May 1648: An Ordinance for setling the Militia, and raising of Forces for suppressing all Rebellions and Insurrections in the Counties of Gloucester, Monmouth, Brecon and Glamorgan, and for the better securing, and safety of the Parliament, and the said Counties.

Pages 1136-1137

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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May, 1648

[12 May, 1648.]

Names of Committees for Militia for counties of Gloucester, Monmouth, etc.

Be it Ordained, and it is ordained by the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, That these persons following, (viz:) For the County of Gloucester, William Lord Viscount Say and Seal, James Fienes Esq. Sir John Seymor knight, Nathaniell Stephens, Edward Stephens, John Stephens, Thomas Hodges, Thomas Pury Esquires; Sir Giles Overbury knight, William Leigh, Richard Aylworth, Job Deighton, John Barnard Esquires, Robert Waterworth Gent. Silvanus Wood, John Fettiplace, Robert Oldesworth Esqrs. Richard Stephens, Stephen Fowler Gent. Thomas Escourt, William Shephard, John Coddrington, Samuel Coddrington, Thomas Stephens, William Stafford, Matthew Huntley, Anthony Kingscote, Richard Yate, William Cooke, Thomas James Esqrs; James Hawkins Gent. William Browne Esq. Col. John Barrow, Col. Robert Kyrle, Lieutenant Collonell Daniel Dobbins, and George Ken Esq. For the City and County of the City of Gloucester. The Maior, Recorder and Sheriffes of the City of Gloucester for the time being, John Brewster, William Singleton, William Capell, Thomas Hill, Thomas Pury, Dennis Wise, Luke Nurse, John Maddox, Henry Cugley, James Stephens. Aldermen; John Lenthall; John Dorney, Robert Kirle, John Hanbury, Silvanus Wood, William Sheppard, Evan Soiza Esquires and Thomas Pury junr. Gent. For the County of Monmouth, Philip Earl of Pembrooke and Mountgomery, John Herbert Esq. Sir Trevor Williams Baronet, Thomas Morgan, Colonell William Herbert, Henry Herbert, William Morgan, Edward Morgan, Colonell Thomas Herbert, Colonell Thomas Hughes, Thomas Pury junr. William Jones, William Baker, Henry Baker, John Parry, John Walter, Christopher Katchmey, William Blething, John Hanbury, Roger Williams, William Packer, and Rice Williams Esquires: For the County of Brecon, Howel Gwyn of Lanbraine, John Walbrief, Edwd. Ramsey, Edmond Games, Thomas Lewis, Thomas Williams, Thomas Price, William Watkins, and Lewis Jones Esquires. For the County of Glamorgan, Philip Earl of Pembrooke and Mountgomery, Philip Lord Herbert, Algernon Sidney, Walter Strickland, Bussey Mansell, Edward Prichard, Michael Oldesworth, Evan Soyse, Humphrey Windham, Thomas Carne, Colonell William Herbert, Edward Stradling, Collonell Philip Jones, John Herbert, Thomas Spencer, Richard Jones, John Price, and Roland Dawkins Esqrs. shall be Committees for the Militia respectively in the severall and respective Counties of Gloucester and Monmouth, The City and County of the City of Gloucester, Brecon, and Glamorgan, for the better securing and safety of the Parliament, and the said Counties.

Powers.; Indemnity.

And shall have power and authority, and are hereby authorized by themselves, or any three of them in the said severall Counties, and places respectively to put the said Counties and Places, into a posture of defence, and to raise Forces, Horse and Foot, and them to list, arme, and Exercise and to forme them into Regiments, Troops and Companies, and them to muster. array and weapon from time to time in places fit for that purpose, and to appoint over them Colonels, Captains and other Officers from time to time by Commissions under the Hands and Seals of the said severall and respective Committees, or any seven of them, in the respective Counties aforesaid, as often as there shall be occasion in that behalfe, And shall have power, and are hereby authorised by themselves, or their said Commanders, and Officers to lead, conduct and imploy the said Persons arrayed, and weaponed for the suppression of all Rebellions and Insurrections that shall or may happen within the Counties and places aforesaid, according as the said Committees respectively shall from time to time give directions, or shall be otherwise directed from time to time by the Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled, or the Committee sitting at Darby-house, Any former Order, Declaration, or other matter to the contrary hereof in any wise notwithstanding. And for all and every their doing herein, the said respective Committees, and all and every the said Person and Persons shall be saved harmlesse and indempnified by the authority of Parliament. Provided that this Ordinance, and everything herein contained shall continue for the space of Six Moneths, and no longer.