April 1648: An Ordinance for the speedy bringing in the Arreares of the Assessements in the City of London and Liberties thereof

Pages 1128-1131

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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April, 1648

[24 April, 1648.]

Ord. 15 Feb, 1644.; Ord. 13 Aug., 1645.; Ord. 16 April, 1646.; Ord. 23 June, 1647.; Commissioners appointed for getting in arrears on former Ords. of Assessment in London and Liberties thereof.

Whereas by the Ordinance of Parliament of the fifteenth of February 1644. Intituled An Ordinance of the Lords and Commons Assembled in Parliament, For the raising and maintaining of Forces for the defence of the Kingdome, under the Command of the Lord Fairfax by the name of Sir Thomas Fairfax Knight, a Monethly Assessement to continue for Ten Moneths from the first of February, 1644, to the first of December then next following, was Ordained to be taxed and leavied upon the City of London and other places and Counties in the said Ordinance mentioned: And by another Ordinance of Parliament, dated the thirteenth day of August, 1645. the said Monethly Assessement for maintenance of the said Army was Ordained, and appointed to continue and indure for six Moneths longer from the said first day of December 1645. unto the first day of June then next following; And whereas by an Ordinance of Parliament dated the sixteenth day of Aprill, 1646. the said Ordinance of the fifteenth of February, 1644. with all the Taxes, and payments therein mentioned were to continue for foure Moneths longer, from the said first of June, 1646. untill the first of October following; And whereas also by another Ordinance of Parliament of the three and twentieth day of June last, 1647. severall summes of money were to be taxed, leavied, and paid for the maintenance of the said Army by a Monethly Assessement to continue for twelve Moneths from the five and twentieth day of March, 1647. to the five and twentieth day of March 1648. And whereas by an Ordinance of Parliament of the fifteenth of March last, 1647, the like summes of money upon the said City are to be taxed, leavied and paid for maintenance of the said Army by a Monthy Assessement, to continue for six Months longer from the five and twentieth of March last to the nine and twentieth of September now next ensuing, as by the said several Ordinances may appeare; And whereas many great and Considerable summes of money remaine in Arreare, and yet unpaid upon the said severall Ordinances within the said City of London and Liberties thereof, to the discouragement of those that have willingly paid their proportion, very Evill Example of others, and great hinderance of payment of the Army; and to the end the said Arrears may be speedily gotten in, and all obstructions that hinder the comming in thereof be removed, It is Ordained by the Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled, and be it Ordained by the Authority thereof, That the severall persons hereafter named, shall be, and are hereby appointed Commissioners for the said severall taxes and assessements in the said City, and in the severall Wards, and Liberties in and belonging to the said City respectively, to put the said severall Ordinances in execution, and have power, and are hereby authorized to execute, and performe all and every the powers and authorities comprised in the said Ordinances, or in any the Ordinances mentioned in the said last recited Ordinance of the fifteenth of March last, or every of them, in as full and ample manner to all intents and purposes as any the Committees or Commissioners in the said Ordinances named, or any of them might or could doe, or performe the same.

Commissioners' names.

Aldersgate Within.

Richard Morrall, Josias Hams,
Thomas Nowell, Richard Gibbs,
John Sherman,
Roger Jenkinson.

Aldersgate Without.

John Johnson, Richard Coates,
Miles Flesher,
John Billingsley,
George Osburneston,
William Lawrence.

Algate Ward.

Richard Cheverton,
John Owfield,
John Dethick,
Samuel Moyer, John Merryat,
Christopher Blackston.

Bread-Street Ward.

Richard Turner,
Francis Waterhouse,
Thomas Steyne Senior,
Major Hitchcock, John Harper,
John Pocock,
Richard Hutchison,
Capt. Edward Storey,
Richard Rigglesworth,
Martin Nowell, Francis Craftes.

Billingsgate Ward.

Robert Wood,
John Wallington,
William Harris
Randolph Baskervill,
Thomas Lenthall,
Richard Batson,
Dennis Gawden,
Thomas Radburne,
George Greimes.

Cordwainer Ward.

Maurice Gethin,
Tempest Milner,
Nathaniell Hall,
James Cooke, Richard Perry
Henry Coleburne,
William Wallis.

Cripplegate within.

Walter Boothby,
Anthony Webster,
Richard Floyd, Hugh Wood,
Francis Ash,
William Blackwell.

Cripplegate without.

Robert Manwaring,
Henry Greene, Charles Mynne,
Ralph Tasker, Walter Price,
Francis Webb, Robert Arden.

Castle Beynard.

Thomas Gee, William Gibb,
William Antrobus,
Thomas Cole, Draper,
Andrew Neale,
Jeremy Richardson,
Henry Coles, Daniel Tayler
John Ireton, Henry Barton,
Vincent Limbrow,
John Wine, Dyer.

Dowgate Ward.

John Greene Deputy,
Major Colson, John Bennet,
William Brumskill,
Edward Hollingshed,
Peregrine Pretty,
William Roberts,
Thomas Fisher.

Tower Ward.

John Bennet. Andrew Richard,
William Bateman.
Henry Sweet. John Milton.
Thomas Burnell. Gilbert Keate.
John Langley.
Nathaniel Wright.
George Hanger.

Farringdon Without.

Sepulchre side.
Nathaniel Camfield,
Giles Rowles, John Wilcox,
Thomas Knowles, John Gregory,
Miles Petty,
John King, Benjamin Potter,
James Stephens, James Martin.


Martin Bradgate,
Henry Waller,
John Cock,
Andrew Bitgood,
Humphrey Gould,
Colonell Shepheard,
Thomas Caffin, Ralph Baily,
Robert Norwood.


Edwin Browne, George Dunn,
Capt. Winstanley,
Thomas Clarke.

Broad-Street Ward.

Thomas Clewes, James Storey,
Richard Clutterbuck,
Robert Hanch,
Rowland Wilson Senior,
Nicholas Gould,
Hogan Hovell, William Allen.

Bridge Ward.

Tobias Lisle, Richard Young.
Stephen Estwick.
Thomas Player.
Edward Bellamye
Isaack Foster. Thomas Ward.
Thos. Andrewes Junior.
Samuel Lee. William Mulins.
Capt. Nathaniel Lacy.

Bishopsgate Ward.

Will. Pease Deputy.
Thomas Stock. Hugh Norris.
Richard Hardmeat.
William Brumwitch.
William Manby. John Everet.
William Bartley.
Richard Warring.
Edward Abell.
William Fletcher.
William Hedges.
Edward Salisbury.
Griffith Owen.

Chandlewick Ward.

Humphrey Hally.
Thomas Andrews.
Richard Warner.
Zouch Watson. Richard Dawes.
Thomas Waters.
Grace Harding.


Andrew Kendrick.
Col. Owen Rowe.
Ralph Hartley.
Mark Hildersley.
Thomas Barnardiston
Richard Ashurst.
Thomas Bower.

Cheap Ward.

Will Adams Deputy.
Daniel Waldow. George Hadley
Robert Winch. Giles Dent.
John Iurion. Thomas Allen.
William Goddard.
Thomas Brown.
Thomas Benson.
Mathew Abott.
Jeremy Royston.
Edmund Sleigh.

Cornhill Ward.

Francis Mosse,
Gilbret Morewood,
Francis Coleing, Phillip Mead,
Major Wollaston,
Thomas Harris.

Farringdon within.

Richard Glide.
John Fenton. Lt. Col.
Edward Vaughan.
Edward Honywood.
Anthony Dowse.
Patrick Banford. Peter Mills.
Hugh Ratcliffe.
John Strange.
William Greenhill.
Edward Parkes.
Michael Raynor.
George Clarke. John Jones.


Abraham Chamberlen.
Roger Peele.
Richard Middleton.
John Freebody.

Farringdon without on Fleetstreet side.

Thomas Arnoll Deputy,
Matthew Fox. Joseph Parrot.
Stephen Sedgewicke.
William Perkins. Francis Allen.
Alexr. Normington.
Thomas Watkins.
Edward Lightmaker.


John Babington,
Robert Sweete,
Tobias Dixon,
Robert Dicer,
Thomas Mannering,
Robert Render,
Jasper Cleyton,
Andrew Hyde,
Geffery Howland,
Thomas Turgis.

Port-soken Ward.

Leonard Towers, John Haies.
Richard Berisford.
Richard Grasforth,
William Watson.
Edward Ansloe.


Edmund Whitwell.
William Ball.
Henry Hickman.
Thomas Churchman.
Richard Irons.
Urian Normanfell.


Thomas Dawney.
William Rawson.
Robert Mead.
Francis Clay, Edward Stock.
Michaell Hearing.
Thomas Walker.
John Adams.