April 1643: An Ordinance for bringing in the monyes for sequestrations out of the County of Devon.

Pages 136-137

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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April 1643.

[29 April, 1643.]

Whereas by a late Declaration and Ordinance of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament for the seizing and sequestring the estates both reall and personall of severall Bishops in the said Ordinance mentioned, Deans, Deans and Chapters, Prebends, Archdeacons, Papists, and others notorious Delinquents, therein particularly declared and expressed to the use and for the maintenance of the Army raised by the Parliament, and other uses as shall be directed by both Houses of Parliament, for the benefit of the Common-wealth. And for asmuch as Sir Ralph Hopton with divers of the County of Cornewall, and others his Adherents, Rebells, and Traitors, by the invitation and incouragement of an ill affected and Malignant party in the County of Devon, and County and City of Exon have already in a hostile manner actually entred the said County of Devon, and did beseige, rob, plunder, murder, and kill divers of his Maiesties best Subiects, and them have utterly wasted and destroyed, and the said Rebels, and Traitors haveing lately withdrawne themselves into Cornewall aforesaid; now in pursuance of this horrid, wicked and unnaturall Rebellion, are in preparation, and doe already threaten the good people of the said County of Devon, and County and City of Exon againe to invade and annoy with a greater strength than before.

Money, etc., sequestered, to be paid to Treasurers.; And by them paid out.

The Lords and Commons considering the tyrany, pressures, and calamities, which lye upon the good people of the said County of Devon, and County and City of Exon, and the dangers now threatning them; doe hereby Order, declare, and Ordaine, that all and every sum and sums of money, rents, revenues, tithes, pentions, Estates, Goods, chattles, Debts, and other profits whatsoever, which by virtue of the said Declaration and Ordinance shall bee raised within the said County of Devon, and County and City of Exon, and seized and sequestred into the hands of the Sequestrators, and Committees by the said Ordinance nominated and appointed for the said Counties and City shall bee paid unto Charles Vaughan Esquire, Treasurer hereby appointed for the City of Devon, and Christ. Clarke, now Maior of Exon hereby appointed Treasurer for the said City and County, who are to receive the said sum so respectively raised and leavyed as aforesaid upon the said Ordinance; and that the said monyes so raised in the said County and City shall bee issued out by the respective Treasurers hereby appointed, by warrant to them made by the said respective Committees appointed by the said Ordinance of and for the said County and City, or any three or more of them respectively under their hands and seales, and not otherwise: and that the warrant and warrants, of the persons aforesaid, or any three or more of them in manner as aforesaid, for the issuing out of monyes together with the acquittance or acquittances, from the person or persons which shall bee appointed by the persons aforesaid or any three or more of them respectively, for receipt of any sum or sums of money according to this Ordinance, shall bee a sufficient discharge to the respective Treasurers hereby named, for so much as shal bee comprehended in such acquittance or acquittances.

Payment to Treasurers at Guildhall to be good discharge.

And further it is Ordered and declared that the Treasurers appointed by the said Ordinance who are hereby required to pay or cause to bee paid, the said monyes by them received to the Treasurers of the Guild-Hall London, for so much of the said monyes as they shall pay to the Treasurers hereby nominated and appointed for the County of Devon, and City and County of Exon, as aforesaid haveing their and every of their respective acquittances shall bee discharged, any Ordinance, act, thing, or things heretofore to the contrary notwithstanding.

Additions to Committees for Devon and Exon.

And it is lastly Ordained that Sir John Bamfield Barronet, Anthony Nicholl Esquire, bee added as Committees for the execution of the Ordinance aforesaid in the County of Devon: And Adam Bennet, and Richard Crossing of Exon, bee added as Committees for the said Ordinance for the said County and City of Exon.