August 1648: Ordinance to associate the Counties of Carnarvon, Merioneth, Denbigh, Montgomery, and Flint, in N. Wales.

Pages 1183-1185

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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August, 1648

[21 August, 1648.]

The Lords and Commons in present Parliament assembled, having well weighed and Considered the present Condition of the Counties of Carnarvon, Merioneth, Denbigh, Mountgom'y, and Flint, in North Wales; and thereupon finding the Necessity of associating of the said Counties, for mutual Defence and Preservation of their Peace, as also for the keeping of them in due Obedience to Parliament, the same being much endangered, by reason of the great Distempers of the Island of Anglesey, and Commotions in some other of the said Counties; have, for that End and Purpose, and for the Safeguard of the respective Garrisons within the said Counties, as also for perfect reducing of the said Island, and quieting of the said Commotions, thought it fit and requisite, that over and above the present Establishment made for the said Counties amongst other Counties of the Kingdom, that further Provision of Arms and Ammunition be made, as also some additional Force both of Foot and Horse be raised, together with Monies for the Maintenance thereof.

Now the said Lords and Commons do order and ordain, by the Authority of the same, That the said Five Counties, of Carnarvan, Merioneth, Denbigh, Mountgomery, and Flint, shall enter into an Association, and are hereby associated, for the mutual Defence and Safety of each other; and that the Persons hereafter named be, and are hereby, nominated and appointed Commissioners for the said several and respective Counties, for the Accomplishment thereof accordingly; that is to say,

For the Counties of Carnarvan:

Thomas Madryn Esquire High Sheriff, Sir Richard Wynn Knight and Baronet, Sir William Williams Baronet, John Glynn Esquire, Recorder of London, Thomas Mitton Esquire, Griffith Jones, Esquire, Richard Wynn Esquire, Thomas Williams Esquire, William Foxwist Esquire, Colonel John Carter, Colonel Thomas Mason, Colonel John Jones, Lieutenant Colonel Twisleton, Edward Williams Esquire, Hugh Griffin of Madryn yssa Esquire, Robert Coitmore Senior Esquire, Captain Edmond Glynn, Griffith Bodurda, William Lloyd de Dintley, William Stodart, John Owen de Refu, John Wynn de Gwinfryn, Peirce Griffith, John Parry, Gentlemen.

Denbigh: Robert Stoutley Esquire High Sheriff, Sir Thomas Middleton Knight, Sir John Trevor Knight, Thomas Middleton Esquire, John Trevor Esquire, Thomas Mitton Esquire, Symon Thelwall Senior, Symon Thelwall Junior, Esquires, Colonel John Carter, Colonel John Jones, Lieutenant Colonel Twisleton, John Pecke, Edward Wynn of Lanhychan, Owen Thelwall, Thomas Ball, Watkin Kiffyn, Richard Basnett, John Salisbury Esquire.

Merioneth: Owen Salisbury Esquire High Sheriff, Sir Thomas Middleton Knight, Thomas Mitton Esquire, Colonel John Jones, Colonel John Carter, Colonel Thomas Mason, Lieutenant Colonel Twisleton, Griffith Manney Esquire, John Lloyd Esquire, Lewis Lloyd Esquire, John Vaughan Esq., Lewis Owen Esquire, Mr. Lewis of Festinioge, Peter Merrick, Rowland Lewes.

Mountgomery: Mathew Morgan Esquire High Sheriff, Sir Thomas Middleton Knight, Sir John Wittewrong Knight, Thomas Mitton Esquire, Edward Vaughan Esquire, Thomas Hunt Esquire, Thomas Nicholls Esquire, John Corbett Esquire, Esay Thomas Esquire, Hugh Prince Esquire, John Price De Parke Esquire, Colonel John Jones, Rowland Hunt Esquire, William Kiffin Esquire, Samuell Moore Esquire, Richard Griffith, Evan Lloyd, Edward Owen, Robert Griffith, Lloyd Peirce, Richard Price, Samuell Bigge, Gabriell Wynne.

Flynt: Roger Hanmer Esquire High Sheriff, Sir Thomas Middleton Knight, John Trevor Knight, John Trevor Esquire, Thomas Middleton Esquire, Thomas Mitton Esquire, John Puleston Esquire, Thomas Ravenscroft Esquire, Humphrey Dimmock Esquire, Luke Lloyd Esquire, John Aldersey Esquire, Thomas Dimmocke, Daniell Mathewes, and Andrew Ellis.

Which said respective Committees, or any Five or more of them within the respective Counties for which they are nominated, shall have Power and Authority, and are hereby authorized and required, from Time to Time, to provide Arms and Ammunition, and to raise such Numbers of Horse and Foot as shall be necessary and expedient for the Service aforesaid, under the Command of Major General Mitton, by Commission from the Parliament, or Committee at Derby House; for the providing of which Arms and Ammunition, and raising and maintaining of such Horse and Foot to be so raised as aforesaid, the said respective Commissioners, or any Five or more of them are hereby likewise authorized and required to rate, tax, assess, and levy, or cause to be rated, taxed, assessed, and levied, Monthly, from the First Day of August, 1648, any Sum or Sums of Money, not exceeding the Sum of One Thousand Pounds per Mensem in the Whole, in and upon the said Five Counties, for and during the Space of Three Months from the said First Day of August; and that, in the rating and assessing of the said Sum or Sums of Money, the said respective Commissioners, within their respective Counties, shall rate and tax, or cause to be rated and taxed, the Counties of Montgomery and Denbigh equally alike, the Counties of Flint and Merioneth at Half as much as the Counties of Mountgomery and Denbigh, and the County of Carnarvon at Three Parts in Four to be divided of so much as the Counties of Mountgomery and Denbigh shall be rated at Weekly; and the said respective Commissioners, within the said respective Counties, have full Power and Authority given them, by this present Ordinance, to nominate and appoint Assessors, Collectors, and Treasurers, as well as for the assessing, levying, receiving, and issuing forth, of such proportionable Sum and Sums of Money Monthly as shall and are hereby to be rated and assessed on the said respective Counties as aforesaid; and further, for the better Execution of this present Ordinance, to have such Power and Authority, to all Intents and Purposes, as in and by the Ordinance of Threescore Thousand Pounds per Mensem is given to the respective Commissioners therein named, for the several and respective Counties throughout the whole Kingdom; and that such Sum and Sums of Money as shall be paid or issued out by the said respective Collectors and Treasurers, or either of them, for the Purposes aforesaid, shall be so issued and paid by Command and Warrant under the Hands of the said respective Commissioners, or any Five or more of them, and not otherwise.

And further the said Lords and Commons, for and towards the better Performance of the said Service, do hereby order and ordain, that all the Benefit, Advantage, and Profit whatsoever, to be raised out of all and every the respective Sequestrations, which either have or shall happen within the said respective Counties (except such Part thereof as is already granted or disposed of by both or either of the Houses of Parliament, or any Power or Authority derived from them), shall go and be employed by the said Commissioners, in every of the said Counties, or any Five of them respectively, for and towards the Maintenance of the said Forces so to be raised as aforesaid.

And lastly the said Lords and Commons do hereby declare, order, and ordain, That the Charge of raising and maintaining the Troop of Forty Horse already raised, or to be raised, by Thomas Madryn Esquire, now High Sheriff of the County of Carnarvon aforesaid, according to a Commission granted to him therefor, in Pursuance of an Order of both Houses of Parliament, shall be defrayed and paid out of the Monies so to be raised as aforesaid, by virtue of this present Ordinance.