiming William Hughson [Huson]; came and brought a writ of certiorari, certified into the King's Bench by writ received in the Quindenes of Easter (and Sess. Reg. 2/489 and P.R.B. 1/122, 124d).

Guilty to the value of 10½d., no goods, to be whipped:—

John Stayner for a cloak of Richard Longe.

John Laurence and Rice Wheeler for a cloak and a shirt of Richard Townesend.

Guilty, no goods, to be hanged, seeks benefit of the belly and found not pregnant:—

Sarah Draper for divers goods of Jane Gotte, widow.

Guilty, no goods, to be hanged:—

Barnaby Chambers for burglary and divers goods of John Itterye.

Not guilty:—

William Newman for clipping and filling "a unite of gold currant for xxijs".

John Atkinson for entertaining and harbouring rogues and vagabonds in his barns at Islington.

In gaol:—

Christopher Ball of Southwark, silkweaver, for suspicion of felony.

Francis Moseley of St. John Street for cutting the purse of John Bell; not guilty (and f. 140, 141d).

John Evans of St. Sepulchre's, victualler, and Ann his wife, for suspicion of felony; the said John no true bill.

Came and discharged:—

Geoffrey Roberts of Purfleet, co. Essex, limeman, and Ralph Langford of the same, bricklayer, charged with setting William Consett "his barne on fyer"; no true bill (and f.141d).

Richard Mason of Heston for stealing a sheep of John Wast.

f.141d. John Barnett of Hackney, silkweaver, accused by Robert Skingle of felony.

Richard Thompson of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, glazier, and Joan his wife, suspected to be consenting to the escape of one Reignolds out of Newgate, "who was committed for clippeing of silver and did escape through a vault."

William Taytom of Westminster, musician, for receiving nine pairs of stockings stolen out of the shop of Thomas May in Cheapside.

Robert Farre the younger of St. Martin-le-Vintry, haberdasher, Elizabeth Brookes of Field Lane, spinster, Joan, wife of [blank] Abell of Norton Folgate, Samuel Thorpe of the same, cordwainer, Ann, wife of Thomas Terns of Chick Lane and William Allen of Charterhouse Lane, girdler, all to answer.

Stephen Nicholls of St. Botolph's-without-Aldersgate, embroiderer, to answer.

James Batty for suspicion of cutting a purse.

f.142. John Seagood of St. Clement Danes, carpenter, for suffering great disorder in his victualling-house in the night-time; suppressed and bound over that from and after one fortnight hence he keep no more an alehouse within the county of Middlesex until he shall be thereunto lawfully licensed.

Richard Hatche of [blank]; without adjournment.

Came and discharged:—

Henry Gomershall, son of William Gomershall of St. Dunstan's-inthe-West, victualler, "for wounding an apprentice in dischargeing a gunne against him".

Silvanus Davies of St. Dunstan's-in-the-West [St. Clement Danes], gentleman, for wounding Captain John Freeman; John Kempe of St. Clement Danes for the like; indicted and brought writs of certiorari (and P.R.B. 1/122).

Came and was indicted in London:—

William Thackray of St. Sepulchre's, surgeon, for good behaviour. John Thackray of the same, turner, came and was discharged for the like.

To the next Gaol Delivery:—

Thomas Peryn of West Smithfield, goldsmith, and Margaret his wife, handed over in bail to Nathaniel Morris of the same, haberdasher, and John Pitman of St. Olave's, Southwark, co. Surrey, smith, for suspicion of receiving a certain silver cup of the goods of William Johnson (and f.144d).

Came and discharged:—

Magdalen Marrett of Clerkenwell, spinster.

Jane Yates of [blank] for suspicion of divers parcels of apparel of one Lyon Eale, inn holder.

John Cockell of the Preceints of St. Katherine's-next-the-Tower of London to answer for the escape of Owen Browne, if in the meantime the said Browne be not forthcoming.

f.142d. Robert Baker of Mile End, glassman, for suspicion of a robbery done in the county of Essex.

To the next Gaol Delivery:—

William Davies of St. Giles'-without-Cripplegate to prosecute Margaret Rey [Ree] for murdering a child born of her body. At the next the said Margaret delivered by proclamation (and ff.143, 144d).