July 1642: Ordinance for raising 5000 Foot and 500 Horse for Ireland.

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Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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July 1642

[5 July 1642.]

Next, the Ordinance for the raising of Five Thousand Men and Five Hundred Horse for Ireland was read.

Ordered, that this House agrees to this Ordinance; and that Tho. Ogle, Christopher Burgh, and Henry Skipwith, that were Yesterday excepted against, and conceived to be unfit Persons to be employed as Commanders, shall be here; and, if there appear to be just Cause hereafter to put them out, this House do therein according to Justice.

The Ordinance.

Whereas, the Forces of Horse and Foot, Voluntiers, which shall be sent over into Ireland by Force of an Act made this present Session of Parliament, intituled, "An Act for the speedy and effectual reducing of the Rebels in His Majesty's Kingdom of Ireland to their due Obedience to His Majesty and the Crown of England," may, by virtue of the said Act, be raised by the Directions of the Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled; it is therefore Ordered, by the said Lords and Commons, That additional Forces of Five Thousand Foot and Five Hundred Horse Soldiers, Voluntiers, besides Officers, shall and may be forthwith raised, for the aforesaid Expedition; and that, for the better effecting thereof, the several Officers of the Field and Captains hereafter named: videlicet, the Right Honourable Phillip Lord Wharton, Colonel General; Lord Kirry, Tho. Balard, Charles Essex, Wm. Bamfield, Colonels; Jeremy Horton, Henry Shelley, Sir Edward Denny, Adam Cunningham, Joseph Wagstaff, Lieutenant Colonels; Owen Parry, Daniell Goodroeck, Francis Marten, Tho. Ogle, George Hutchinson, Serjeant Majors; Vincent Calmady, Charles Dawson, Edw. Primrose, Wm. Roberts, Jo. Bamfield, Robert Longe, Herbert Blancher, Edw. Allen, George Marrow, Horatio Carey, and Henry Carew, Admondisham Muschamp, Francis Fouke, Constance Ferrer, Robt. Baker, Henry Skipwith, Paul Watts, Tho. Middleton, Sam. Loftus, Christopher Burgh, Elias Struice, Wm. Lower, Peter Murford, Jo. Jenkins, Ricd. Benson, Captains of Foot; and the said Right Honourable Phillip Lord Wharton, Colonel General; Lord Broghall, Sir Faithful Fortescue, Jo. Hurry, Alexand. Nayrne, John Trenchard, Wm. St. Leger, Captains of Horse Troops, and their several Lieutenants, Ensigns, and other Officers, shall and may have Liberty to beat up Drums in all Places within the Kingdom of England and Dominion of Wales, and thereby or otherwise to raise and levy so many Soldiers, Voluntiers, as shall suffice to make up unto every of the said Captains One complete Company; videlicet, every Colonel's Company One Hundred and Fourscore Men, every Lieutenant Colonel's Company One Hundred and Fifty Men, every Serjeant Major's Company One Hundred and Twenty Men; and every Private Company One Hundred and Ten Men; the Colonel General's Troop Eighty Horse, and every of the other Troop Seventy Horse: All which said several Companies of Horse and Foot make up the Number of Five Thousand Foot and Five Hundred Horse, besides Officers, to be employed in the aforesaid Service.