July 1648: Ordinance for Salaries for the Auditors of the Army Accompts

Pages 1169-1170

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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July, 1648

[20 July, 1648.]

The Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, taking into their serious Consideration and great Care, Pains, and Charges, that will necessarily be undergone, by Henry Broade, Richard Wilcox, Nicholas Bond, James Prince, and Thomas Richardson, a Committee constituted and appointed, by Ordinance of the 20th Day of July, 1648, in taking, stating, and determining, the Accompts of all Officers and Soldiers who have served under the Command of the Parliament in the late Wars (except as in the said Ordinance is excepted), have thought fit (for their Encouragement to the due Execution of so great a Service) to order and ordain, and be it Ordained by the Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled, That the Salary, or Allowance, of Three Hundred Pounds per Annum be, and is hereby, allowed and given to every One of the said several Persons respectively, in Recompence and Satisfaction of their Care and Pains to be taken in the said Service; which said Yearly Allowances, or Salaries, hereby given and granted, shall begin from the Date of this present Ordinance, and continue for and during the Time of their respective Employments in the said Service, and be Quarterly paid to the said several Persons, out of the Receipts of the Grand Excise and Impost; and the same to be put to the Accompt of Charges, by the Commissioners of the said Grand Excise and Impost for the Time being, who are hereby authorized and required to pay the same accordingly to the said respective Persons; whose Acquittances, together with this present Ordinance, shall be to the said Commissioners, and to every of them, a good and sufficient Warrant and Discharge in that Behalf: And be it further Ordained, by the Authority aforesaid, That the Allowance of One Hundred Pounds per Annum more be, and is hereby, given and granted to the said Committee, for Payment of Clerks and other Officers to be employed, and for Provision of Books, Paper, Fire, Candle, and other Necessaries, in the said Service; which said Allowance shall be also Quarterly paid, out of the said Receipts of the Grand Excise and new Impost, by the Commissioners of the same, who are hereby likewise authorized and required to pay accordingly to the said Committee, or any Two of them; whose Receipt, or Receipts, together with this Ordinance, shall likewise be to the said Commissioners of Excise and new Impost, and to every of them, a good and sufficient Warrant and Discharge: Provided, That this Ordinance, and the Powers and Salaries herein contained and expressed, continue and be in Force for One whole Year, from the First of August, 1648, and no longer, unless the Parliament shall otherwise order and appoint: Provided, That neither they the said Auditors hereby constituted, their Clerks and Officers employed by them, shall receive or take, directly or indirectly, by themselves or any other, to their Use, any Fee, Reward, or Gratuity whatsoever, from any Person or Persons concerned as Accomptants, by this Ordinance, or by their or any of their Direction, nor any Profit or Advantage whatsoever, other than the Salary Appointed in and by this present Ordinance.