December 1647: An Ordinance for disbanding of all Supernumerary Forces.

Pages 1053-1054

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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December, 1647.

[24 December, 1647.]

All supernumerary forces to be disbanded,; To have debentures for part of arrears.

Be it Ordained, and it is Ordained by the Lords and Commons now assembled in Parliament; That all the Forces within this Kingdome, and Dominion of Wales above the establishment of the Army shall be forthwith disbanded by Order and Warrant from the Generall: And such of them as have been entertained since the sixth of August last shall be disbanded without any money, and the rest shall be paid two months pay at their disbanding towards their Arreares, and shall have their Accounts audited, and Debentures given for the Remainder, or shall be paid off by a grosse summe, as the Commissioners hereafter mentioned can agree for.

Their accounts to be audited.; Register of debentures.; Payment. thereof

And to the end the same may be done with all convenient speede, the Lords and Commons doe further Ordaine, that the respective Commissioners for the Monthly Assessement of sixty thousand pounds within the severall Counties, Cities, and places of this Kingdome and Dominion of Wales, or any three of them shall have power, and authority, and are hereby authorised, and required to state, audite, and cast up, or cause to be stated, audited, and cast up by such persons as they shall appoynt for that purpose, the accounts of such Officers and Souldiers, as well due on Publique Faith, as for their present pay, as are to be disbanded in their respective Counties and Cities, and of such Officers as had the Command of such Regiments, Troops, or Companies, since the first of August last past, and give Debenters accordingly; And that the said respective Commissioners in their severall Counties, shall cause a Register to be kept of such Debenters, and shall certifie a Duplicate thereof under their hands to the Committee of the Army. And it is further Ordained that for such Debenters as shall be thereupon given out, and signed by the said Commissioners, or any three of them, and shall be Registered and Certified as aforesaid, the State shall be lyable to the payment thereof, and shall be paid and satisfied respectively by Warrant from the Committee of the Army, or any five of them, out of such Moneyes and other Securities as the Parliament hath or shall ordaine for those uses, and also the said two moneths pay, or the Summe in Grosse above mentioned, shall be paid by Warrant from the said Committee, or any five of them, out of the said Assessements.

Defalcation for freequarter.

And it is further Ordained and Declared, That the said Commissioners shall deduct and defaulke for Free-Quarter out of the Arreares due to the Officers and Souldiers for their Service according to the Proportions following, viz.:—

From every Horseman, and non-Commissioned Officer of Horse 12d. per diem.
From every Dragooner and non-Commissioned Officer 9d.
From every Foot Souldier and non-Commissioned Officer of Foot 4d.

From the Officers of the Traine of Artillery, and Artificers, and Attendants thereunto as followeth, viz.:—

At 2s. per diem, Gunners 9d. per diem to be deducted.
Montrosses 4d.
Firelocks 4d.
At 18d. per diem, Carters 6d.
Quartermaster 12d.
At 3s. per diem, Gent. of Ordnance 12d.
At 2s. 6d. per diem, All Officers and Artificers, with Horse 12d.
At 2s. 6d. per diem, Artificers of Foot 9d.

From all Officers in Commission according to the Proportions following, viz.:—

Officers in Commission of Foot and Traine ¼ part.
Officers in Commission of Horse and Dragoones for themselves and Horse ⅓ part of the pay due to them.
From the Gentlemen of the Life Guard and other Persons, and Deputies, Clarkes, Assistants, and Chirurgions Mates ¼ part.

Accounts may be surcharged within two years.

Provided alwaies, that if any surcharge can be brought upon particular Account within two yeares after the Debenters are given, That Defalcation shall be made for so much accordingly.