The Register: Islekirk

Register and Records of Holm Cultram. Originally published by T Wilson & Son, Kendal, 1929.

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'The Register: Islekirk', in Register and Records of Holm Cultram, (Kendal, 1929) pp. 76-77. British History Online [accessed 12 April 2024]


217. (C. p. 163; D. art. 8).—King John grants to Holmcoltran the hermitage of St. Hylda in his forest of Engelwode with the clearing (landa) which Roger Goki, late hermit, held there. They may cultivate it or hold it in pasture as they please. He agrees to their having a vaccary there for 40 cows, with pasture in the forest and with calves up to two years old, and as many horses and oxen as are needed for the cultivation of the landa. They are to be quit of escape and reception of foresters except at their own free will. Witnesses—P[eter de Rupibus], bishop of Winchester, William Briwere, Warin f. Gerold, Henry f. Count. Given by the hand of Master Richard de Marisco, chancellor, at Windeshore, March 1st, 16 John [1215. Roger Goki—Dugdale's 'Croky' is an error—was in 1192 fined 10s. for 'waste' by making a mill where he ought not to have made it. He paid 17d. and was forgiven the rest by the king's brief (P.R.)].

218. (C. p. 164; D. art. 42).—King Henry [III] confirms the charter [no. 217] of his father king John. Witnesses—Walter, archbishop of York, Walter, bishop of Carlisle. Given by the hand of Radulph, bishop of Chichester, chancellor, at Westminster, April 17th [read 7th], 11 Henry [1227. In P.R. 1227–8 the abbot owes 40 marks for the confirmation of the charters of kings Richard and John, probably no. 216, and others relating to St. Hylda's hermitage, Englewude forest, the island of Holm coltran, etc.]

219. (C. p. 166; D. art. 51).—Thomas de Lascell quitclaims to Holm all rights in their enclosure at St. Hylda's hermitage. Witnesses—Roger Bertram, Robert de Ros, William de York, Ranulf f. Henry and Thomas f. John, justices itinerant; Thomas de Multon, Richard de Levington, Alan de Lassels, etc. [Dated by the next 1235.]

219a. (H. 2).—Final Concord in the king's court in Cumberland on the morrow of Low Sunday, 19 Henry III, before Roger Bertram, R. de Ros, etc. justices itinerant. Thomas de Lascelis, petent, and Gilbert, abbot of Holm, tenent, in the matter of 60 acres of wood in Hildekirk. It was agreed that Thomas should quitclaim all rights, and the abbot granted him all the benefits of the Church of Holm. [A common-form stating these benefits is given in the next. Date of no. 219a is 1235.]

219b. (H. 1).—"Brother—,abbot of N—and convent, to Sir N—and his wife and children, writes that the monks agree to their request and grant full participation, God willing, in all the benefits of their house; so that, when their decease is notified to the chapter, they shall receive absolution like one of themselves and shall be remembered in all the masses and prayers which are made every year in the chapter for their own brethren. Dated—."