August 1647: An Ordinance for the reliefe of the distressed Protestants come out of Ireland.

Pages 1002-1004

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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August, 1647

[28 August, 1647.]

Order for collection in London and Westminster for distressed Protestants from Ireland.; Treasurers.; Like collection to be made throughout England and Wales.; Moneys, how to be paid out.; Printed copy of this Ord. to be sent to all churches and chapels.; Ministers to publish it, and exhort people to contribute.

The Lords and Commons Assembled in Parliament taking into consideration the sad and miserable condition of divers distressed Protestants, who have beene stripped of their Estates, and forced to fly from the Kingdom of Ireland (by those barbarous and bloudy Rebels) and doe now remaine about the Cities of London and Westminster, and places adjacent mentioned in the Weekely Bills of Mortality. Doe order, and ordaine, And be it hereby ordered and ordained that there be upon Tuesday the last of this present August, being the Day of publique thanksgiving for Gods great Goodnesse in giving so glorious a Victory over the bloudy Rebels by the forces under the Command of Colonell Michael Jones in the Province of Lynester in the Kingdome of Ireland, a Collection for the reliefe of the said distressed Protestants in all Churches and Chappells within the Cities of London and Westminster, and places adjacent mentioned in the weekly Bills of mortality, and the moneyes so collected are to be paid in by the severall Church-Wardens, or Collectors unto Mr. John Pocock, William Greenhill, John Randall, and — Hutchinson, Treasurers at Christchurch, London. And it is further ordered and ordained by the authority aforesaid, That there be a Collection in all other Churches and Chappels within the Kingdome of England and Dominion of Wales upon Tuesday seven-night next following being the day of publique thanksgiving for the blessing aforesaid, And the moneys so colected are to be paid in to the Sheriffes of every County respectively, who are speedily to pay in the same unto the Treasurers above mentioned, and are to receive an Acquittance from the said Treasurers signed under their hands, or the hands of any two of them, And the said Treasurers are to issue out the money to such distressed Protestants, and in such summes as they shall receive warrant for, from such Committee as shall be appointed by both Houses of Parliament. And especial care is to be taken that such onely have warrants granted who are reall Protestants, and have constantly opposed the horrid Rebellion, who are to have Certificate or Certificates of their quality and Losses under the hands of three Persons, of good quality, at the least, who have had publique employment under the Parliament within the Kingdome of Ireland. And it is likewise ordered and ordained, That such Warrant with an Acquittance under the hand of the party, or his or her assigns that receive any summe; shall be a sufficient discharge to the Treasurers for any such summe so paid and received. And lastly it is ordained that the Lord Maior of the Citie of London, and the Sheriffes of London and Middlesex doe send to each Church and Chappell within the Cities of London and Westminster, and parts adjacent, expressed in the Weekly Bills of Mortality, one printed Coppy of this Ordinance, and the Knights and Burgesses serving in Parliament shall send in to their respective Counties within the Kingdom of England and Dominion of Wales, such number of printed Coppies to the Sherriffes of their Counties, as shall be sufficient for every Church and Chappell, who is to dispose them to every Church and Chappell, and the Ministers of every church and chappell, are to publish or cause to be published this Ordinance in the Church or Chappell on the said dayes, and are to exhort the people to contribute hereunto. And in case this Ordinance be not timely brought to any Minister so that it may be published as above-said, then shall the Minister the next Lords day after the receipt of it, publish or cause to be published the same in the Church or Chappell, and exhort the people to contribute to this so pious and charitable worke.