May 1643: An Ordinance for the speedy raising and levying of money thorowout the whole Kingdome of England, and dominion of Wales for the relief of the Common-wealth, by taxing such as have not at all contributed or lent, or not according to their Estates and Abilities.

Pages 145-155

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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May 1643

[7 May, 1643.]

Whereas the King seduced by evill Counsell hath raised an Army and leavied War against His Parliament, and great numbers of Forces are daily raised under the Commands of Papists and other ill affected persons, by commissions from His Majestie. And whereas divers Delinquents are protected by His Majesties said Army from publike Justice, and sundry outrages and Rapines are daily committed by the Souldiers of the said Army, who neither respect the Laws of God or the Land, but burne and plunder the houses, and seize and destroy the persons and goods of divers His Majesties Subjects: And whereas for the maintenance of the said Army, divers Assesments are made upon severall Counties and persons of vast and insupportable sums of money, and His Majesties Subjects are compelled to pay the same, which said Army (if it should continue) would soon ruine and waste the Kingdom, and utterly overthrow Religion, Law, and Libertie. For suppressing of which said Army and ill affected persons, there is no probable way under God, but by the Army raised by the authority of the Lords and Commons in Parliament, which said Army cannot be maintained without great sums of Money: Yet for raising such sums, by reason of His Majesties withdrawing himself from the advice of the Parliament, there can be no Act of Parliament passed with his Majesties assent, albeit there is great justice that the said moneys should be raised.

Persons that have not contributed to maintenance of Army to be taxed.

The Lords and Commons in Parliament, taking the same into their serious consideration, and knowing that the said Army raised by them hath been hitherto for the most part maintained by the voluntary and free Contribution & Loans of divers well affected persons, who have freely Contributed or Lent to the maintenance thereof, according to their abilities, but considering there are divers within the Kingdome of England and Dominion of Wales, that have not Contributed or Lent at all towards the maintenance of the said Army, (or if they have, yet not in any reasonable measure answerable to their Estates) who notwithstanding do and may receive benefit and Protection by the said Army raised by the Parliament, as well as any others, and therefore it is most just that they as well as others should be charged to Contribute or Lend to the maintenance thereof.

Namesof Persons to be Committees.

Be it therefore Ordained by the Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled, That the persons hereafter named shall be Committees for the severall and respective Counties and places hereafter mentioned, That is to say.


For the County and Town of Bedford, Sir John Burgoyn, Baronet, Sir Thomas Ashton Knight and Baronet, Tho. Rolfe, Tho. Sadler, James Beverley, Hampton Monox, Edw. Osborn, Robert Stanton Esquires, Sir Roger Burgoyn Baronet, Sir Oliver Luke Knight, Sir Samuel Luke Knight, Samuel Brown Esquire.


For the County of Berks, Sir Francis Knollis senr', Sir Francis Pile, Sir francis Knollis, junr', Knights, Peregrine Hobby, Roger Knight, Henry Powle, Thomas Fetiplace Esquires.


For the Town of Reading, Sir Francis Knollis senr', Sir Francis Knollis junr', the Major, Henry Martin, Tanfield Vachel Esquires.


For the County of Bucks, Sir Richard Ingolsby Knight, Henry Bulstrode, Tho. Tirrill, Richard Grenvill Esquires, Sir Peter Temple Baronet, Anth. Ratcliff, Thomas Westall Esquires, Sir Wil. Andrews, Sir Tho. Sanders Knights, Boulstrode Whitlock, John Hampden, Arthur Goodwyn, Richard Winwood Esquires.

County of Cambridge.

For the County of Cambridge, Sir Dudley North, Sir John Cutts, Sir Tho. Martin, Sir Miles Sands, Tho. Becket, Walter Clopton, Rob. Castle, Tho. Bendish, John Welbore, Rob. Clarke, Michael Dalton junr' Captain Symonds, Dudley Hope, Francis Russell, Tho. Parker, John Hubberd, Tho. Castle, George Glapthorne, John Towers, Ed. Leeds Esquires, Oliver Cromwell, William Fisher, Thomas Thompson, Thomas Becket, William Marsh, Hummerston Marsh Esquires.

Town and University of Cambridge.

For the Towne and University of Cambridge, The Major for the time being, Talbot Pepys Recorder, Esquire, John Sherwood, Samuel Spaulden, Thomas French, Robert Robson.


For the Countie of Chester, Sir George Booth Knight and Baronet, Sir William Brereton Baronet, Thomas Stanley, Henry Manwaring, Henry Brooke, John Bradshaw, Robert Duckenfield, Henry Vernon, John Crew, William Marbury Esquires.

For the Citie of Chester,


For the County of Cornwall, Sir Richard Carew Baronet, Francis Buller, Alexander Carew, John Trefucis, John St. Aubin, Rich. Erisey, John Moyle, Francis Godolphin, Thomas Thewen, John Carter, Thomas Arundell Esquires.


For the Countie of Devon, Sir Peter Prideaux, Sir George, Chudley, Sir John Poole, Sir John Northcott Baronets, Sir Edmond Fowell, Sir Samuel Roll, Sir Shilston Callmady, Sir Nicholas Martin Knights, Sir Francis Drake Baronet, Robert Savery, Henry Wallron Esquires, John Dany Baronet, John Worthy, Hugh Fortescue, Arthur Upton, George Trobridge Esquires.


For the Citie of Exon. Christopher Clerke Major, Richard Sanders, Thomas Crossinge, Adam Bennet, Walth. White, John Hakewill, Aldermen, and James Gould Sheriffe of the said Citie.


For the County of Cumberland, Sir George Dalston Knight William Lawson, William Briscoe, Thomas Lamplugh, Richard Barwis Esquires.

For the County of Derby,


For the Countie of Dorset, Sir Tho. Trenchard, Sir Walter Earle, John Browne, John Fitz-James, Tho. Tregunell, John Bingham, John Faunham, John Trenchard, Denis Bond, Rich. Rodriffs Esquires.

For the Town and County of Poole,


For the County of Duresme, Henry Warmooth, George Lilborne, Thomas Mitford, Robert Hutton, Thos. Shadforth, Richard Lilborne, Francis Wren, Iohn Blackston, Henry Draper, Iohn Brockenbury, Esquires.


For the County of Essex, Sir Thomas Barrington, Sir Henry Mildmay of Wansted, Sir Martin Lumley, Sir Richard Everard, Sir Will. Hicks, Sir Henry Holcroft, Sir William Row, Sir Thomas Honywood, Sir William Martin, Sir John Barrington, Sir William Massam, John Wright, Master Raymond, Harbottle Grimston, John Sayer, John Burket, Anthony Luther, Timothy Middleton, Captain Thomas, Dean Tyndall, Iames Hearn, William Goldingham, Iohn Attwood, Iohn Sorrell, Richard Harlockenden, Esquires.


For Colchester, the Major for the time being, and Master Henry Barrington.

Yorks, East-Riding.

For the East-Riding, Sir Iohn Hotham Knight and Baronet, Sir Philip Stapleton, Sir William Strickland, Sir Thomas Rymmington, Richard Rymmington, John Hotham, John Anlabey, Henry Darley, Rich. Darley, John Alludred, Esquires.


For the North-Riding, Sir William Sheffeild, Sir Henry Foules, Bryan Stapleton, Henry Darley, Henry Anderson, Iohn VVastall, Christopher Perchley, George Trotter, Matthew Smelt, Iohn Legard de Malton, Francis Lassells, Ieffery Gate Iohn Dent, Thomas Robinson, Francis Boynton, Esquires, Sir Matthew Boynton.


For the West-Riding, Fardinando Lord Fairefax, Sir Thomas Malleverer, Sir William Lyster, Sir Arthur Ingram, Sir Edward Rodes, Sir William Fairefax, Sir Iervis Cutler, Sir Iohn Savill, Sir Thomas Fairefax, Charlese Fairefax, Henry Ardington, Master West, Iohn Farrer, William White, Thomas Malleverer, George Marwood, Iohn Robinson, Thomas Stockdale, Thomas Westbey, Iohn Bright, Thomas Bosseville, Godfrey Bosseville, Sir Iohn Reresby.

City of York.

For the City of Yorke, Sir Thomas Fairefax, Sir Thomas Witherington, Knights, Thomas Hodson, Iames Hutchinson, Iohn Vaux, Aldermen.


For the County of Gloucester, Nathaniel Fienis, Sir Robert Cooke, Knight, Nathaniel Stephen, Iohn George, Edward Stephens, Thomas Pury, Esquires.

For the County of the City of Gloucester, Nathaniel Fienis.


For Bristoll, Richard Allworth Major, Ioseph Iackson, Hugh Brown, Sheriffs, Richard Hallworthy Alderman, Luke Hodges, Henry Gibbs.


For the County of Southampton, Sir Thomas Iervoyse, Sir William Waller, Knights, Master Withers, Iohn Feilder, Iohn Button, Richard Whitehead, Iohn Dorrington, Iohn Lisle, Robert Wallop, George Withers, Baynard, Esquires.

Isle of Wight.

For the Isle of Wight, Sir Henry Worseley, Sir Henry Lee, Sir Iohn Lee, Thomas Kerne, Iohn Lisle, John Bulkley, Iohn Buller, Esquires.

For the Towne and County of Southampton,

For the Citie Winchester,


For the County of Hertford, Charles Lord Viscount Cranborn, Robert Cecill, Esquire, Sir John Garrat Baronet, Sir Thomas Dacres, Sir Iohn Witterounge, Knights, Richard Iennings, Ralph Freeman, Will. Leamon, William Prisley, Iohn Heydon, Alexander Wild, Rich. Porter, Adam Washington, Esquires.

St. Albans.

For Saint Albans, The Mayor for the time being, Charles Lord Viscount Cranborn, Robert Cecill, Esquires, Sir Iohn Garret Baronet, Sir Thomas Dacres, Sir Iohn Witterounge, Knights, Richard Iennings, Ralph Freeman, William Leamon, William Prisley, Iohn Heydon, Alexander Wild, Richard Porter, Adam Washington, Iohn Robotham, Ralph Pemberton, Esquires.


For the County of Hereford, Sir Robert Harley Knight of the Bath, Walter Kirle, Rich. Hobson, John Brocket, Henry Vaughan, Esquires.

For the City of Hereford,


For the County of Huntingdon, Sir Thomas Cotton, Sir Iohn Hewet Baronets, Onslow Winch, Torrell Ioslelyne, Tho. Templer, Iohn Castle, Oliver Cromwell, Abraham Burwell, Edward Mountague, Esquires.


For the County of Kent, Sir Thomas Walsingham, Sir Anthony Weldon, Sir Edward Boyse, Sir Iohn Sydley, Sir Humphrey Tufton, Sir Basil Dizwell, Sir Edward Scot, Sir Henry Heyman, Knight and Baronet, Sir Henry Vane Junior, Sir Edward Hales, Sir George Sands, Sir Iohn Honywood, Sir William Brook, Sir Michael Lewcey, Tho. Silliard, Iohn Boys Senior, Augustine Skinner, Richard Lee, Thomas Blunt, Esquires.


For the Citie of Rochester, The Major for the time being, Richard Lee, Esquire.


For the Citie and County of Canterbury, The Major for the time being, Sir William Master, Sir William Man, Knights, Thomas Coulthorpe Esquire, Avery Savine Alderman.


For Kingston super Hull, Sir Iohn Hotham Knight and Baronet, Iohn Hotham Esquire, Thomas Raykes Major, Launcelet Roper, Iohn Bernard, Ioshua Hall, Nicholas Denman, William Popple, Gentleman.


For the County of Lancaster, Sir Ralph Ashton, Sir Thomas Stanley, Baronets, Ralph Ashton, Richard Shuttleworth, Alexander Rigby, Iohn Moore, Richard Holland, Edward Butterworth, Iohn Bradshaw, Peter Egerton, George Dodding, Nicholas Cunliff, Thomas Fell, Esquires.

County of Leicester.

For the County of Leicester, Henry Lord Grey of Ruthen, Thomas Lord Gray, Sir Arthur Haslerigg Baronet, Sir Edward Hartopp, Sir Thomas Harcopp, Wil. Hewit, Iohn Bembridge, Peter Temple, George Ashby, William Roberts, Richard Bent, Arthur Staveley, William Danvers, Iohn Goodwyn, Esquires.

Town of Leicester.

For the Towne of Leicester, the Major for the time being, William Stanley, Alderman.


For the County of Lincoln, Sir Iohn Wrey, Sir Edward Ascough, Sir Samuel Ofield, Knights, Iohn Wray, Willoughby Hickman, Edmond Hichcott, Edmond Anderson, Edward Rossister, Henry Massingburgh, Iohn Broxholm, Esquires.

Kestaven Parts.

For Kestaven parts, Sir William Armyn, Sir Hamond Whitchcott, Sir Iohn Brownlow, Sir Thomas Trollop, Thomas Grantham, Thomas Lister, Iohn Archer, Esquires.

Lincoln City

For the City of Lincoln, and the Close of Lincoln, The Major for the time being, Thomas Grantham, Iohn Broxholm, Esquires, Robert Moorcroft, William Watson, Steven Dawson, Aldermen.


For the County of Middlesex, Sir Gilbert Gerrard, Sir Iohn Franklyn, Sir Edward Barkham, Sir Iohn Hippesley, Sir William Roberts, Sir Richard Sprignall, Laurence Whittaker, Thomas Wilcox, Iohn Morris, Richard Downton, Esquires.

For the County of Monmouth,


For the County of Norfolk, Sir Thomas Woodhouse, Sir Iohn Holland, Sir Iohn Potts, Sir Iohn Hubert, Sir Miles Hubert, Sir Thomas Huggen, John Cook, John Spelman. Philip Beddingfield, Samuel Smith, The Sheriffes of Norwich, The Bayliffs for Yarmouth, Master Toll, and Master Percivall of Lyn, Thomas Windham, Francis Iermy, Robert Wood, Gregory Gawsell, John Haughton, Thomas Weld, Martyn Sedley, Thomas Sotherton, William Heveningham, William Cooke, Robert Rich, Brigg Fountain, Esquires, Sir Edmond Mountford, Sir Richard Berney, Baronets, Sir Isaac Ashley, Sir John Palgrave, Knights.

County of Northampton.

For the County of Northampton, Sir Rowland Saint-Iohn, Knight of the Bath, Sir Iohn Norwich, Sir Gilbert Pickering, Baronet, Sir Richard Samuel, Knight, Iohn Crue, John Barnard, Edward Harbey, John Sawyer, Edward Farmer, John Norton, John Chappole, Esquires, Sir John Draydon, Richard Knightly, Esquires.

Town of Northampton.

For the Town of Northampton, The Mayor for the time being, Thomas Martin, John. Fisher, Aldermen.

For the Town and County of Newcastle,


For the County of Northumberland, Sir John Fenwick Baronet, John Dallevell Knight, Thomas Middleton, William Shafto, Michael Weldon, Henry Ogle, Esquires.


For Newcastle upon Tyne, Henry Warmouth, Ralph Gray, Henry Lawson, John Blackston, Esquires.


For Barwick upon Tweed, John Steigh Major, Sir Robert Jackson Knight, Ralph Salkeld, Esquire.


For the County of Nottingham, Francis Pierpoint, Esquire; Sir Francis Thornhagh, Knight; Francis Thornhagh, Joseph Widmerpole, Robert Reynes, Gilbert Millington, Thomas Hutchinson, Esquires; Sir Francis Molinoux, Charles White, Henry Ireton, Esquires.

Town of Nott.

For the Towne of Nott. The Major for the time being, Francis Chadwick, Esquire, Huntington Plumtree, Doctor in Physick, John James, Alderman; John Gregory, Gent.

For the County of Oxon.


For the County of Rutland, Sir Edward Harrington, Knight, Evers Armyne, Robert Horseman, John Osborne, Christopher Browne, Robert Horseman junior, Thomas Wayte, Esquires.


For the County of Suffolk, Sir Nathaniel Barnardiston, Sir William Spring, Baronet; Sir Roger North, Sir Thomas Barnardiston, Knights; William Heveningham, Nathaniel Bacon of Freeston, Nicholas Bacon, Henry North, Robert Brewster, Francis Bacon, Theophilus Vaugham of Beckles, William Cage, John Gurdon, Edmond Harvey, John Basse, Esquires.


The Bailiffes of the Towne of Ipswich, John Sicklemer, Richard Puplet, John Aldus, Gentlemen.

St. Edmonds Bury.

For Saint Edmonds Bury, Master Samuel Moody, Master Thomas Cole, Master Chaplyn. The Bayliffes of the Towne of Aldborough.


For the County of Surrey, for the West Division, Sir Richard Onslowe, Sir William Elliot, Sir Robert Parkhurst, Knights; Nicholas Stawton, George Evelin of Wotton, Henry Weston, Arthur Onslowe, Esquires.

Middle Division of Surrey.

For the middle division, Sir Ambrose Browne, Sir Anthony Vincent, Sir John Dingley, Sir Matthew Brand, Knights; Francis Drake, Thomas Sands, George Myn, William Mauschampe, Esquires.

East Division of Surrey.

For the East division, Sir John Howland, Knight, John Goodwyn, Esquire; Master Vaughan, Master Cornelius Cooke, Gent.


For the County of Sussex, Sir Thomas Pelham, Baronet; Anthony Staple, Harbert Morley, Thomas Whitfield, John Baker, Herbert Hay, Equires, Ralph Cooper, Hall Ravenscroft, Edward Apsley, John Downes William Carolp, George Oglander, George Simpson, James Bacheler, Gentlemen.


For the County of Sommerset, Sir John Horner, Sir Thomas Wroth, Sir George Farwell, Knights; Christopher Walker, William Strode, Richard Cole, John Harrington, John Hippisley, William Long, John Preston, Henry Henley, Henry Sampford, John Pyre, James Ashe, Esquires. Roger Hill, George Searle, Jesper Chaplyn, Gentlemen; William Capell, William Bull, Robert Harbin, John Hunt, Alexander Popham, Esquires.


For the County of Salop, Sir John Corbet, William Perepoint, Richard Moore, Thomas Mytton, Walter Barker, Thomas Nichols, Robert Corbet of Stannerden, Humphrey Mackworth, Andrew Lloyde of Aston, Lancelot Lee, Esquires.


For the Citie of Lichfield, the Bailiffes for the time being, the Sheriff for the time being, Richard Brasgate, Richard Baxter, Thomas Burns, Gentlemen; Michael Noble, Esquire.


For the County of Stafford, Sir Richard Sceffington, Richard Pyot, Mich. Bidolphe, Edward Manwaring, Matthew Morton, John Birch, Philip Rudyard, Michael Low, Edw. Leigh, Esquires; Sir Walter Wrotesley, Sir Edward Littleton, Baronets.


For the County of Warwick, and Citie of Coventry the Major for the time being.


Of the City of Coventry, Sir Peter Wentworth, Master John Hales, Master Godfrey Boswell, Master John Barker, Master William Purefoye, Master Anthony Staughton, Master George Abbot, M. Thomas Bonghton, M. William Colmore, M. Thomas Basnet, M. William Jesson, M. Gamaliel Purefroy, Thomas Willoughby, Esquires.


For the County of Wilts, Sir Edward Hungerford, Sir Edward Bainton, Sir Nevill Poole, Sir John Evelyn, Knights; Edward Bainton, Edward Tucker, Edward Goddard, Alexander Thistlewhaite junior, Edward Poole, Thomas Moore, Edward Ash, Robert Jennor, Esquires.


For the County of Westmerland, Sir Henry Bellingham, Knight and Baronet; George Gilpin, Edward Wilson, Nicholas Fisher, Thomas Sleddall, Rowland Dawson, Allen Bellingham, Esquires; Roger Bateman, Richard Branthwaite, Robert Philipson, Gervase Benson, Gentlemen.

County of Worcester.

For the County of Worcester, Serjeant Wilde, Humphrey Salway, Edward Dingley, Edward Dingley, Edward Pytt, Thomas Greves, William Jeffereyes, Ambrose Elton, Serjeant Creswell, Esquires.

City of Worcester.

For the Citie of Worcester, Henry Ford, Esquires, Major: Robert Seaborn, Henry Philips, Aldermen: John Rea.

Meetings of Committees

Which said severall Committees of the said severall and respective Counties and Places, or the greatest part of them shall with all convenient speed after notice of this Ordinance given to them or any of them meet together within the said severall Counties and places respectively where they are Committees, in some convenient place within the same Counties or places, and may there agree to sever and divide themselves for the execution of the said service into such Hundreds, Places and Divisions within their respective Counties and Places, as to them shall seem meet and expedient.

Inquiry as to persons who have not contributed on the propositions.; Collectors.; Power to levy by distress.

And afterwards the said Committees, or any two of them respectively shall direct their Warrants to such number of persons, as they shall thinke fit within their severall and respective Divisions, to appeare before them, or any two of them, and upon their appearance, the said respective Committees or any two of them shall nominate and appoint such persons as they shall thinke fit within their respective Divisions, which said persons so nominated or any two of them shall respectively have power to inquire by the best means of any that shall remaine or be within such respective Divisions that have not contributed, or lent upon the propositions of both Houses of Parliament, for raising Money, Plate, Horse, Horsmen and Armes for the defence of the King, Kingdome and Parliament, or shall not contribute or lend according to their abilities aforesaid, within ten dayes after such persons are named for the Parishes or places where they shall inhabit, & also of such as are able, & have contributed or lent, yet not according to their abilities and estates; And the persons so nominated to make enquiry as aforesaid, or any two of them within their severall and respective limits, shall have power to assesse such person and persons as are of ability, and have not contributed or lent, and also such other able persons as have contributed and lent, yet not according to their abilities, to pay such sum or sums of money to the uses aforesaid according to their Estates in Lands & Goods as the said respective Assessors or any two of them shall respectively thinke fit and reasonable, so as for their Lands they bee not rated above the fift part of their yeerly Revenue, and for their goods and chattels, and personall estate, not above the twentieth part of the value of them. And it is further ordained, that the said respective Committees, or any two of them shall have full power and authority within their severall and respective Divisions, where they shall execute this Ordinance, to nominate Collectors for the money so assessed and rated, as aforesaid, according to this Ordinance, who shall collect the said moneys so assessed, and pay the same to the Treasurers for receiving of Money, and Plate at Guild-Hall London, before the foure and twentieth day of Iune, 1643. And if any person or persons shall refuse to pay the moneys assessed upon him or them, or shall not pay the same upon demand made at the place where such person shall be assessed, It shall be lawfull to and for the respective Collectors, or any of them to leavy all and every such sum or sums so assessed by way of distresse, and sale of the goods of the person or persons so assessed, and refusing wheresoever the same shall bee found, and to breake open any House, where any such goods are.

Trained Bands and Volunteers to assist Collectors.; Tenant distrained on may deduct sum from rent.; Collectors' powers where no sufficient distress.

And if any person so distrained, or other shall make resistance, it shall be lawfull to and for the said respective Collectors, or any of them as they shall see cause, to call to their assistance any of the Trained Bands, or Companies of Voluntiers, or other forces of or within the County or Counties, place or places where such resistance shall be made, or any other person or persons whatsoever, dwelling in or neere the place, And the Trained Bands Voluntiers, or Forces, or other persons so to be called, are hereby required to be aiding, and assisting to the said respective Collectors in the premisses, as they will answer the contrary thereof. And if any under-tenant shall be distrained for any sum to be assessed by vertue of this Ordinance, which the Land-lord ought to pay according to the purport and true meaning hereof, Then it shall be lawfull for such Tenant to deduct such sum out of the next payment of his Rent, and this Ordinance shall be his discharge. And if no sufficient distresse be found, then the said Collectors respectively shall have power to inquire of any summe or summes of money due, or to bee due unto the persons respectively so assessed as aforesaid, from any person or persons, for any Rents, Tithes, Goods or Debts, or for any other thing or cause whatsoever. And to compound any of the said Rents, Tithes, Goods or Debts due unto the said person so assessed respectively as aforesaid, with any person or persons, by whom the said Rents, Tithes, Goods, or Debts, are or shall be owing: as also to give full and ample discharge for the money by them so received upon Composition or otherwise, which discharge shall be good and effectuall to all intents and purposes.

Remedy for persons aggrieved.

And be it further Ordained, that if any person or persons shall find themselves aggrieved, that he or they are, or is overrated, such person or persons at any time before distresse taken of his or their goods (hee or they then paying the one moity of what he or they shall be assessed at to the Collectors for the place or places where such person or persons shall bee assessed) may complaine to the respective-Committees, who have executed this Ordinance within the division or limit, where any such person or persons over-rated shall inhabit, which said respective Committees, or any two of them shall have power upon examination, to releeve such person or persons if they shall see cause.

Collectors to have 2d. in the £.

And for the better incouragement of the Collectors in the said service; It is ordained, That the said respective Collectors shall have for the money to be Collected by them, which they shall pay into the said Treasurers at Guild-hall London, two pence in the pound, for every sum by them, or any of them, paid in there according to this Ordinance, which said allowance the treasurers aforesaid, are hereby Authorized to make accordingly.

Assessors to make returns.

And to the end all the moneys aforesaid may be duly collected, Be it further Ordained, that the severall and respective Assessors within the Kingdome of England, and Dominion of Wales, shall within one weeke next after their respective Assessements made, returne their severall Assessements unto the respective Committees aforesaid for the respective divisions or limits where the said Assessements shall be made, who or any two of them are hereby respectively required within ten dayes after the respective returns of such severall Assessements to deliver a Copie thereof. subscribed with their or two of their hands, to the severall Collectors, within their said respective Divisions or Limits. And also within the like ten dayes to send up another Copie thereof to the said Treasurers in Guild-Hall London, to the end the said Treasurers may thereby know what they are to receive of every Parish and place within this Kingdom of England, and Dominion of Wales.

Punishment of negligent Assessors.

And if any Assessor or Collector nominated as aforesaid shall be negligent or faulty in the said service, The said Committees for the Division or limit where such Assessor shall so be negligent or faulty, or any two of them shall have power to commit such Assessor or Collector to prison, and to set such fine upon him as they shall thinke fit, not exceeding the summe of one hundred pounds, the same to be leavied by distresse, and sale of the offenders goods to the uses herein mentioned, in such sort, as is herein before appointed, for such as refuse to pay the Rates assessed upon them; And shall have power to nominate other Assessors and Collectors in their rooms, and shall also certifie the said Offence to the Lords and Commons in Parliament.

Acquittances to persons paying voluntarily.

And it is further Ordained, that if any person or persons so assessed as aforesaid, shall within ten dayes next after the Assessement made, & demand thereof made, or notice left in writing, at his or their usuall place of residence or aboad, of the sum so assessed, voluntarily pay the sum on such person or persons so assessed, to the Collector or Collectors, for the place where he or they shal be assessed without being distrained for the same, Then the said Collector or Collectors shall give such person or persons, an Acquittance for such sum & sums of money, and the same shall be repaid upon the publick faith, in such sort as moneys let upon the Propositions aforesaid are to bee repaid.

Where goods concealed.

And if any person or persons so assessed and rated as aforesaid, shall conceale or convey away his or their goods, so that no distresse can be taken, or that the said summe or summes so assessed upon him, cannot be had or levied by any the wayes or meanes in this Ordinance mentioned, then the said Collectors shal respectively certifie the same to the Committee of the Commons house in Parliament for Examinations, who shall hereby have power to send for such person or persons as Delinquents, and to commit him or them prisoners to such place or places within this Kingdome, and for so long time as the said Committee shall by the said Ordinance appoint. Provided also, that where any former Ordinance of both houses of Parliament, hath beene made for the taxing and assessing of any Countie, Citie, or place, according to the Tenor or effect of this present Ordinance; Which former Ordinance is, by the Committees therein named, executed in part, and not wholly; That there the Committees appointed by such former Ordinance shall proceed in the full, and through execution of the same former Ordinance, and that this present Ordinance shall not be there executed.

Persons rated in London, etc., under Ordinance of 29 Nov. 1642, not to be rated elsewhere.

Provided alwayes, and be it further Ordained, that such which have beene rated and Assessed in London, VVestminster, South warke, or the Suburbs of London or VVestminster, by vertue of an Ordinance of the Lords and Commons in Parliament of the twenty-ninth of November last past, and have paid their Assesments, or their said assesments fully satisfied by distresse, shall not again be rated in any other place by vertue hereof.

Indemnity to Assessors and Collectors.

And be it lastly ordained, That all and every the Assessors and Collectors aforesaid, and all that shall assist them in the premisses, shall be protected by both Houses of Parliament, from all damage that may come to them, or any of them by this service: And shall further receive such allowances for their pains and charges in the execution of the premisses, as the Committee of Lords and Commons for advance of moneys, and other necessaries for the Army raised by the Parliament shall limit and appoint.

Who exempt.

Provided also, That no person shall be rated or assessed by force of this Ordinance, who is not truely worth ten pounds, per annum, in Lands or other yeerly profits, or worth one hundred pounds in goods, or personall estate at the time of such Assessement.

Where no Committees.

Lastly, be it ordained, That where no Committees are by this Ordinance named, for any County, City, or place, That such other Committees as shall be hereafter nominated by both Houses of Parliament, or any two of such Committees, shall and may put this Ordinance into execution, within any such County, City, or Place, in such manner and forme as the Committees herein named, or any two of them may, according to the purport and true meaning thereof.

Conveyances not to be taken away.

Provided that no Evidences, or Conveyances, or writings concerning Lands of any person or persons whatsoever shall be distreined, or taken away by vertue of this Ordinance, or any thing herein contained.

Members of both Houses not to be rated hereunder.

Provided always that no Member of either of the Houses of Parliament, or any assistant of the House of Peers shall be rated, assessed, taxed, distreined, or otherwise molested, by vertue, or reason of this Ordinance, or any thing herein contained in any wise. But that the Members of either House shall be assessed by that House whereof they are Members, and the assistants of the Peers, by the Peers, by the House of Peers.