September 1647: Ordinance to settle the Militia of Southwark.

Pages 1010-1011

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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September, 1647

[9 September, 1647.]

The Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled, taking into their serious Consideration the Estate and Condition of the Kingdom of England, and particularly of the Borough of Southwarke and Parts adjacent within the Line of Communication on the South Side of the River of Thames, in the County of Surrey, do ordain and declare, and be it Ordained and Declared by the Authority of Parliament, That Colonel George Thompson, Mr. George Snelling, Mr. John Corbett, Mr. Robert Houghton, Mr. Cornelius Cooke, Mr. Thomas Hudson, Colonel John Hardwicke, Mr. Richard Hartford, Mr. William Hickox, Mr. Samuell Hyland, Mr. Thomas Cooper, Mr. Francis Prichard, Mr. John Humphrey, Mr. William Simter, Mr. John Sandon, Mr. George Pashfeild, Mr. James Burton, Mr. Samuell Lynne, Mr. Ambrose Andrewes, Mr. Robert Banyard, Mr. Richard Luen, Mr. Peter Delanoy, Mr. Gowen Goldegay, Mr. William Hester, or any Seven or more of them, be, and are hereby made, constituted, and appointed, a Committee for the Militia, of and within the Borough of Southwarke, and Parts adjacent within the Lines of Communication, on the South Side of the River of Thames, in the County of Surrey; and shall have Power, and are hereby authorized, to assemble and call together all and singular Person and Persons, within the said Borough of Southwarkes, and Parts adjacent as aforesaid, that are meet and fit for the Wars, and them to train, exercise, and put in Readiness; and them, after their Abilities and Faculties, well and sufficiently from Time to Time to cause to be arrayed and weaponed, and to take the Musters of them in Places most fit for that Purpose; and that they shall have Power to lead, conduct, and employ, the Persons aforesaid, arrayed and weaponed, for the Suppression of all Rebellions, Insurrections, and Invasions, that may happen, according as they shall from Time to Time receive Directions from the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament; and that the said Committee, or any Seven or more of them as aforesaid, shall have Power, and are hereby authorized, to constitute and make Colonels, Captains, and other Officers; and shall have Power to remove and displace Colonels, Captains, and other Officers, from Time to Time, as they, or any Seven or more of them as aforesaid, shall see Cause and think fit; and that the said Committee, or any Seven or more of them as aforesaid, shall have the same Power and Authority, within the said Parts, as any Committee for the Militia of the City of London had the Twentieth Day July, Anno Domini 1647, by any Order or Ordinance of Parliament; and that all and every Person and Persons, who shall act or do any Act or Thing whatsoever by virtue of this or any former Order or Ordinance of Parliament concerning the said Militia, shall be saved harmless and indemnified concerning the same, by Authority of Parliament; and shall have the Benefit and Advantage of the Ordinances of the Lords and Commons lately made, for saving and indemnifying all Persons as have acted by Authority and for the Service of the Parliament: And this present Ordinance is to continue until it shall be otherwise ordered by both Houses of Parliament.