June 1644: An Ordinance for continuance of a former Ordinance for foure Moneths longer, from the time of the expiration of the said Ordinance, For the Raising, maintaining, paying, and regulating of 3000. Foot, 1200. Horse, and 500. Dragoons, to be commanded by Sir William Waller, in the Associated Counties of Southampton, Surrey, Sussex, and Kent.

Pages 450-452

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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June 1644

[15 June, 1644.]

Ord. 30 March 1644 continued for four months.; Names of Committee to put that Ord. and Ord. of 4 Nov. 1643 in execution.

The Lords and Commons in Parliament Assembled, do Ordaine and Declare, and be it Ordained and Declared, That the Qrdinance intituled, An Ordinance for the raising, maintaining, paying, and regulating of 3000. Foot, 1200. Horse, and 500. Dragoones, to be commanded by Sir William Waller as Serjeant Major Generall of the said Forces under his Excellency the Earle of Essex, Generall, and of all other Forces, raised, or to be raised in the Associated Counties of Southampton, Surrey, Sussex, and Kent, and every Clause, Article, and thing therein contained, shall have continuance for and during the space of 4. Moneths longer from the time of the expiration of the said Ordinance: And it is hereby further Ordered and Ordained, that the Committee hereafter named, or any three, or more of them, and no other, shall have power and authority to put in execution the said recited Ordinance, and the Ordinance of the fourth of November 1643. for the associating the said Counties, and all other Ordinances of Parliament, for the raising and leavying of money within the said severall and respective Counties, which are not yet executed, and shall and may Assesse, Rate, Taxe, Collect, and leavy all and every the summe and summes of Money which are yet in Arreare, and not yet rated, assessed, taxed, collected, leavied, or paid in, according to the said Ordinances, or any, or either of them: and for the better expediting of the said service. Be it Ordained by the Authority aforesaid, that the Persons hereafter named, and no other, shall have power to put in execution the said Ordinances, any former Ordinance to the contrary thereof notwithstanding. That is to say,


For the County of Southampton, and the Towne and County of Southampton, Sir Henry Worsley, Sir William Lewis, Baronets; Sir Thomas Jervoise, Knight; Robert Wallop, Richard Whitehead, William Jephson, John Doddington, Richard Norton of Southwicke, Richard Jervois, John Lisle, John Button, Edward Goddard, John Bulkley, Edward Hooper, Richard Major, William Pitt, Nicholas Love, John Hooke, John Kempe, William Wither, Richard Moore, Arthur Evelin, John Fielder, Thomas Bettesworth, Thomas Cresswell of Heckfield, Francis Rivett, Henry Bromfield, James Tutt, Esquires; Robert Harward of Sutton Skotney, George Baynard, Thomas Gale, Thomas Dowse of Elden, William Wolgar, William Gore, Alexander Wilson, the Major of Southampton for the time being Edward Exton, George Gallop, Alderman; Robert Wroth, and John Kittlewell Gent, Ralph Riggs, Alderman of Winchester, and John Elliotte of Rugwood


For the County of Surrey, William Lord Mounson, Sir Ambrose Browne, Baronet; Sir John Maynard, Knight of the Bath; Sir Thomas Jervoise, Sir Richard Onslow, Sir John Dingley, Sir William Elliott, Sir Matthew Brand, Sir Robert Parkhurst, Sir Robert Wood, Sir Robert Gorge, Knights; Thomas Sandys, Nicholas Stoughton, George Farwell, Henry Tonstall, Arthur Onslow, Robert Goodwyn, Robert Wood, Francis Drake, George Evelin, John Goodwyn, John Farewell, Edmond Jordan, Thomas Locke, Lancelot Johnson, and John Turner, Esquires; Sarkford Gunston, George Wither, Robert Terrey, Robert Purse, and Robert Mead, Gentlemen.


For the County of Kent, Sir Edward Scott, Sir John Honeywood, Sir Peter Godfree, Sir Henry Heyman, Sir William Man, Sir John Routh, and Sir Thomas Godfree, Knights; Thomas Westroe, Robert Scott, Lambert Godfree, Thomas Broadnox, Richard Browne, John Browne, Sir Edward Moinings, Sir Edward Boys, Sir Richard Hardres, John Boys, of Elmington, John Nutt, John Boys, of Wingham, Sir Timothy Thornehill, Sir James Oxenden, Stephen Moinings of Dover senior, Henry Oxenden of Deane, Sir John Roberts, Sir Michael Livesay, Kenricke, Thomas Plummer, John Bix, Humphrey Scot, Captain Curlet, George Duke, Michael Bell, Osborne junior, Sir John Rivers, Sir John Sidley, Sir Henry Vane senior, Sir Henry Vane junior, Augustine Skinner, Sir Humphrey Tufton, Sir Nicholas Miller, Richard Lee, William James, Beale, George Newman, George Hall, John Den, Esquires; Broughton of Maidston, Thomas Sylliard, Thomas Blunt, Esquires; Sir Anthony Weldon, Sir Thomas Walsingham, Ralph Welden, Thomas Franklin, Twisden, John Baker, William Boothby.

For Canterbury, the Major for the time being, Sir Edward Masters, Sir William Mann, Alderman Masterton, Thomas Denn, Esquire, Recorder.


For the County of Sussex, Sir Thomas Pelham, Sir Thomas Parker, Sir John Chapman, Anthony Stapely, Herbert Moreley, Laurence Ashburnham, Sir Thomas Ershfield of Denn, Henry Shelley, John Baker, Hall Ravenscroft, Edward Dowse, William Hay, Herbert Hay, John Busbridge, Herbert Borde, Harbert Springate, Peter Farnden, Thomas Jefferay, William Michelborne, Thomas Collins, John Borke, Anthony Crutenden, Anthony Foule, Francis Sellwin, William Newton senior, William Cawley, Thomas Middleton, John Downes, Edward Apsley, George Oglander, Captain James Temple, Thomas Chase, Ralph Cooper, George Churcher, Peter Bettisworth of Fineing, Esquires; Captain Chitty, Thomas Henshaw, William Free man, William Marlett, Henry Bridgier, Thomas Greene of Marden, Thomas Millet of Marden, William Cooke, Nicholas Shepard, John Fagg, William Morley, Robert Dike, Humphrey Edwards, Henry Nicholson, Arthur Bettesworth, George Greene, Philip Jermin, Sergeant at Law; Stephen Humphrey, Nathanael Studley, Robert Spence, Roger Gratwicke, Ambrose Traiton, Esquires.