September 1645: An Ordinance for taking away the Fifth part of Delinquents Estates, formerly granted their wives & children.

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Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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September, 1645

[9 September, 1645.]

Wives and Children of Delinquents coming from the King's Quarters not to have maintenance under Ord. for Sequestrations.; No Delinquents' children to have 5th part but such as are brought up Protestants.

Whereas by a late Ordinance of Sequestration it is amongst other things Declared and Ordained, That the Committee of the several counties shall have power to assign maintenance out of the Lands of Delinquents, to their several Wives and Children, so as the same exceed not the fifth part of the Lands or Goods so Sequestred: And whereas by occasion hereof, divers Wives and Children of Delinquents may resort hither, only to obtain the said fifth part, and may be ready to do ill offices to the Parliament; the Lords and Commons, to prevent the said mischeif, and other of like nature, Do Ordain, That no Wife, Childe or Children of any Delinquent, who shall come from their own Habitation into the Parliament Quarters, with or without their Fathers or Husbands, from the Kings Quarters, shall have, hold and injoy any fifth part by the said Ordinance: And therefore they do Ordain, that all such Allowances hereafter to be made to such Wife or Children, shall be utterly void. And if any such Wife, Childe or Children shall return from the Kings Quarters, without leave of both Houses; The Deputy-Lieutenants and Committees of Parliament in the several counties, or any two of them, or any of them, are hereby authorized and required to take care, that they be commanded to return back into the Kings Quarters; And if they shall not return upon command given to them by the DeputyLieutenants or Committee or any two of them, they shall hereby have power to commit them, until they shall give security for to return. And be it further Ordained, That no Children of any Delinquents shall have any Fifth part, but such as shall be educated and brought up in the Protestant Religion.