The Register: Warnell (continued)

Pages 82-83

Register and Records of Holm Cultram. Originally published by T Wilson & Son, Kendal, 1929.

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Warnell (continued).

248. (C. p. 205).—In the Roll of 16 Henry f. John the following occurs:—John Francigena renders account of 20 marks for permanent possession of the close of Warnell bank (costera de Warnell), which the abbot of Holcoltram enclosed and held in his own hand; and for having 10 acres of the same wood which that abbot assarted and cultivated by licence of the king at a rent of half a mark a year, as the abbot paid for the same acres and close, as more fully stated in the Charter Roll and in the charter he has on this subject, a copy of which is attached to the Originals of year 17; in which it is set forth that the said close and the 10 acres remain permanently to John Francigena and his successors, rectors of the church of St. Kentegern of Kaldebech. Paid in the Treasury and he is quit.

The same John owes half a mark for the rent of the said close and ten acres, but the sheriff is responsible for this among small rents mentioned above of 107s. 10d. and he is quit. [1232.]

[On May 13, 1225, the abbot made a fine with the king of 20 marks for assarting and cultivating, during the king's pleasure, ten acres (at Warnell) "but so that on the side of the said lawn at Wernayl towards the forest they shall make a low hedge so that the deer may enter and go out at pleasure, and on the other side next the water of Caldew and Caldebec they shall make a high hedge and a good one, so that the king's deer may not get out of the forest by that hedge; the abbot paying to the king for the said privilege half a mark yearly at Michaelmas." Thenceforward in the Pipe Rolls the abbot of Holmcultram pays half a mark yearly rent for 10 acres in Caldbec as long as it pleases the king; but at 1230–1 there is a note added, " He is exonerated from this in the Roll of 17 King Richard II," and the Pipe Roll continues, " For this half-mark John Francigena answers in Roll 16, as is contained therein"; for on Dec. 21, 1231, John Francigena gave the king 20 marks for a lease of this land for his life. Then in the Pipe Roll of 1232 is the statement given above (no. 248) and in 1234–5 it is repeated with the addition of the bounds of the abbot's land:—"from the top of the abbot's hedge which encloses his land of Kaldebek as far as Wyte Wra, and thence to the gates (portae), thence in a straight line eastwards to the tall trees of Aytebang (Aykebank?), thence down to the water of Kaldeu, and so up by that stream and the stream of Kaldebek to the buildings of the same abbot. Rendering yearly to the Exchequer . . . the said half-mark, as is contained in the Originals, and one mark from the year past. And he answers for that rent and his arrears in the third roll of King Edward III."]