September 1650: An Act for the Encouragement and Indempnity of such Persons as voluntarily Engage themselves in the Service of the Parliament in this time of Common Danger.

Pages 420-422

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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September, 1650

[19 September, 1650

Discharge from fines to persons voluntarily enlisting in service of Parlt.; Indemnity to parents of such of the said persons as are servants or apprentices.; Militia Commissioners to see to execution of said indemnity.; Proviso.

Whereas divers well-affected persons in this Commonwealth, to rectifie their faithfulnesse and good Affection to the present Government, as it is now Established, without a King or House of Lords, have voluntarily tendred themselves, and many of them their Apprentices and Servants, to be Listed for the service of the Parliament, and to be in a readiness to be drawn out upon actual Service, for the Safety of the Parliament, and Preservation of the publique Peace; and to form themselves into Regiments and Companies, under such Commanders as the Parliament or the Councel of State shall appoint over them; which the Parliament doth Declare to be a seasonable and very acceptable Service, not onely in those persons that List themselves as aforesaid, but likewise in such as give countenance and Encouragement to their Apprentices and Servants so to do; And that the said Persons do deserve all due encouragement therein, as promoters of the Peace of this Nation, and ought to be indempnified and saved harmless from any damage or prejudice that may by Law be fixed upon them for their absence in any other personal service, whereunto they may be obliged: Be it therefore Enacted by this present Parliament, and by the authority of the same, That all such persons as have or shall by vertue of any Commission from the Parliament or Councel of State, voluntarily List themselves in the Service of the Parliament, in any Regiment, Troop or Company as aforesaid, shall be, and are freed, indempnified and discharged of and from any Fine, Mulct, or other punishment which may be inflicted upon them for their not appearing, or not serving in the Trained Bands, during such time as the said persons respectively shall continue and be in the Service of the Parliament in any Regiment, Troop or Company voluntarily raised as aforesaid. And be it further Enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That such of the said persons as are or shall be Apprentices or Servants, their Parents, and such other persons as stand engaged for them, shall be indempnified and saved harmless, for and in respect of the said Service, in as full and ample maner as is Ordained and Declared in An Ordinance of the Lords and Commons in Parliament, bearing date the Seventh day of November, One thousand six hundred forty and two, for the indempnifying of such Apprentices as then were or should be Listed to serve as Soldiers. And to the end the said persons may the more speedily be relieved and indempnified according to the true intent and meaning of this Act. Be it further Enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That the Commissioners for the Militia in the respective counties, cities and places of this Commonwealth, Be, and are hereby constituted and authorized to be Commissioners for the relief of all such persons in the cases aforesaid; which said Commissioners or any three or more of them, are hereby authorized and required to receive, hear and determine all such Complaints; and in order thereunto, to summons Parties and Witnesses to appear before them, and to examine Witnesses upon Oath, and to commit to safe custody, if they shall see cause, such persons as shall stand out in contempt; and to allow Costs, Charges and Damages to the parties grieved, as they shall see cause, Provided the same exceed not double so much as the party grieved shall be damnified by any Suit, Prosecution or Molestation in the case aforesaid; and to compel payment of the same by Imprisonment of the person, or sale of the Goods of such persons as stand in contempt; and further to act in the cases aforesaid, as fully and amply as the Committee of Parliament for Indempnity, are authorized to do in cases of Indempnity.