January 1643: Ordinance for Stopping the Coal Trade to Newcastle, etc.

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Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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Januury 1642/3

[14 Januury, 1642/3.]

The Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament. taking into their Consideration the Number of Ships and Quantity of Money that is every Year employed, from London and other Parts and Places of this Kingdom, for the fetching of Coals and Salt from Newcastle, Sunderland, and Blyeth; and finding that, since the Beginning of the present Troubles, that Town of Newcastle, being possessed by Forces raised against the King and Parliament, hath been and is the principal Inlet of Foreign Aid, Forces, and Ammunition, for the strengthening of that Force that intends Distractions to the Parliament, and thereby to the Religion, Laws and Liberties of this Kingdom; and taking into Consideration that sufficient Coals be supplied from other Parts, for the Use of this Kingdom, do Declare, that they are inforced. for the Safety of the Kingdom, and for the better hindering of the supporting of the said Forces, and of the reducing of the Town of Newcastle and the Parts adjacent to yield Obedience and Submission to the Commands of the Two Houses of Parliament, are constrained for the present to hinder the repairing of Ships to Newcastle, Sunderland, and Blyth, lest those Ships and Money, which are intended to procure Fuel for the Supportation of the Kingdom, be improved to give Vigour and Maintenance to the War raised to the Destruction thereof. For Prevention whereof, we the Lords and Commons do Ordain, That no Ship, Ships, or Barks, shall from henceforward make any Voyage, for the fetching of Coals or Salt, from Newcastle, Sunderland, or Blythe, or carrying of Corn or other Provision of Victual until that Town of Newcastle shall be freed of and from the Forces there now raised or maintained against the Parliament, and the Town be reduced into such Hands and Condition as shall declare themselves for King and Parliament; and the Masters, Owners, and Sailors, of Ships and Barks, are hereby required not to presume to go that Voyage, contrary to this Ordinance: And it is further Ordained and Ordered, That, if any Ship, Vessel, or Bark, shall, at any Time after the First Day of February next coming, import or bring, into any Port or Place of this Kingdom, any Coals or Salt, loaden from Newcastle, Sunderland, and Blythe, or any of them, until further Order be taken by both Houses of Parliament, that every such Ship, Vessel, and Bark, and the Masters and Sailors in the same, shall be seized upon and stayed in such Port and Place where they come in, until the Two Houses of Parliament, being thereof informed, shall take further Order and Direction therein.