April 1644: An Ordinance for felling of Tymber Trees in Waltham Forrest for the use of his Majesties Navy Royall.

Pages 422-423

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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April 1644

[8 April, 1644.]

Power to cut down 300 Timber Trees in Waltham Forest for use of Navy.; Forest Woodward to attend and prevent waste.

The Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, having received Information that there are to the quantity of about six hundred Tymber Trees in his Majesties Forrest of Waltham, fit and usefull for severall services, as Wall peeces, planks, Treenayles, &c. for his Majesties Navy Royall, which (unlesse some speedy course be taken for the felling, cutting and bringing of them away for the use aforesaid) are like to be cut downe, and destroyed by diverse persons who presume to doe what they list in these times of distraction, doe thereupon order and ordaine, That it shall and may be lawfull for Peter Pett, and Henry Goddard, Master Shipwrights to his Majesties Navy Royall, and Robert Clement husband of the said Navy, or any two of them, with the approbation consent and allowance of Sir Henry Halcroft, Sir Henry Mildmay Knights, Sir William Marten Knight Cary Mildmay and Lake Esquires, and John Dandy Gentleman, or any two of them, to enter into the said Forrest, and there to marke out, fell, cutt, and carry away, or cause to be felled, cutt and carryed away, Three hundred of the said Trees or so many of them as the said Sir Henry Halcroft, Sir Henry Mildmay, Sir William Marten Knights, Cary Mildmay and Lake Esquires, and John Dandy, or any two of them shall thinke fit for the present occasions of the Navy as aforesaid, And they are hereby required to acquaint the Woodward belonging to the said Forrest herewith, from time to time, who is likewise required to attend the said service, and to see that no wast be made therein.