April 1643: Ordinance to provide Mariners for supplying the Navy.

Pages 123-124

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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April 1643.

[5 April, 1643.]

Whereas there are several Fleets now setting forth to the Seas, under the Command of the Earl of Warwicke, for the Defence of this Kingdom, and the rest of His Majesty's, Dominions, in this Time of imminent Danger, which will be much retarded, if all effectual Means be not used for the providing them with able Mariners and Seamen, Watermen. &c. The Lords and Commons in Parliament do hereby streightly charge and forbid all Inn-keepers, Victuallers, Alehouse-keepers, or other Persons whatsoever, to harbour or entertain any Mariners, Seamen, Watermen, &, pressed into any of His Majesty's or Merchant Ships employed in this Service, after the Beat of a Drum, and Proclamation made, to give them Notice to repair on Board the several Ships to which they belong; and, in Case any Inn-keeper, Victualler, Alehouse-keeper, or other Person, shall be found faulty herein, the said Lords and Commons do Declare That they will not only proceed severally against all such for their Contempt, but cause their Licences for Inn or Alehousekeeping to be made void, and themselves disenabled hereafter from such Employment; and do further require the principal Officers and Commissioners of the Navy to suffer no Payments to be made of such Debts as shall be contracted by Mariners, Sailors, or Watermen, in any Victualing-house, Ale-house, Inn, or the like, as aforesaid, out of the Wages due to any such Mariners, Sailors, or Watermen; except it be to such Housekeepers as do receive any of the said Mariners or Seamen into their Houses, being sick, or set on Shore for the Recovery of their Health; and such Inn - keepers, Alehouse - keepers, Victualers or others, as shall so receive or entertain any of the said Seamen, are to have a Testimony in Writing, under the Hand of the Lord General the Earl of Warwick, or the Captain of the Ship, or under the Hand of Two of the Chief Officers of the said Ship, from whence the sick Man comes.

And the Lords and Commons do further Declare, That, if any Mariner, Sailor, Waterman, &c. after his receiving of the Pressed and Conduct-money, neglect to make his Appearance according to the Time limited in his Ticket, or shall presume to run away, or desert the said Service, in this Time of imminent and public Danger, that all such Persons so apprehended shall be proceeded against by the Earl of Warwick, according to the Custom and Rules of Warin that Behalf.