September 1642: Ordinance appointing Tho. Smith Secretary of the Admiralty.

Pages 29-30

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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September 1642

[15 September, 1642.]

Whereas we, the Lords and Commons in Parliament now assembled, have taken into serious consideration, that, during the Vacancy of the Lord Admiral's Commission, and as the present Conjuncture of Affairs now stand in this Kingdom, there is a necessity of employing some Person of Trust and Experience, to take upon him the charge of Secretary for the Affairs of the Admiralty, by whose, Care, Diligence, and Fidelity such Services and Negotiations as appertain not only to the several His Majesty's Fleets at Sea, but likewise to the Admiralty and His Navy within the Land, may be transacted from Time to Time, as Occasion shall require, with the more Fidelity and Expedition; we, the Lords and Commons, have thought fit (out of the Confidence we have of your Wisdom, Knowledge, and Experience in Affairs of this Nature), to ordain, nominate, constitute and appoint and do by these Presents ordain, nominate, consititue and appoint you, Thomas Smith, Secretary as abovesaid, to give your constant Attendance upon both Houses of Parliament, and upon such Committees of theirs as shall have Relation to the Naval Affairs, and to act and put in Execution all such their Commands as they shall think necessary for the Well-governing and Ordering of the Admiralty Affairs at Home, or of the Fleets abroad, and to perform and do all other Thing and Things as may tend to the Advancement of the said Affairs, and as hath been accustomed or ought to have been done, by any Secretary of the Admiralty heretofore; and for your Indemnity of the Execution of this Service, we, the said Lords and Commons, do likewise Declare and Ordain, That neither you, nor any under you, yours nor their Heirs or Executors, shall, at any Time hereafter, undergo or sustain any Loss or Damages, for whatsoever Services you or they shall do in Obedience to this our Ordinance, and according to the Commands you shall from Time to Time receive from us, or the Committee for the Navy authorized by us, to regulate you in: And, for your further encouragement herein, we, the said Lords and Commons, in Consideration of your Care and Pains in the Naval Affairs, and your Attendance on us or the Committee aforesaid, etc. as Cause shall require, do hereby give and grant unto you, the said Thomas Smith, for you and your Clerks, the Yearly Allowance of Two Hundred Pounds, which shall be paid unto you by the Treasurer of the Navy for the Time being, by even Portions, Quarterly, the said Treasurer being hereby fully authorized to make Payment of the said Sum as aforesaid, from Quarter to Quarter, for so long Time as you shall be employed, by virtue of this our Ordinance, in the Affairs of His Majesty's Navy; the first Payment to begin the Five and Twentieth Day of December next ensuing the Date hereof.