December 1643: An Ordinance to enable the Militia of London, to send out Forces under Major Generall Browne.

Pages 359-360

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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December 1643

[23 December, 1643.]

Power to Com. of Militia of London send out Forces under Maj. Gen. Browne.

It is this day Ordered by the Lords and Commons in Parliament Assembled, That the Committee of the Militia of the City of London shall have power, and is hereby authorized to Command the White and Yellow Regiments of the Trained Bands of the said City, and such other Regiments of Trained Bands and Auxiliaries of Foot, and as many Troops of Horse, or other Forces, under their commands within the Cities of London and Westminster Lines of Communication, and Parishes mentioned in the weekly Bils of Mortality, as to them shall seeme convenient; to March under the conduct of Richard Browne Esquire, Major Generall of this Brigade, who is hereby authorized by the said Lords and Commons, to lead and conduct them for the defence of the Cities of London and Westminster, and parts adjacent, into the Counties of Middlesex and Surrey and elsewhere, as he shall be directed by the Committee of the Militia, or Sir William Waller, with the consent of the said Committee.

To cause said Forces to march under their Colours.; To punish by fine or imprisonment all Officers, Soldiers, etc., that shall disobey their commands.

And it is further Ordained, That the said Committee of the Militia shall have power, and is hereby authorized, to cause all or any of the said Forces to March with their colours to any places whatsoever, and not to depart from the same without licence of their Captaines, for the defence of the said City, and the publike safety; And to impose reasonable Fines, or to imprison all Collonels, Leivtenant-Collonels, Seargent Majors, Captaines, and other Officers and Souldiers whatsoever, under their Command, whether Masters or Servants, as shall disobey their commands and directions from time to time, as they shall thinke fit, or otherwise to proceed against them according to the course of Warre.

To recall such Forces at will.; These Forces to be paid by Parliament.; Indemnity.

And it is further Ordained by the said Lords and Commons, that the said Committee of the Militia shall have power, and is hereby authorized, to call backe all such Forces as they shall appoint to march forth by vertue of this Ordinance when they shall thinke fit. And it is further Ordained that such Forces as shall be sent forth by the said Committee for this Expedition shall be paid by the Parliament for the time they shall continue abroad, according to the establishment of the Kingdome: and the said Committee and all other persons acting in the premisses according to the intent of the said Ordinance, shall for so doing, be saved harmlesse by authority of Parliament.