May 1643: An Ordinance to suppresse all Riotous and disorderly persons in and above Meere, Shaftsbury, and Brome, Selwood in the County of Sommerset, Dorset, and Wilts.

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Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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May 1643.

[3 May, 1643.]

Deputy Lieutenants and others commanding Forces to disperse Rioters.; Justices, etc., to be aiding

The Lords and Commons having received information that certain Riotous and disorderly Persons, in great numbers have been, and are gathered together in and about Meere, Shaftsbury, and Brome, Selwood, and other places thereabouts, in the Counties of Dorset, Sommerset, and Wilts, and having Armed themselves with Musquets, Fowling Pieces, and other weapons, break open Houses, throw down Inclosures, Rob and spoile divers of the Kings Subjects, and commit many other outrages, to the disturbance of the Peace and quiet of those Counties, and are come to that height of insolency, as openly to professe they neither care for Order of Parliament, nor Proclamation: They the said Lords and Commons taking into their serious Considerations, the evill consequence that might insue, if such Riotous Assemblies should not be suppressed, and the Offendours brought to condign punishment: And to prevent the like for the time to come, lest upon such occasions, Persons ill-affected to the State, may meet together, and grow into a Body, and so break out into open Warre and Hostility; have thought fit and Ordered, and doe hereby Order and appoint, Sir Walter Erle for the County of Dorset, Sir John Horner for the County of Sommerset, and Sir Edward Hungerford for the County of Wilts, and all other the Deputy Lieutenants of those severall Counties, joyntly, and respectively, and all others who have command of any the Forces raised by the Authority of Parliament in any of the said Counties; upon notice to them given, or knowledge had of any such Assemblies, to repaire with sufficient Forces to those Places where they shall be, and them suppresse and disperse and lay hold on the principall Ringleaders and Abettors, that they may receive such punishment as they deserve. And all Justices of Peace, Constables, and other his Majesties Officers and loving Subjects are hereby required to be ayding and assisting in the said Service: As they will answer the contrary to the Lords aiding and Commons in Parliament.