February 1649: An Act concerning the Sequestration of South-Wales, and County of Monmouth.

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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. "February 1649: An Act concerning the Sequestration of South-Wales, and County of Monmouth.", in Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660, (London, 1911) 14-16. British History Online, accessed May 30, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/no-series/acts-ordinances-interregnum/pp14-16a.

. "February 1649: An Act concerning the Sequestration of South-Wales, and County of Monmouth.", Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660, (London, 1911). 14-16. British History Online. Web. 30 May 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/no-series/acts-ordinances-interregnum/pp14-16a.

February, 1649

[23 February, 1648-9.]

Whereas the several counties of Southwales, viz., Glamorgan, Pembrook, Carmarthen. Cardigan, Radnor, Brecon, and the County of Monmouth, were at the beginning of these Wars under the command of the Kings Forces, and so continued for many years; By which means the generality of the said counties, according to several Ordinances made this present Parliament, are liable to Sequestration for ayding and assisting the Forces raised against the Parliament: And whereas there be in the said counties, divers desperate Malignants that have maliciously endeavored the subversion of Parliaments, and the Freedom of the People; and there being also many persons that have been forced in some things to comply with them, to preserve themselves and Families from spoil and ruine: Now to the end some distinction may be made, whereby exemplary justice may be done on the most capital offendors, and the more moderate punishment be inflicted on the lesser, now involved in a general guilt; The Commons assembled in this present Parliament, taking the same into their consideration, Do hereby Enact, and be it Enacted by this present Parliament, and by authority of the same, in relation to the said lesser offenders, That a Fine be imposed on the said several counties for their respective Delinquencies; viz. On the county of Pembrook, 3500l. On the county of Cardigan, 3000l. On the county of Carmarthen, the sum of 4000l. On the county of Glamorgan, the sum of 3500l. On the county of Brecon, the sum of 2000l. On the county of Monmouth, the sum of 3000l. On the county of Radnor, the sum of 1500l. Which said sums are to be paid by the said respective counties, in maner and form following; viz. The first moyety amounting to the sum of Ten thousand two hundred and fifty pounds, within ten weeks afther the passing of this Act, and the moyety of the said Fine being Ten thousand two hundred and fifty pounds of the said Fine, within Ten weeks next following the payment of the said first moyety, to be paid to the Treasurers at Wars for the Army, who are hereby authorized to receive the same, and any two of them to give Receipts under their Hands and Seals; which Receipts shall be a sufficient discharge to the said respective counties, for payment of the said sums of money imposed on them by vertue of this Act for their Delinquencies; And that the said moneys may be the better leavied, raised and paid, and with most equality, according to the Estates and Delinquencies, of persons, and that the innocent and well-affected may not be, molested, Be it Enacted by the authority aforesaid, That Sir Erasmus Philips Baronet, Thomas Horton, Henry Herbert, Michael Owldesworth, Thomas Wogan, William Herbert Bussy Mancell, Edward Prichard, William Jones Thomas Morgan, Philip Jones, Edmond Morgan, Rowland Dawkins, John Price, John Herbert, Edward Stradling Christopher Cathmay, Walter Cuney, William Barber, Edward Herbert, Silvanus Taylor, Peter Price, Ralph Grundy, Henry Bowen, Roger Williams, Edward Games, Henry Williams, William Fleming, Roger Lort, James Phillips, Sampson Lort, James Lewis, John Williams, Lewis Jones, John Danzy, William Watkins of Sheaphouse, John Elliot, Griffith Lloyd, Esqs.; and William Sudgon Gent, be appointed Commissioners for the several counties and places herein mentioned, who, or any three of them, have hereby full power and authority to remove all obstructions that may hinder the carrying on of the said work, and to supervise and regulate proceeding to their best judgement, according to the true intent and meaning of this Act: Provided, That no person well-affected, be Rated or Taxed or Compelled to pay any Rate or Tax towards raising the said Fines; But if any Delinquent or person lyable to Sequestration within the said counties, shall refuse to pay his or their proportion towards raising the said Fines set on the several counties by vertue of this Act, and according to the time therein limited for payment of the same, he or they so refusing, are not to have any benefit or immunity by this Act, but are left to be proceeded with according to the Ordinance of Sequestrations. And it is further Enacted and provided, That this Act shall not extend to discharge or pardon any person excepted from pardon in the Propositions presented to the King at Hampton Court: Provided also, This shall not extend to free or pardon for their several Delinquencies against the Parliament, Edward Earl of Worcester, Lord of Bergavenny, Richard Lord of Cherbury, Sir Trevor Williams Baronet, Sir Philip Jones knight, Sir George Probert knight, Sir Hugh Owen knight, Edward Kemys of Kemis, William Morgan of Pencrigge, Henry Probert, Roger Williams of Kevenhiley, Esqrs.; Thomas Hughes of Lanvethrin, Major Lewis Thomas, James Jones of Llanvihangell Lanternam, Gent. Of the county of Monmouth, Sir Charls Kemeis Knight and Baronet, Sir John Awbrey knight, Sir Richard Basset knight, Sir Henry Stradling knight, Sir Edward Thomas Baronet, Miles Button, Humphrey Matthews, Henry Mauncel, Thomas Stradling, Robert Thomas, John Thomas of Merthur of the county of Glamorgan, Esqs.; Sir John Stepney Baronet, Sir Rice Rudd Baronet, Sir George Vaughan knight, Henry Floid, Walter Floid, and Thomas Philips, Esquires; Of the county of Carmarthen, Sir Walter Floid, Sir Francis Floid knights, and John Floid of Crunrin, Esquires; Of the county of Cardigan, Herbert Price, Hoe Games, John Jeffryes, John Williams of the Park, John Herbert, Lewis Morgan, Lewis Floid, Thomas Price, John Price, Sir Francis Fane knight, Marmaduke Floid, Esq; William Floid, William Sanders, Gent. Of the county of Brecon, Major General Laughorn, Col: Powel, Col. Poyer, John Barlow of Slebitch, Lewis Barlow and William Philips, Esqs; Of the county of Pembroke, Sir John Culpepper, Bryan Crowther, Hugh Floid, Banyham Vaughan, Howell Floid, Esqs; sir Edmond Sawyer Kt. and Robert Martin, of the county of Radnor, Esquires: Provided also, this shall not extend to free or pardon any Clergyman, that for scandal or Delinquency is sequestred, or lyable to sequestration. Provided, This shall not extend to set at liberty any person that is a prisoner of War. Provided also, That this shall not extend to make any person capable to bear Office in the Commonwealth, contrary to any former Ordinances of Parliament, without the consent of Parliament. Provided also, That such persons are not worth Eight pounds per annum, or One hundred pounds in Personal Estate, be not liable to pay towards the said Fines imposed on the said several counties, but are hereby freely pardoned and discharged for their said Delinquencies. And it is further Enacted and Declared by the authority aforesaid, That all persons inhabiting in the said counties of Glamorgan, Pembroke, Carmarthen, Cardigan, Brecon, Radnor and Monmouth, are hereby pardoned for any Delinquency or offence committed against the Parliament, to the time of the passing of this Act, and are hereby fully acquitted and discharged from all Sequestrations, or other molestations whatsoever by reason thereof, and are to be restored to their respective Estates; and are also to be discharged of all bonds and securities, entred into to the Commissioners appointed by Ordinance of Parliament, bearing date the 19 of June, 1648, or any acting by or under them, for payment of any moneys by reason of their said Delinquency (except such persons as are by this Act excepted and provided against, and except such counties as shall not pay in their said Fines according to the appointment of this Act.) And it is further Enacted by the authority aforesaid, That if any person or persons within the said counties, shall after the passing of this Act, contrary to his and their duties, and to the disturbance of the peace of the Kingdom, raise any Forces tending to the levying of a new War without authority of this present Parliament, or Commission from the Lord General; or shall joyn with any such persons or Forces, or shall be ayding or assisting to any Forces whatsoever, contrary to the aforesaid authorities, he and they are hereby declared Traytors, and uncapable of any pardon, and their Estates confiscated to the use of the Commonwealth: And be it Enacted by the authority aforesaid, That the power given to the Commissioners named in the said Ordinance of Parliament, bearing date the 19 of June last, shall from henceforth extend no further, then to the Sequestrations of such Delinquents Estates as are excepted in this Act.