April 1652: An Act prohibiting the planting of Tobacco in England.

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Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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April, 1652

[1 April, 1652.]

The prejudice to this Nation by planting Tobacco.; Planting of Tobacco prohibited.

Whereas divers great quantities of Tobacco have been of late years, and now are Planted in divers parts of this Nation, tending to the decay of Husbandry and Tillage, the prejudice and hindrance of the English Plantations abroad, and of the Trading, Commerce, Navigation, and Shipping of this Nation; For prevention thereof, Be it Enacted or Ordained by this present Parliament, and by the Authority of the same, That no person or persons whatsoever, do or shall at any time from and after the first day of May, One thousand six hundred fifty and two, plant, set, grow, make or cure any Tobacco, either in seed, plant or otherwise, in any Ground, Field, place or places within this Nation.

The forfeiture for planting Tobacco.

And be it further Ordained and Enacted by Authority aforesaid, That if any persons or persons, do or shall at any time after the said first day of May, One thousand six hundred fifty and two, plant, set, grow, make or cure, or caused to be planted, set, grown, made or cured, any Tobacco whatsoever as aforesaid, in any ground, field, place or places whatsoever as aforesaid, contrary to the true intent and meaning of this present Act, every such person or persons so offending, shall forfeit the sum of twenty shillings for every Pole or Rod of Ground; and so after that Rate for a greater quantity that shall be so used or imployed; the one moyety of such forfeiture to be for the use of the Commonwealth, the other moyety thereof for the Discoverer or Prosecutor, to be recovered by Action of Debt, Bill, Plaint or Information, in any Court of this Nation, wherein no Essoyn, Wager of Law or Protection shall lie.

Lawful for any person to destroy Tobacco planted contrary to this Act.

And for the more effectual preventing the planting of Tobaccos as aforesaid, Be it also Enacted and Ordained by Authority aforesaid, That it shall be lawful to and for any person or persons whatsoever, to enter into and upon all and every, or any place or ground within this Commonwealth, where any Tobacco shall be planted, growing, curing or making, contrary to this present Act, and to grub, cut up, destroy, and utterly to consume all and every such Tobaccos: And the Commissioners, SubCommissioners and Officers of Excize, are especially injoyned and required to look to the due execution thereof.