February 1644: An Ordinance for payment of Reformado Officers out of Zant Currans.

Pages 393-394

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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February 1644

[29 February, 1643/4.]

Whereas severall parcells of Currans have since the last day of September 1642. been brought into the port of London, and severall other Ports and Creekes within this Kingdome, contrary to an Ordinance of Parliament made the 26th of August. 1642. in which respect they have by the Officers and others thereunto authorised, beene seized upon as forfeited, but not being put to sale or otherwise disposed of, do begin to perish, and if some course be not taken for the disposal of them, are likely to become of no use.

Currants formerly seized and now in English Ports to be sold by Customs Commissioners.

It is ordained by the Lords and Commons in Parliament, That the Commissioners of the Customes doe take accompts of the said severall parcells of Currans within the Port of London, or any the Outports, and doe forthwith nominate and appoint certaine persons of trust to make sale thereof to such as will give most for them, allowing one fourth parte of the money raised thereby to such persons as did seize the same, and reserving the remaynder for such uses as are hereafter expressed.

Other Currants to be landed, and owners to 6s. per cwt. over and above Customs and Excise.

And whereas over and above the Zant Currans brought into the river of Thames in the Ship Faulcon now lately arrived, and diverse other parcells of Currans which were taken out of the Ship Lyon, and the Ship Angell, lately arrived in the downes and since gone for Holland, to the quantity of thirty tunnes or thereabout are likewise brought into the said river in barks and other vessells.

Reformado Officers to be paid out of moneys thus raised.

It is further ordered by the said Lords and Commons that the Commissioners and Officers of the Customes doe make entries thereof and suffer the same to be landed, the Marchant or owners paying sixe shillings for each hundred weight over and above the Customes and Excise due for the same, and that all and every the sums which shall be raised by any the wayes or meanes aforesaid excepting the said Customes and the fourth parte of the seizures before mentioned shall by the said Commissioners and Officers be payd over unto Sir Walter Erle, for and towards the payment and satisfaction of the arreares due unto Reformado Officers.