The Register: Lekeley; fisheries (continued)

Pages 30-31

Register and Records of Holm Cultram. Originally published by T Wilson & Son, Kendal, 1929.

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Lekeley (Seaton in S. Cumberland).

78. (C. p. 58; Hesleyside MS. 7).—John de Hodeliston grants to Holmcoltran abbey all the land of Lekeley which was given by Gunnilda f. Henry f. Arthur. Witnesses—Sir Michael de Hartecla, sheriff of Cumberland, Sir Thomas de Culwenne, Sir Robert de Haverington, Sir Robert de Feritate, Sir Thomas de Neuton and Sir Robert de Whyterig, knights; Hugh de Moricebi, Richard de Cleterre, John de Morthing, etc. [A late note in the margin dates this (by Sir Michael de Harcla's shrievalty) 1285–98.]


Fisheries (continued).

79. (C. p. 59; D. art. 71).—Richard de Alneburg confirms William de Skefteling's grant [no. 65. Richard de Ellenborough is named (in St. Bees and P.R.) 1208–37.]

80. (C. p. 59; D. art. 71).—William f. Gillecrist confirms [no. 65. See also no. 75. Date c. 1235.]

81. (C. p. 59; D. art. 71).—Geoffrey Talun confirms [no. 65] by William de Skefteling his brother.

82. (C. pp. 59, 60; D. art. 72).—William de Holdernes grants a toft and croft in Alneburg in front of the gate (hostium) of William f. Gillecrist, namely the holding late of Nevin. [c. 1235 ?]

82a. (H. 2).—William de Holdernes grants, for the secular infirmary of Holm, Nevincroft in Alneburgh, to the east between the lands of Richard de Alneburgh and William f. Gilchrist. "We have a similar charter from Robert de [Kar]laton and it belongs to the secular infirmary. We have a charter of the bounds of Alneburgh." [Robert de Karlaton witnessed no. 75, c. 1235.]