August 1649: The Importing of any Wines, Wooll or Silk from the Kingdom of France, prohibited.

Pages 239-240

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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August, 1649

[28 August, 1649.]

Wines, Wooll, Silk made in France, prohibited to be imported

The Parliament of England taking notice of a late Declaration of the French King verified in the Parliament of Paris, whereby are prohibited all Negotiations to bring, or cause to be brought into that Kingdom, the Drapery of Wooll or of Silk made in England, on pain of Confiscation and other great Penalties; and that by force of that Declaration, divers Goods of great value of English Merchants there found, have been seized, and are detained from the true Proprietors thereof, notwithstanding several Clauses in the Treaty between the two Nations, for encouraging the English Trade there: And being induced by the grounds of common Equity and Reason, and by their own Duty, to provide for the Interest and good of this Commonwealth, have thought fit to Enact, and be it Enacted by Authority of Parliament, That all Wines of the growth of the Kingdom of France, or any Dominions belonging to the same, and all Manufactures of Wooll and Silk, made or to be made in the Kingdom of France, or any of the Dominions belonging to the French King, shall be and are hereby prohibited to be brought into any Port or Ports, place or places within England or Ireland, or any the Dominions thereof, by any person or persons whatsoever, from and after the Seventh day of September, One thousand six hundred forty nine, on pain of Confiscation of the Ship and Goods therein Imported contrary to this Act, and the Penalty of Two hundred pounds more to be levied on every person offending contrary to this Act; the one moyety of the Forfeiture to be to the party that shall inform of any breach of this Act, and the other moyety of the forfeiture to the use of the Commonwealth, to be recovered in any of the Courts of Record at Westminster.

Publication of this Act.

And to the end that due intimation and publication of this Act may be made, that none may pretend ignorance thereof, Be it further Ordered and Enacted, That this present Act shall be published by a Sergeant at Arms three several days upon the Exchange London, at the time of the concourse of Merchants thither.