December 1648: An Ordinance for the setling the Militia in the severall Counties, Cities and places within the Kingdom of England, Dominion of Wales, and Towne of Barwick upon Tweed.

Pages 1233-1251

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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December, 1648

[2 December, 1648.]

Names of Commissioners for settling Militia throughout England and Wales.

The Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament finding it necessary, That the severall Counties of the Kingdome of England and Dominion of Wales, and Towne of Barwick, be put into a posture of Defence, for the preservation and safety of the King, Parliament and Kingdome; Do Ordaine and be it hereby Ordained by the said Lords and Commons, That for the setling of the Militia in the Kingdome and Dominion aforesaid, and Towne of Barwick, The persons hereafter named, shall be Commissioners for the severall Counties, Cities and places for which they are hereby respectively appointed Commissioners; viz:

For the County of Bedford.


Henry Earle of Kent, Thomas Lord Bruce, Sir Beauchamp St. John, Sir Thomas Arlston, Sir John Burgoine, Sir Oliver Luke, Sir Samuel Luke, Sir Roger Burgoyne, Sir William Briers, Sir William Boteler, Samuel Browne, Richard Edwards, Thomas Rolt, John Harvey, James Beverley, Humphrey Monox, John Vaux, Richard Cockaigne, Clement Armiger, Edward Cater, Esquires, Sir John Rolt.

For the County of Berks.


William Lenthall Speaker of the House of Commons, Sir Francis Pile Baronet, Sir Robert Pye senr. Sir Benjamin Rudyerd, Henry Martin, Edmund Dunsh, Tanfield Vachell, Peregrine Hoby, John Lenthall, Thomas Hussey, Robert Packer, Sir Robert Pye junr. George Purefoy, John Southby, Thomas Fettiplace, Roger Knight, Edward Clark, Richard Knolls, William Hyde William Barker Esquires, Henry Nevill Esq; Daniel Blagrave.

For the County of Buckingham.


Philip Lord Wharton, Thomas Lord Viscount Wenman, Sir Peter Temple Knight and Baronet, Sir Peter Wentworth Knight of the Bath, Sir Gilbert Gerrard, Sir William Drake Baronet, Sir Gregory Norton, Sir Richard Ingoldsby, Sir William Saunders, Sir Thomas Saunders, Sir Richard Piggot, knights, Richard Winwood, Bulstrode Whitelock, John Dormer, George Fleetwood, Edward West, Henry Andrewes, Richard Sargeant, Colonell Francis Martin, Cornelius Holland, Richard Ingoldsby, Francis Drake, Isaac Pennington, Thomas Bulstrode, Thomas Lane, Richard Greenvile, Anthony Radcliffe, Simon Mayne, Thomas Scot, Richard Barringer, Henry Beck, Thomas Chaloner, James Chaloner, Thomas Tirrell, William Bowyer, Francis Ingoldsby Esq; Thomas Johnson, Thomas White.

For the City of Bristoll.


Philip Earle of Pembrooke and Mountgomery, the Mayor for the time being, Richard Aldworth, Luke Hodges, Richard Vickirs, Henry Gibs, Hugh Browne, John Hagget, Robert Aldworth, Denzil Hollis, Esquires, Colonell John Birch, Edward Tyson, George Hart, Joseph Jackson Alderman of the City of Bristol. James Powell, William Grigg, Dennis Hollester.

For the County of Cambridge, and the Isle of Ely.

County of Cambridge and Isle of Ely.

Dudley Lord North, Sir Dudley North, Sir John Maynard Knight of the Bath, Sir Miles Saundis, Sir James Reynolds, Sir Edward Partridge, Sir Thomas Martin, Francis Russell, Oliver Cromwell, Thomas Wendy, Thomas Ducket, Michael Dalton, John Hubbard, William Fisher, Tristram Diamond, John Lowry, Dudley Pope, Thomas Castle, Edward Ventris, Edward Leeds, Robert Castle, Edward Clench, Thomas Bendish, George Clapthorne, Thomas Fincham, John Toweres, Robert Clarke, Talbot Pepis, Killiphett Russell, Philip Story, Robert Hamond, Francis Underwood, Lieutenant Colonell William Dodson, the Mayor of Cambridge for the time being, Henry Lucas.

For the County of Chester.

County of Chester.

William Lord Viscount Say and Seale, Sir William Brereton Sir George Booth Knights and Baronets, George Booth Esq. Sir Henry Delves Knight and Baronet, John Glynn Esq. Recorder of the City of London, Thomas Stanley Esq. Roger Wilbraham, Henry Brookes, Robert Duckenfield, Thomas Marbury, John Leigh, John Crewe, Thomas Croxton, Jonathan Bruen, Peter Brooke, Thomas Mainwaring Esquires, Colonell James Louthiane, Edward Hyde, and William Massey, Esquires.

For the City of Chester.

City of Chester.

John Glynn Esq. Recorder of the City of London, Sir William Brereton Baronet, Colonell George Booth, Robert Wright, John Ratcliffe, Esq. Recorder of the City of Chester, Colonell William Edwards, Richard Leicester, Robert Whitby, Edward Bradshaw, John Whittell, Richard Bradshawe, Calvin Bruen, and Peter Leigh Aldermen, William Wright, Richard Minshall, John Wynn, and the Mayor.

For the County of Cumberland.


Algernon Earl of Northumberland, Francis Lord Dacres, Philip Lord Wharton, William Lord Grey of Warke, Sir Wilfrid Lawson Knight, William Pennington, William Lawson, William Briscoe, Henry Tolson, John Barwis, Thomas Curwen, Thomas Barwis Esq. Michael Studholme, John Hodgeson, Thomas Milburne, Thomas Craister Gentl. William Armin, Richard Barwis Richard Tolson.



John Lord Roberts, Francis Buller, Hugh Boscawen, John St. Aubin, Thomas Arundle, Francis Godolphin of Trevenege, Edward Herle, John Eliot, John Moile, Richard Erisey, John Trefusis, Nicholas Trefusis, Thomas Gewen, John Penrose Esq. John Carew, Anthony Nicoll, Christopher Worthevale, Francis Courtney Esquires.

For the County of Darby.


John Earle of Rutland, Sir George Gresley Knight and Baronet, Sir Francis Burdet Baronet, Sir John Curson Baronet, Sir Edward Cooke, Sir John Gell Baronets, Sir Edward Leech, Sir John Cooke, Sir Samuel Sleigh Knights, Francis Munday Henry Wigsall, Randall Ashenhurst, Thomas Gell, Robert Eire, George Pool Esq. William Walley, James Abney, John Munday Esq. Gervace Bennet, Ralph Clarke, Nathaniel Hallowes Gent. the Mayor for the time being, Major Thomas Saunders, Robert Willimot, Robert Mella.

For the County of Dorset.


Algernon Earle of Northumberland, William Earle of Salisbury, Thomas Lord Bruce, Charles Lord Cranborne, Denzell Holles Esq. Sir Anthony Ashley Cooper Baronet, Sir Thomas Trenchard, Sir Walter Earle, knights, Francis Hollis, John Browne, Thomas Earle, John FitzJames, Robert Coker, John Bingham, Thomas Moore, John Trenchard, Dennis Bond, Henry Henley, Edward Hooper, Francis Chettle, William Siddenham junr. Robert Butler, Giles Green, Richard Brodripp, Richard Rose, Thomas Casley, John Whiteway, William Carrant Esquires.

For the County of Devon.


Philip Earle of Pembrooke and Mountgomery, John Lord Roberts, Sir John Bampfield, Sir Francis Drake, Sir John Northcott Baronets, Sir Edmond Fowell, Sir John Young, Sir Nicholas Martin, Knights, John Harris of Hayne, William Fry, George Chudleigh, Arthur Upton, Robert Roll, Thomas Earle, Henry Walrond, Hugh Fortescue, John Drake of Ash, William Morris, Hugh Trevillian, the Mayor of Plymouth for the time being, Edmund Prideaux, John Doggeridge, Richard Rose, Thomas Boone, John Tirling, William Putt, John Bury, John Fortescue, John Champneys, John Wollacombe, Robert Savery, William Bastard, John Quick, Henry Worth, Thomas Drake, Peter Beavyes, Richard Duck, Robert Duke, Christoper Martin, John Carew Esqr. Colonell Ralph Weldon.

For the City of Exeter.


The Mayor and Recorder for the time being, Adam Bennet, Walter White, Richard Saunders, Aldermen, James Gould Esq Richard Crossing, John Hackwell, Christopher Clarke, Aldermen, Samuel Clarke, Nicholas Brooking, Nicholas Brindley, Simon Snow.

For the County of Duresme.

County of Durham.

Sir Henry Vane the elder, Sir Arthur Hasilrigg Baronet, Sir Henry Vane junr. Sir William Selby Knight, Sir Richard Bellasis Knight, Sir George Vane Knight, Charles Vane, Clement Fulthorpe, John Blakiston, Henry Warmouth, Thomas Sadforth, Richard Lilbourne, Francis Wren, Timothy Whitingham, James Clavering, Thomas Mitford, Robert Ellison, George Lilburne Esquire, George Gray Gent.

For the County of Essex.


Robert Earle of Warwicke, James Earle of Suffolke, William Lord Maynard, William Lord Gray of Warke, Charles Rich Esq. Sir John Barrington, Sir Harbottle Grimstone, Sir William Massam, Sir Richard Everard, Sir Martin Lumley, Knights and Baronets, Sir Henry Mildmay of Wanstead Knight, Sir Thomas Cheeke, Sir William Roe, Sir Henry Holcroft, Sir Thomas Honywood, Knights, William Masham, Capell Luckin, John Sayer, Henry Mildmay of Graces, James Cambell, Deane Tindell Timothy Middleton, John Meade, Oliver Raymond, Richard Harlackenden, Carey Mildmay, Arthur Barnardiston Esqrs, Sampson Sheffield, Henry Barrington, Robert Smith Esqs. Colonell Thomas Cooke of Pedmash, John Eden Esq. Colonell Thomas Ayloffe, Richard Cutts Esq. Colonell John Sparrow.

For the County of Gloucester.


William Lord Viscount Say and Seale, Charles Lord Delaware, James Fienns Esq., Sir John Seymor Knight, Nathaniel Stephens, Edward Stephens, John Stephens, Sir Giles Overbury Knight, Thomas Hodges, John Fettiplace, John Coddrington, SamuelCoddrington, Mathew Huntley, William Stafford, Thomas Stephens, Richard Stephens, William Cooke, Isaac Bromage, Anthony Kingscot, Thomas Eastcourt, Silvanus Wood, John Dighton, William Leigh, Richard Ailworth, John Barnard, Robert Oldesworth, Richard Yate, Edward Massey, Thomas James, William Browne, John Barrow, George Krim Esqrs, Stephen Fowler, James Hawkins, Robert Waterworth Gent., Thomas Pury Esq. Robert Kirle, William Sheppard Esquires, Jeremy Buck Gent.

For the City of Gloucester.

City of Gloucester

The Mayor Recorder, and Sheriffes for the time being, John Brewster, William Singleton, William Capell, Thomas Hill, Thomas Pury, Dennis Wise, Luke Nurse, John Maddox, Henry Cugley, James Stephens, Laurence Singleton, Jasper Cloterbooke, Aldermen, Thomas Hodges, John Lenthall, John Dorny, John Hanbury, Silvanus Wood, William Shepheard, Evan Soize, Esquires, Thomas Pury Junior, Gent.

For the County of Huntington.


Edward Earle of Manchester, Edward Lord Mountague, George Mountague, Edward Mountague, Oliver Crumwell, Valentine Walton, Abraham Burrell, Robert Barnard, John Castle, Nicholas Pedley, Esquires, Robert Vinter, Robert Harvey Gent. Sir Thomas Dacres Knight. Thomas Templer Gent.

For the County of Hereford.


Walter Lord Viscount Hereford, Leicester Devereux Esq. Sir Edward Powell Baronet, Sir Robert Harley Knight of the Bath Francis Kirle, Edward Harley, Samuel More, Walter Kirle, Colonell John Birch, Robert Kirle, Robert Harley, John Scuda, more, Bennet Hoskins, William Crowther, John Flcket junr,Ambrose Elton junr. John Patteshall, Thomas Blaney, Thomas Rawlins, Thomas Baskervile, Francis Pember, William Littleton Esquires, Thomas Eaton Gent, Captaine Priamus Davies, John Herring, John James, Esqrs.

For the County of Hartford.


William Earle of Salisbury, Charles Lord Viscount Cranborne, Edward Lord Howard of Escrigge, Robert Cecill Esq; Sir John Garret, Sir Richard Lucy, Sir John Read, Sir Brocket Spencer, Knights and Baronets, Sir Thomas Dacres, Sir William Litton, Sir John Gore of Gilstone, Sir Thomas Hewet, Sir John Wittewrong, Knights, Thomas Dacres, Ralph Freeman, William Priesley, John Heydon, William Lemmon, Richard Jennins, Edward Wingate, Thomas Dockwary, Graveley Norton, Edmund Smith, Gabriel Barber, Thomas Tooke, William Ashton, John Scroggs Esqr. Alexander Wild, William Foxwist, Francis Steward, John Robothom Esquires, Wil. Plummer, Alban Coxe, William Eeles, Gentlemen.

For the County of Kent, City and County of the City of Canterbury and Cinque Ports.

Kent, City and County of Canterbury and Cinque Ports.

Henry Earle of Kent, Philip Earle of Pembrooke and Mountgomery, Philip Lord Lisle, Algernon Sidney Esq; Sir Henry Vane the elder, knight, Sir John Rivers, Sir Edward Monins, Sir Humphrey Tufton, Sir Thomas Stiles, Baronet, Sir Michael Livesay, Sir Henry Heyman, Barronets, Sir Thomas Walsingham Sir Anthony Weldon, Sir James Oxenden, Sir Chenley Culpeper Sir Henry Vane junior, Sir Nicholas Miller, Sir Peter Godfrey, Sir John Roberts, Knights, Richard Brown, John Bois de Fredoile, Henry Oxindin de Deane, Augustin Skinner, John Bois de Beterhanger, Richard Lee, John Browne, Thomas Selyard, Ralph Weldon, Robert Scot, Thomas Westrow, Thomas Blount, William James, Henry Hunnywood, Richard Beale, John Nutt, Robert Hales, John Dixwell, Lamburd Godfrey, Richard Porter, William Kenwick, John Bix, William Boothby, Thomas Plummer, The Maior of Canterbury for the time being, Thomas Denure Recorder, George Duke, William Say, John Barker, Samuell Short, Thomas Broadnax, Edward Ash, Esqrs, Colonell George Thompson, Mr. John Twisleton, Mr. Thomas Paramore, Captaine Thomas Foche Mr. John Selyard, Mr. William Draper, Gregory Clement, Gent.

For the County of Leicester.


Henry Earle of Kent, Henry Earle of Stamford, Thomas Lord Gray of Grooby, Colonell Theophilus Gray, Sir John Curson, knight and Baronet; Sir Edward Hartop Senior, Sir Arthur Haselrigg Baronets Sir Martin Lister, Sir Thomas Hartop, Sir Roger Smith, Knights; John St. John Esq. Thomas Beamont, Peter Temple, Arthur Staveley, Henry Smith Thomas Haselrigg William Hewet, Colonell Francis Hacker, Major Henry Mashham, William Benbrige, Archibald Palmer, Captaine Thomas Disney, John Goodman Esqrs, William Stanley, Edmund Cradoche Aldermen of the Towne of Leicester.

For the County of Lancaster.


Sir Richard Houghton Baronet, Sir George Booth, Sir Ralph Ashton, Sir Thomas Stanley, Sir Robert Binlosse, knights and Baronets, Colonell George Booth, Colonell Ralph Ashton, Colonell Richard Shuttleworth, Colonell Richard Holland, Colonell John Moore, Colonell Alex Rigby, Colonell John Booth, William Ashurst, John Atherton, John Holcroft, Gilbert Ireland Richard Standish, Peter Brooke, Thomas Fell, William Laughton, George Dodding, James Ashton, Edward Butterworth, Savill Radcliffe, Peter Egerton, Richard Shuttleworth junior, Richard Ashton, John Starkey, Richard Haworth, John Bradshaw, Ralph Worthington, Thomas Birch, Laurence Rosthorne, Esqrs, Nicholas Cuncliffe Gent, Christopher Bannister, Philip Waineman, Robert Hide and Peter Bold of Bold Esquires.

For the County of Lincolne.


John Earle of Rutland, Henry Earle of Stamford, Edmund Earle of Mulgrave, Theophilus Earle of Lincolne, Edward Lord Clinton, William Pierpont, Francis Pierpont, Nathaniel Fienns, Esquires, Sir John Wray, Sir William Armyn, Knights and Barronets, Sir Edward Aiscew, Sir Anthony Irby, Sir Hamond Witchcot, Knights, Sir Richard Earle, Sir John Brownlowe, Sir Thomas Trollop, Baronets, John Wray, Francis Fines, alias Clinton, Edward Ascue, Thomas Grantham, Thomas Hatsher, Edmund Anderson, Henry Pelham, Edward Rossiter, William Wray, William Oldfield, Thomas Lister, Mountague Cholmeley, William Ellis, William Armin, John Nelthorpe, John Hobson, John Archer, William Godfrey, Henry Massingbeard, Thomas Copledike, Charles Hall, John Harrington, Thomas Irby, William Savill, Edmund Ellis, John Willesby, Humphrey Walcot, John Weaver, William Trolop, William Bury, William Welby, William Lister, Thomas Hall, Draynard Massingbeard, William Woolley, Isaac Knight, Esquires, Samuell Christ Esq, Edward Nelthorpe, William Thompson, Reynell Hall, Maior of Boston for the time being, William Hobson Esq.

For the City of Lincolne.

City of Lincoln.

The Maior for the time being, Thomas Grantham, Thomas Lister, Henry Pelham, William Marshall, George Bracebridge, Edward Emys, Aldermen, and Originell Port Citizen.



Algernon Earle of Northumberland, George Earle of Desmond, Sir Henry Vane senr, Sir Richard Wynn, Sir Thomas Fowler, Sir Edward Barkham, Sir Richard Sprignall Baronets, Sir John Hippesley, Sir Robert Pye, Sir William Roberts, Sir John Trevor, Sir James Harrington Knights, John Hawtrey, Lancelott Lake, John Huxley, Richard Newdigate, William Wheeler, Thomas Mansh, Thomas Lane, Sir John Danvers Knight, Sir Gilbert Gerard, Baronet; Francis Gerard Esq, Major Generall Browne, John Glyn Esq. Recorder of the City of London, Colonell Edmund Harvey, Laurence Whitaker, Thomas Morris, Richard Downton, John Browne, John Spilman Esquires

For the County of Nottingham and Towne of Nottingham.

County and Town of Nottingham.

William Pierpont, Francis Pierpont Esquires, Sir William Lister, Sir Edward Worthley Knights, John Hutchinson, Edward Aiscough, Nicholas Charleton, Charles White, Joseph Widmerpoole, Robert Reynes Esquires, John James, William Nix Alderman, Clement Spilman Esquire, Recorder; Henry Sacheverell, Edward Nevill, Charles Dobson, Gervas Piggot, Gilbert Millington, George Hutchinson, Denzell Hollis Esquires.

For the County of Northampton.


Edward Earle of Manchester, John Earle of Exeter, Edward Lord Mountague, William Lord Fitzwilliam, George Mountague Esq. Sir John Driden, Sir Christopher Yelverton, Sir John Norwich, Sir Edward Nicholls, Sir Gilbert Pickering Knights and Baronets, Sir Richard Samuell Knight, John Crew, Zouch Tate, Richard Knightley, Oliver St. John, John Barnard, Edward Harby, John Cartwright, Philip Holeman, John Norton, Richard Knightley Junior, John Thorneton, John Claypoole, Richard Andrewes, Esquires, Thomas Brooke, Edward Farmer, Robert Andrews, Esquires.

For the County of Norfolk.


Robert Earle of Warwick, Edward Earle of Manchester, Sir Thomas Woodhouse, Sir Richard Barney, Sir Horacio Townesend Sir John Holland, Sir Ralph Hare, Sir William Paston, Sir John Pots, Sir John Palgrave, Sir Isaac Ashley, Baronets, Sir Edward Ashley, Sir George Windham, Sir Valentine Pell, Sir Thomas Guibbon, Sir Thomas Hoogan, Knights, John Cooke, John Spellman, Gregory Gawsell, Robert Wilton, Robert Wood, Thomas Windham, Robert Jermy, Thomas Wild, James Calthorpe, Miles Corbet, William Heveningham, Framlingham Gawdy, Martin Sidley, Philip Skippon, Charles Fleetwood, John May of Lynn Regis, Edward Owner and Nicholas Cuttein of Yarmouth, Sir John Thorowgood, Philip Bedingfield, Thomas Wright, Esquires, Samuel Smith, James de Gray, John Buckston, Tobias Frier, Thomas Toll Esquires, John Lincolne of Thetford.

For the City of Norwich.

City of Norwich.

The Maior of Norwich for the time being, Christopher Barret, Edmund Burman, Aldermen, Samuel Smith Recorder, Erasmus Earle—Charles, George Cocke, Adrian Parmenter, Mathew Peckover, Robert Baron, Samuell Puckle, John Riley, William Symonds, Thomas Barret, Thomas Ashwell, William Davy, Henry King Aldermen, Thomas Atkins Aldermen of the City of London, Robert Pagnell Esq. Gabriell Barber, Doctor of Physick, John Hawse, Doctor of Physick.

For the County of Northumberland.


Algernon Earle of Northumberland, William Lord Gray of Warke, Sir Arthur Hesilrige, Sir John Fenwick, Baronets, Sir William Selby of Twisell, Knight, Robert Lisle Esquire, Sir Thomas Widderington Knight, William Fenwicke of Wallington, Esq. Ralph Delavall of Seaton Delavall, Michael Weldon, Robert Clavering of Brenkburne, Esquires, William Shaftoe, Henry Ogle, George Fenwicke of Brenkburne, Esquire, Robert Scawen, John Sleigh, George Payler, Richard Forster, Esquires, Sir John Delavall Knight, Thomas Midleton, Robert Midleton, Robert Fenwick, Thomas Lawrence, John Hall, Ed. Fenwick, Esquires Henry Horsley, Ralph Salkeld Gentlemen.

For the Towne of Newcastle.


Algernon Earle of Northumberland, Sir Arthur Hesilrige Baronet, The Maior for the time being, John Blakiston Esquire George Dawson, Christopher Nicholson Alderman, Edward Man Towne Clarke, Robert Ellison, Thomas Ledgeard Esq. Marke Shafto, Recorder; Henry Warmouth, Henry Dawson, William Dawson, Thomas Bonner, Robert Young, George Fenwick, George Blakiston, Phineas Allen.

For the Towne of Berwick upon Tweed.


Sir Thomas Widdrington, Sir William Selby Knight, John Sleigh, Robert Scawen, George Pailer, Esquires, Ralph Shalkeld Gent.

For the County of Oxford.

County of Oxford.

William Lord Viscount Say and Seale, Thomas Lord Viscount Wenman, William Lenthall Esq. Speaker of the House of Commons, James Fiennes Esquire, Sir James Harrington, Sir Thomas Read, Sir William Cobb, Sir Francis Norris, Bulstrode Whitelocke Esquire, Edmund Dunch, John Lenthall, John Doyley, Thomas Tipping, Robert Jenkinson, Edmund Lenthall, Edward Clarke, William Cope, Robert Scroope, William Tipping, William Draper, Vincent Barry, Thomas Appletree, Edmond Simmons of Pulton, Esquires, Nathaniel Fienns, Adrian Scroope, John Cartwright Esquires, John Nixon Alderman of Oxford.

Town and County of Poole.

Town and County of Poole.

The Maior for the time being, Sir Walter Earle Knight, Thomas Earle Esquire, George Skutt senior, Aaron Durell, Haveland Hilley, William Skutt, Henry Harding. George Skutt junior, Richard Dolbury, Gentleman, Sir Anthony Ashley Cooper Baronet, Col. John Bingham Esquire.

For the County of Rutland.


John Earle of Exceter, Henry Earle of Stamford, Christopher Browne, Thomas Lord Grey of Grooby, Sir Thomas Hartopp, Sir James Harrington Knight, Sir Edward Harrington Knight and Baronet, Robert Horseman, Edward Horseman Esquire, Colonell Thomas Waite, Evers Armine, John Osborne, John Hatcher, Richard Hollford, Esquire, John Weaver Esquire, Benjamin Norton, John Holthead.

For the County of Southampton, and Towne and County of Southampton.

County, and Town and County of Southampton.

Philip Earle of Pembrooke and Mountgomery, Charles Lord Delaware, Sir Samuel Uvedall Knight, Sir Thomas Gervois, Sir William Waller, Sir Henry Mildmay Knights, Sir William Lewis Baronet, Sir Richard Kingsmill Knight, Robert Wallop, Richard Whitehead, Richard Norton, William Jephson, John Lisle, John Button Senior, John Bulkeley, John Kemp, Henry Campion Nicholas Love, Thomas Hussey, John Fielder, Edward Boat Henry Wallop, Thomas Cole, John St. Barbe, Edward Hooper John Hooke, Edward Goddard, Thomas Bottesworth, Colonell John Lloid, Robert Reynolds and Francis Allen, Esquires, John Button junior, Francis Rivet Esquire, Henry Brunfield, Esq. Richard Major Esq. Francis Tilney, John Woolveridge, William Pit, Thomas Creswell, John Hildesley, Esquires, Peter de Gay Gentlemen, William Wheeler Esquire.

For the County of Sussex.


Algernon Earle of Northumberland, Sir John Chapman knight, William Cawley, Stephen Humfry, George Churchar, Ralph Cowper, John Downes, William Morley, Hall Ravenscroft, Edward Apsley, John Alford, James Temple, William Freeman, Nicholas Sheppard, Thomas White, Richard Yates, Edward Manning, Anthony Stapley, Henry Shelley, Robert Spence, Thomas Stringatt, Esquires, Sir Thomas Pelham Baronet, Sir Thomas Parker Knight, John Pelham, Herbert Morley, Herbert Hay, John Baker, Herbert Springat, William Hay, Roger Gratwick, John Fagge, Thomas Challoner, Thomas Jefferey, Nathaniell Studley, William Spence, Henry Pecke, John Busbridge, Peter Farnden, Thomas Collins, Anthony Crattenden, Symon Everndon, Samuel Got Esquires.

For Staffordshire, and the City of Litchfield.

Staffordshire and City of Lichfield.

Sir William Brereton, John Bowyer, Thomas Crampton, Edward Lee, John Swinfen, Michael Noble, Samuel Terrick, William Jolly, Edward Broghton, Matthew Morton, John Chetwood, Henry Stone, George Bowes, Michael Biddulph, Philip Jackson, Roger Hurt, Richard Flyer, John Young, Lester Barber, Joseph Whithough, Edward Mainwaring.

For Shropshire.


William Pierpont Esq. Sir John Corbet Baronet, Sir Humphrey Brigs Baronet, Robert Wallop, Thomas Mitton, Andrew Lloyd, Thomas Nichols, Humphrey Mackworth, Robert Corbet of Stanwarden, Samuell Moore, John Corbet of Alston, Thomas Hunt, Robert Clive, Harcourt Layton, Humphrey Edwards, Robert Charlton, Leighton Owen, William Jones, John Thynn, Francis Forester of Watling-street, Robert Powell, Thomas Kettleby, Thomas Moore, William Cotton, Esau Thomas, William Littleton, Esquires; Nathaniell Wright Doctor of Physicke, Arthur Chambers Esq. Rowland Hunt, Thomas Mackworth, Thomas Baker, and John Prowd, Aldermen of Shrewsbury.

For the County of Surrey.


Algernon Earle of Northumberland, Henry Earle of Kent, William Lord Mounson, Charles Lord Carre, Sir William Brereton Baronet, Sir Ambrose Browne Baronet, Sir Poynings Moore, Baronet; Sir John Maynard Knight of the Bath, Benjamin Weston Esquire, Sir Richard Onslowe, Sir William Eliot, Sir John Dingley, Sir Robert Woods, Sir Richard Betenson, Sir John Evelin, Sir Robert Needham, Sir Richard Wynne, Sir Matthew Brend, knights, John Lloyd, George Evelin, Arthur Onslowe, Robert Wood, Henry Weston, Francis Drake, William Eliot, Arthur Squib, George Duncomb of Shilford, Thomas Sands, Robert Holman, Robert Goodwin, John Goodwin, William Owfield, Thomas Thorald, Rowland Wilson junior, Henry Tonstall, John Thin, Esquires.

For the County of Summerset.


Philip Earle of Pembrooke and Mountgomery, George Horner, John Harrington, Alexander Popham, Sir Thomas Wroth, Hugh Rogers, Thomas Grove, John Ash, William Strode, Clement Walker, Thomas Hodges, Edward Popham, John Pine, Robert Blake, Sir John Horner, Sir Robert Gorges, John Preston, Richard Cole, George Lutterel, John Buckland, Thomas Bamfield, Henry Henley, John Hippesley, Esquires, Lilliborne Long, George Searle, John Palmer Doctor of Physick, Roger Hill junior Esquire, William Carrent, James Ashe Esquires.

For the County of Suffolke.


James Earle of Suffolk, Walter Lord Viscount Hereford, Sir Edward Bacon, Sir William Platers, Sir Simonds Dewes, Knights and Baronets, Sir William Spring, Sir John Wentworth, Sir William Soame, Sir Roger North, Sir Nathaniel Barnardiston, Sir Philip Barker, Sir Thomas Barnardiston, Knights, William Heveningham, John Brooke, Henry North junior, Nicholas Bacon, Thomas Bacon of Friston, Nathaniell Bacon, Francis Bacon, Maurice Berrow, Charles Fleetwood, Thomas Blosse, Brampton Gurdon, senior, John Gurdon, Robert Brewster, William Blois, James Hubart, John Bramling, Peter Fisher, Robert Duncombe, Thomas Chaplain, Samuell Moody, John Clarke, Th. Gibbs, Alexander Bence, Squire Bence, Thomas Johnson of Aldborough, Leicester Devereux, Sir Dudley North, John Hodges Esq. Sir John Rous, Isaack Appleton, Henry North Senior, Brampton Gurdon junior, Edmund Harvey, Francis Brewster, Thomas Tirrell, Esquires.

For the County of Wilts.


Philip Earl of Pembrooke and Mountgomery, Philip Lord Herbert, James Herbert, Sir Francis Pile Baronet, Sir Edward Hungerford, Sir Anthony Ashley Cooper, Sir Nevill Poole, Sir Edward Bainston, Sir John Danvers, Sir John Evelin, Francis Holles Esq. John Lisle, Richard Whitehead, John Bulkeley, Michael Oldsworth, John Long, Edward Ash, William Coles of Downton, Robert Hood, Giles Eires, Robert Browne, William Reddish, William Coles of Sarum, Thomas Bailey, Richard Crooch, Bennet Swayne, James Hubbart, George Joy, Anthony Hungerford, Alexander Popham, Edward Poole, Edward Baineton, Esquires, Col. Ludlow, John Ash, Alexander Thistlethwait, Thomas Grove, Edward Tucker, William Eires, William Wheeler, Robert Jenner, Henry Hungerford, John Dove, William Ludlow, Humphrey Ditton, John Ivy, Gabriell Martin, William Stephens Recorder of Salisbury, Robert Nicholas, Denzell Holles, Walter Long, Philip Smith, William Sadler, John Stephens, John Tailor of the Devizes Gent. Edward Stoakes, Edward Popham, Thomas Hussey, Esquires.

For the County of Warwick, and for the City and County of the City of Coventry.

Warwickshire and City and County of Coventry.

Bazill Earle of Denbigh, Leicester Devereux Esq. Sir Francis Burdett, Sir Robert Litton Knights, William Colemore, Peter Burgoine, Thomas Archer, Edward Petoe, Anthony Stoughton, John Hales, Sir Peter Wentworth, Richard Lucy, William Combe, Thomas Temple, Samuell Rooper, Sir John Burgoine, William Purefoy, Thomas Boughton, Will Jesson, Richard Varney, Esquires; Sir Christopher Yelverton, Knight and Baronet, Thomas Willoughby, George Abbott, John Bridges, Gamaliell Purefoy, Waldine Willington, Christopher Hales, Paul Wentworth, Edward Marrowe, The Maior of Coventry for the time being, Alderman Barker, Lieutenant-Colonel Phipps, Alderman Rogerson, Christopher Davenport, Henry Smith Gent, Samuell Snell, Matthew Smith, Eastwick Barnaby, Esqrs. John Wright-Wheat the Elder, Gentleman; Capt. Davenport the younger, Will Jesson Alderman, John Holles Esq. Thomas Bassenet Alderman, Thomas Forest Alderman, Thomas Love, Richard Wills, and Matthew Barnard, Gentlemen

For the County of Worcester.


Sir Thomas Rowse Baronet, Sir Thomas Gervis, knight; John Wild Serjeant-at-Law, Richard Cresheld Serjeant at Law, William Lygon, John Egioke, Humphrey Salway, Edmond Wild, Edward Pitt, William Jeffreys, Thomas Jolly, George Wild Esquires, Col. William Dingley, John Lathum, John James, Charles Cornwallis, Samuell Gardner, John Dormer, Nicholas Lechmere, Daniell Dobbins, Thomas Cookes, Esquires, John Keit, Thomas Westrow, John Corbet, Henry Bromley of Upton, Thomas Milward Esquires, Thomas Young, Will Moore, William Collins, Gentlemen.

For the City of Worcester.

City of Worcester.

Mr. Robert Stirropp, John Wild Serjeant at Law, and Recorder of the said City, Henry Fourd, Edward Elvins, Aldermen, John Nash, Humphrey Salway, Esquires, Col. Will Ligon, Col. William Dingley, Francis Frankes, Theophilus Alie, Foulke Estop, Edward Cox, Gentlemen.

For the County of York.


Algernon Earle of Northumberland, Philip Earle of Pembrooke and Mountgomery, Edmund Earle of Mulgrave, Philip Lord Wharton, Edward Lord Howard, John Lord Rochford, Thomas Lord Fairfax, Lord Generall of the Army; Francis Lord Viscount Valentia, Francis Pierpont, Sir William Strickland, Sir William Constable, Baronets; Sir Henry Cholmeley, Sir William Lister, Sir William Allenson, knights; Brian Stapleton, Henry Stapleton, Sir John Boucher, Henry Darley, Thomas Stockdale, John Welthorpe, James Welthorpe, Godfrey Bosvile, William White, Lionell Copley, Col. Lassells, John Wassell, John Anlaby, Francis Thorpe, Thomas Chaloner, James Chaloner, Sir Thomas Remington knight, William Askewith, Christopher Ridley, Henry Arthington, Sir Charles Egerton, Luke Robinson, John Alured, Esquires, Sir Thomas Maliverer, Alderman Hoile, Sir Thomas Widdrington knight, John Savill of Medley, Charles Fairefax, Sir Francis Boineton, Sir William Saint Quintin, Sir Richard Darley, Sir Arthur Ingram, Sir John Savile, Sir Edward Rhodes, Sir Sir Thomas Wentworth, Sir John Danvers, Sir Thomas Norcliffe, Sir Richard Hawkesworth, Sir Robert Barwick, Captaine Eure, Captaine Waters, William Copley, Col. Tempest, John Stillington, Col. Leggard, Col. Christopher Copley, Richard Robinson, Robert Leggard, Darcy Wentworth, Alexander Johnson, Thomas Saint Nicholas, John Farar, Doctor Micklethwait, Col. Lambert, William Bosseville, John Maliverer, Hugh Bethell, Walter Strickland Esquires, William Gee of Bishops Burton, Henry Hall, John Lister, George Pailer, Gentlemen.

For the City of Yorke.

City of York.

The Maior of Yorke for the time being, Thomas Lord Fairefax, Sir Thomas Widrington Knight, Alderman Hoile, Sir William Allenson, Henry Thompson, John Gelder, Stephen Watson, Thomas Dickinson, Robert Horner, Leonard Thompson, William Tailor, Edward Gray Aldermen.

For the Towne and County of Kingston upon Hull.

Town and County of Kingston-on-Hull.

The Maior for the time being, Thomas Lord Fairefax Lord Generall of the Army, Francis Thorpe Esquire, Recorder; Mr. Dobson, Sir Henry Vane junior knight, Peregrine Pelham Esquire Thomas Raikes, John Barnard, Henry Barnard, Nicholas Denman, William Popple, John Ramsden, Joseph Blades, John Rogers, Richard Wood, Machabeus Hollis, Aldermen, John Anlaby, Robert Ledger, Christopher Leger Esquires.

For the City of Westminster.

City of Westminster.

Richard Ceeble, Thomas Fawconbridge, George Manley, Edward Martin, John Brigham, George Prynn, Michael Arnold, Stephen Boreman, Christopher White, Edward Carter, Josias Fendall, John Trenchard, John Browne Clerke of the Parliaments, Josias Barners, George Crompton, James Davenport, Edward Bowes, John Shelbury, Hipwel Bowey, William Haberfeild, Tobias Goodwin, Richard Stockwell, Walter Bigge, William Hooper, Edward Garrard, John Hunter, Thomas Bradshaw, Edward Birkhead, Serjeant-at-Armes, James Prince, Silvanus Tailor, Ralph Farmer, Edward Mayo, Richard Bates, Samuel Smith, Edward Neale, William Dashwood, Peter Gwilliams, Peter Linsey, James Ravenscroft, William Scut, Thomas Norris, John Smith, Richard Dashwood, Paul Watts, William Duppy, Laurence Whitacres Esqr. Sir Edward Hungerford, Sir Robert Pye, Sir John Trevers, Sir John Hippesley, John Packer Senior, Arthur Squib senior, Wil. Wheeler, Clement Walker, Henry Elsynge, Esq; John Glyn, Recorder of the City of London, William Bell Esqr.

Hamlets of the Tower.

Tower Hamlets.

Sir Gilbert Gerrard Baronet, Alexander Bence, Squire Bence, Thomas March, William Mellish, Thomas Swallow, Thomas Hubbart, Salomon Smith, Samuel Moyer, Morris Thompson, George Cowper, William Pennoyer, John Mence, Hillary Mempris, George Wilmore, Henry St. John, Bartholomew Hagget, Robert Goldman, Thomas Eglesfield, Col. Wil. Willoughby, Col. John White, Lieut. Col. William Levitt, Col. Francis Zachary, Captaine John Taylor, Captaine John King, Richard Hoton, John Awberry, William West, Henry Hall, Talke Wormlaton, John Hoxton, Robert Crawley, Thomas Hall, Osmond Coppin, Richard Tailor.

For the County of Westmerland.


Philip Earle of Pembrooke and Mountgomery, Philip Lord Wharton, James Bellingham, Henry Laurence, Richard Salway, Henry Ireton Esq. Col. Briggs, Col. Gervoise Benson, Lieut. Col. Richard Branthwait.





Thomas Madrin, Sir Richard Wyn Knight and Baronet, Sir William Williams Baronet, John Glyn Esqu. Recorder of the City of London, Thomas Mitton Esq. Major Generall of Northwales, William Foxwist Esqu. Col. Mason, Col. John Carter, Thomas Williams, Richard Wynn Esqu. Captain Edmund Glynn, Hugh Griffiths de Madrinyssa Esqu. Griffith Bodurda, Griffith Jones Esqrs. John Wyn of Swinfin, John Owen of Kefn, William Stodart, William Lloid Duilly, Esquires.



Bazill Earle of Denbigh, Sir Thomas Middleton, Sir John Trevor, knights; Thomas Middleton, Symond Thelwall, John Trevor, Thomas Ravenscroft, John Priliston, Thomas Mitton, Thomas Lloyd of Halghton, Esqrs, John Salisbury of Bohegry, Roger Farmer, John Aldersey, Luke Lloyd.



Sir Thomas Middleton knight, John Glyn Esq. Recorder of the City of London, Col. Thomas Mitton, Col. John Jones, Owen Salisbury, Edw. Vaughan, Thomas Middleton, Simon Thelwall junior, Griffith Nunny, Lewis Lloyd, John Lloyd, Howell Vaughan, John Vaughan, Morris Winn, Lewis Owen, Esquires.



Sir John Wittewrong knight, Sir Thomas Middleton Knight, Francis Buller, Edward Vaughan, Rowland Hunt, Thomas Nichols, Samuel More, John Price of Esquires, Matthew Morgan, Evan Lloyd, Richard Griffith, William Kiffin, Esquires, Robert Griffith, Samuel Biggs, Gent.



Walth. Lord Viscount Hereford, Sir Robert Harley knight of the Bath, Robert Harley, Arthur Almesley, William Fowler, Richard Fowler, Roderick Gwin, Thomas Lewis, George Gwin, Robert Martin, Andrew Philips, Henry Williams, Silvanus Tailor, Esquires, Capt. John Williams.



Algernon Earle of Northumberland, Arthur Annesley, Henry Rice, Howell Gwyn, William Davies, Charles Gwin, George Jones, Edward Vaughan, Richard Vaughan, Francis Lloyd HighSheriffe, John Powell, Richard Lort, John Harris, James Jones Esqu. Nicholas Williams, John Bloom, John Lloyd, Esquires.



Bazill Earle of Denbigh, Sir Thomas Trevor Knight and Baronet, Sir Thomas Middleton Knt. Sir John Trevor Knight, John Puleston Esqu. Thomas Middleton Esqu. John Trevor Esqu. Robert Soutley, Simon Thelwall senior, Robert Winn of Voelas, Simon Thelwall junior, Esquires, Col. John Jones, Col. John Carter, John Edisbury, Esqu. Owen Thelwell, Gent.



Arthur Annesley Esqu. Sir Erasmus Phillips Baronet, ColJames Lewis, Col. Thomas Woogan, Roger Lort, Henry White, John Eliot, Herbert Perrot, Sampson Lort Esqu. Col. Richard Le Hunt.



Col. James Lewis, James Lewis of Carmarthen, Esqu. Thomas Lloyd Esqu. High Sheriffe, James Jones, Thomas Woogan, Richard Jones, James Phillips, Hugh Lloyd, Esqu.

Commissioners' powers.; To assemble and train Militia, etc.

And be it further ordained by the Lords and Commons, that the aforesaid Commissioners, or any five or more of them shall severally and respectively have power to assemble and call together all and singular persons within the said respective Counties, Cities, places, aswel within Liberties as without, that are meet and fit for the Warres, and them to traine, exercise, and put in readinesse; or cause to be trained, exercised, and put in readinesse: And them after their abilities and faculties to cause to be arrayed and weaponed, and to take or cause to be taken, the muster of them in places most fit for that purpose; and to lead, conduct, and imploy, or cause to be led, conducted, and imployed, the persons aforesaid, arrayed and weaponed, for the suppression of all Rebellions, Insurrections, and Invasions, that may happen within the several and respective Counties, Cities, and places. And shall have further power and authority to lead, conduct, and imploy or cause to be led, conducted and imployed the persons aforesaid, arrayed and weaponed, aswel within their said severall Counties and places, as within any other part of this Kingdom of England or Dominion of Wales, for the suppression of all Rebellions, Insurrections and Invasions that may happen, according as they from time to time shall receive directions from the said Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament.

To inform themselves of persons able to find or to bear arms, and to charge them accordingly.

And be it further ordained, that the said Commissioners shall have further power and authority to settle and order the Militia of the said Counties, Cities and places respectively, according to the authorities, powers, and instructions herein after granted, limited, and expressed: That is to say, that the said respective Commissioners, or any five or more of them shall hereby have full power and authority to send forth their Warrants to all Constables, Head-boroughs, Tythingmen, or to use all other lawfull means as they shall think fit, whereby to enforme themselves of all such persons within the respective Counties, Cities, and places, as are able to finde or beare Armes; and what Armes, Horses, Weapons, and instruments of warre they or any of them already have been or are charged to finde or beare, and thereupon the said respective Commissioners, or any five or more of them shall hereby have full power and authority to charge any persons with Horse or Foot Armes, having a respect to the Limitations and Proportions hereafter mentioned: That is to say, that no person shall be charged by the Commissioners aforesaid with any Horse and Horse Armes, unless the persons so to be charged have a yearly Revenue of one hundred and fifty foure pounds, and above all charges and reprises, or two thousand foure hundred pounds in money or other estate equivalent thereunto; nor with any Dragoon Horse and Armes for a Dragoon Horse, not having fifty pounds yearly Revenue, or five hundred pounds in money or personall estate, at the least; nor with any whole Foot Armes unlesse the said person have a yearly Revenue of twenty pounds per annum, or two hundred pounds in money, or other estate equivalent thereunto; And also the said respective Commissioners, or any five or more of then shall hereby have full power and Authority to charge such other persons who are not able to finde Armes to beare the same for such other particular persons who shall be charged therewith, or for the general service of the County, allowing them reasonable pay for the same, not exceeding for a Horseman, two shillings, for a Dragooner one shilling six-pence, for a Foot souldier eight pence per diem.

To muster forces in respective counties, etc.

And it is further Ordered that the same respective Commissioners, or any five or more of them shall hereby have full power and authority to assemble, muster, and array all such Horse and Foot forces within the said respective Counties; and to forme and put them into Companies, Troops, and Regiments, and to nominate and appoint Colonels, Lieutenant Colonels, Majors, Captaines, and other Officers of Warre, and to grant Commissions unto them under their Hands and Seales, authorizing them respectively to traine and discipline according to order of warre the respective Horse or Foot forces, and to lead and conduct them within the said respective Counties; And with the said Forces to oppose, seize, secure, disarme, kill and slay all such persons as shall raise or cause any tumults, insurrections, or invasions, or leavy any force against the Authority of Parliament, for the suppression thereof, according to such orders as they shall from time to time receive from the said respective Commissioners, or any five or more of them, or from both Houses of Parliament, and to lead and conduct them out of the said respective Counties for the purposes aforesaid, if they shall be ordered and commanded by both Houses of Parliament, and not otherwise.

To raise moneys by assessment at general meeting for ammunition and other charges.

And it is further ordained, That the said respective Commissioners in their generall meeting, or any seven or more of them, at the said generall meeting, shall hereby have full power and authority to charge and raise by way of Assessment such summes of money for the providing Magazines of Ammunition, and for defraying such other incident charges as shall be requisite for the carrying on of the said Militia, and not otherwise. And in case of non-payment of such summes which shall be so assessed, the same to leavy by way of distresse and sale of the goods of such as shall refuse or neglect to pay the same, rendring to the party the overplus of the said distresse if any be.

To impose fines and imprisonment for default.; To disarm Papists, delinquents, and others.; To cause all charged with arms and refusing to serve to deliver such arms to fit persons.; And to pay such as serve.

And it is further ordained, That the said respective Commissioners, or any five or more of them, hereby have full power and authority to impose a fine, not exceeding forty shillings, to be leavied as is aforesaid, on every person who shall be charged to finde or serve on horse or dragoon; and twenty shillings on every foot souldier for every day that they shall make default of their aforesaid service; the said fines to be imployed towards the provision of Armes and Ammunition for the severall Counties, Cities, and places respectively, where or in which the several defaults shall be made, or to imprison their persons by the space of ten dayes and not longer; unlesse such just and reasonable cause shall be shewed to them, for which they shal thinke fit to remit the said penalty, And also the said respective Commissioners or any five or more of them, shall hereby have full power and authority to disarme all Papists and Delinquents, and all such as shall raise or cause, or endeavour to raise or cause any tumults, insurrections, or invasions, and to secure and imprison their persons, for the prevention and suppression thereof, if they shall find it needful so to doe; And to put the Armes of Papists and Delinquents into the hands of such wel-affected persons as they shall thinke fit, And to cause all such, who being charged with any Armes, shall refuse to serve in their own persons, or whom the said respective Commissioners, or any five or more of them shall think not fit to serve in their own persons, to deliver such Armes as shall be charged on them to such persons, as the said respective Commissioners, or any five or more of them shall think fit to serve with the said Arms; And to cause them to pay to such who shall so serve with their Arms such reasonable sallary as they shall thinke fit and appoint, not exceeding the respective Proportions aforesaid; And for default of payment thereof, to leavy the same as is aforesaid, or to imprison their persons as is aforesaid if they shall find it needful so to doe.

To relieve persons aggrieved.; Indemnity.

And it is further ordained by the said Lords and Commons, That of any person or persons shall finde him, or themselves agrieved at any Assessement set on him or them as aforesaid, and shall make complaint thereof, within six dayes after demand made of the money assessed, the said Commissioners, or any two of them, shall have hereby power and authority to releeve such person or persons so agrieved, if they shall find upon examination just cause so to doe; And also the said Colonels, Lieutenant Colonels, Majors, Captaines, and other Officers and persons, whom the said Commissioners, shall employ in the said service, shall bee obedient and assistant to them in the execution of this, Ordinance, And what they or any other persons whatsoever, shall act or doe according to this Ordinance, or in pursuance thereof, they shall be saved harmelesse, and indempnified for the same by authority of Parliament.

Commissioners and all officers appointed by them to take National League and Covenant.; Persons disabled from acting as Commissioners or officers.; Qualification of Commissioners.

And it is ordained, That all and every the said Commissioners, and all such Colonels, Lieutenant Colonels Majors, Captaines, and Officers of Warre, whom they shall nominate and appoint, shall before they enter upon the execution of their said respective Offices and trusts, take the nationall League and Covenant, whereby their good affection to the Parliament and Kingdome may appear, and that they may hereby be engaged to pursue the same; provided that all persons whatsoever, who have been in armes since these late Wars against the Parliament and Kingdome, or have voluntarily contributed Money, Horse, Plate or Armes against the Parliament or their adherents, and all persons who have not voluntarily contributed Money, Horse Plate, or Armes, for the service of the Parliament or Kingdome, or who have not constantly adhered to the same, from the beginning of the late wars, be and are hereby disabled to act, or execute any thing in or by this Ordinance, either as Commissioners, or as Commissioned Officers under them; Provided that no Commissioners in this Ordinance named for a County shall act by vertue hereof unlesse hee have an estate in the said County chargeable with an Horse and Arms, at the least, by vertue of this Ordinance; so as this extend not to the Commissioners named for Cities, and Counties of Cities, or to such Corporation, who have distinct Militias setled by this Ordinance.

None to raise or keep forces, or erect or maintain garrisons, otherwise than as appointed hereby.; Proviso for Lord Fairfax's forces and garrisons taken from enemy; And for forces now raised by authority of Parl.

And be it ordained by the said Lords and Commons, And it is hereby Ordered and Ordained, That no person or persons whatsoever, shall raise or keep up any other Forces of Horse or Foot, or in other way or manner then is directed and appointed by this Ordinance, unless he or they shall have order or direction for the same from both Houses of Parliament; or shall erect, make, hold, or keep up any Garrison or Garrisons in any County, City or place within the Kingdome of England, or Dominion of Wales, but by the authority aforesaid; provided, That this clauso or anything therein contained, shall not extend to the Forces under the Command of Thomas Lord Fairfax, according to the present establishment of the Army, nor to any Garrison or Garrisons, which shall be recovered, or taken from the Enemy; provided further, that nothing herein contained, shall extend to the disbanding of any Forces now raised by both, or either House of Parliament, or by authority, order, or direction from them, or either of them.

Force lately raised by Commissioners to be disposed by them.; Ord. to cortinue a year only.

And it is also ordered and ordained, That the Forces lately raised by Commissioners in the severall Counties, and to be raised by vertue of this Ordinance, shall be ordered, directed, and disposed by the respective Commissioners in the respective Counties, Cities, and places aforesaid; provided also, and be it ordained, That this Ordinance shall continue for one whole yeare, from the twentieth day of September, 1648. and no longer.