November 1650: An Act for raising of One hundred and twenty thousand pounds per Mensem for Four Moneths, To commence the Five and twentieth of December 1650. for Maintenance of the Forces in England, Ireland and Scotland, Raised by Authority of Parliament for the Service of this Commonwealth.

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Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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November, 1650

[26 November, 1650.]

Monthly rate of £120,000 for maintenance of Armies in England, Ireland, and Scotland, for four months from Dec. 25, 1650.

Although it hath been the earnest care and labor of this present Parliament, in the carrying on of this great Cause (wherein true Religion and the Liberty of this Nation is so highly concerned) to use all the means that hath been in their power to ease the People of the heavy Burthens and Pressures, which by constant Assessments and Levies of Moneys necessary for publique safety, and preventing of Free-quarter, have been continued; And as a Testimony hereof, the Parliament did some Moneths since abate of the Monethly Assessments a considerable proportion, and that before the publique Occasions could well admit thereof; hoping still to have gone on in the diminishing of the same, by lessening the number of their Forces by Sea and Land; and also by all other just and fitting ways of raising Money, by sale of the Land and Revenue of the late King, and the late Deans and Chapters, and of Delinquents: But having found, That whilest these were their thoughts and endeavors for the good and ease of this Commonwealth, that their implacable Enemies were Consulting, Treating and Complotting at Breda, how to raise more dangerous troubles then ever, within the Bowels of this Nation (that hath already so much suffered by its late Wars) and this by the means also of Forreign Nations Correspondency with disaffected Parties within this Commonwealth, and particularly by the means of a second intended Invasion from the Scots, to be ushered in by that unparalleld hypocritical Declaration emitted by them and their King, with which they hoped to have marched up to London, and taken up their Winter-quarters in the fattest and richest parts of England, if God had not disappointed this wicked and horrid Design of theirs, and miraculously shewed himself in the Deliverance of England, and owning the Righteous Cause which they are engaged in: Upon these grounds, and from the fore-sight of these desperate Evils, the Parliament were necessitated to encrease their Forces, as well by Sea as by Land, so as to be able to have a considerable Fleet, to endeavor the Reducing of the Revolted Ships, and an Army to enter Scotland, for the keeping of the War from our own Doors, and yet not be found naked or unprovided at home, either of a sufficient Guard of Ships in the Channel, and to attend the motions of the Army in Scotland, or of Forces in the Southern and Western parts of this Nation, to resist all Incursions from without, or Insurrections within. And since it hath pleased God so eminently to bless these Counsels and Endeavors of the Parliament, for the safety and future Settlement of this Commonwealth, it would be an unanswerable deficiency to the Trust that is reposed in them, if they should not with all vigor prosecute, so far as in them lies, the late happy Victory vouchsafed unto them, by the Mercy of God, against the Scottish Nation, and to follow the Outgoings of the Lord, in securing the Liberties, and Establishing the Peace of this Nation, after all its sad Troubles and Distractions; which the Parliament, after most serious consideration, finding that they are not able to do, without providing a settled course of payment for all their Forces, as well by Sea as by Land, the charge whereof at present is almost double to what it was the beginning of the last year, Do therefore Enact and Ordain, and it is Enacted and Ordained by this present Parliament, and by the Authority of the same, That towards the Maintenance of the Armies in England, Ireland and Scotland, raised by Authority of Parliament for the service of this Commonwealth, the sum of One hundred and twenty thousand pounds per mensem for Four Moneths; viz: From the Five and twentieth day of December, One thousand six hundred and fifty, to the Five and twentieth day of April next ensuing, shall be Assessed, Taxed, Collected, Levied and Paid in the several Counties, Cities, Towns and places hereafter named respectively, by the several Sums, and according to the several Rates and Proportion, and in such maner as is hereafter expressed; viz:—

For every Moneth of the said Four Moneths, upon the County of Bedford, the sum of One thousand and six hundred pounds.

The county of Berks, the sum of One thousand eight hundred three score and six pounds thirteen shillings and four pence.

The County of Bucks, the sum of Two thousand and three hundred pounds.

The County of Cambridge, the sum of One thousand eight hundred four score and ten pounds.

The Isle of Ely, the sum of Six hundred and thirty pounds.

The county of Chester, the sum of One thousand three hundred and twenty pounds.

The city and county of the city of Chester, the sum of One hundred forty six pounds thirteen shillings and four pence.

The county of Cornwall, the sum of Two thousand eight hundred pounds.

The county of Cumberland, the sum of One hundred eighty-five pounds two shillings and eightpence.

The County of Derby, the sum of One thousand six hundred pounds.

The County of Devon, the sum of Five thousand one hundred forty nine pounds six shillings and eight-pence.

The city and county of the city of Exon, the sum of One hundred eighty four pounds.

The county of Dorset, the sum of Two thousand two hundred forty three pounds six shillings and eightpence.

The town and county of Pool, the sum of Twenty three pounds six shillings and eightpence.

The county of Durham, the sum of Two hundred forty six pounds sixteen shillings and ten pence half-peny.

The county of York, with the city and county of the city of York the sum of Five thousand two hundred and seventeen pounds six shillings and eight-pence.

The town and county of Kingston upon Hull, the sum of One hundred and sixteen pounds.

The county of Essex, the sum of Six thousand pounds.

The county of Gloucester, the sum of Two thousand seven hundred eighty eight pounds.

The city and county of the city of Gloucester, the sum of Two hundred seventy eight pounds thirteen shillings and four-pence.

The county of Hereford, the sum of Two thousand pounds.

The county of Hertford, the sum of Two thousand four hundred pounds.

The county of Huntingdon, the sum of One thousand sixty six pounds thirteen shillings and fourpence.

The county of Kent, with the city and county of the city of Canterbury, the sum of Six thousand two hundred sixty six pounds thirteen shillings and fourpence.

The county of Lancaster, the sum of One thousand and six hundred pounds.

The county of Leicester, the sum of One thousand eight hundred three score and six pounds thirteen shillings and four pence.

The county of Lincoln with the city and county of the city of Lincoln, the sum of Four thousand six hundred three score and six pounds thirteen shillings and fourpence.

The city of London, the sum of Eight thousand pounds.

The county of Middlesex with the city and liberty of Westminster, the sum of Three thousand three score and six pounds thirteen shillings and fourpence.

The county of Monmouth, the sum of Eight hundred pounds.

The County of Northampton, the sum of Two thousand and four hundred pounds.

The County of Nottingham, the sum of One thousand five hundred forty pounds and eight shillings.

The town and county of Nottingham, the sum of Fifty one pounds and twelve shillings.

The county of Norfolk, the sum of Six thousand two hundred and thirteen pounds six shillings and eight pence.

The city and county of the city of Norwich, the sum of Three hundred and twenty pounds.

The county of Northumberland, the sum of Three hundred and eight pounds eleven shillings peny half-peny.

The town of Newcastle, the sum of Fifty six pounds.

The county of Oxon, the sum of One thousand nine hundred thirty three pounds six shillings and eight pence.

The county of Rutland, the sum of Four hundred three score and six pounds thirteen shillings four pence.

The county of Salop, the sum of Two thousand two hundred three score and six pounds thirteen shillings and 4d.

The county of Stafford, with the city of Litchfield, the sum of One thousand six hundred pounds.

The county of Somerset, the sum of Four thousand six hundred three score and six pounds thirteen shillings and four pence.

The city and county of the city of Bristol, the sum of Two hundred four score and thirteen pounds six shillings and eight pence.

The county of Southampton, the sum of Two thousand nine hundeed thirty eight pounds one shilling and four pence.

The town and county of Southampton, the sum of One hundred twenty one pounds eighteen shillings and eight pence.

The Isle of Wight, the sum of Four hundred and six pounds thirteen shillings and four pence.

The county of Suffolk, the sum of Six thousand two hundred three score and six pounds thirteen shillings and four pence.

The county of Surrey, the sum of Two thousand six hundred fourscore and three pounds six shillings and eight pence.

The Borough of Southwark, the sum of Three hundred and sixteen pounds thirteen shillings and four pence.

The county of Sussex, the sum of Three thousand two hundred three score and six pounds thirteen shillings and four pence.

The county of Warwick, with the city and county of the city of Coventry, the sum of Two thousand one hundred thirty three pounds six shillings and eight pence.

The county of Worcester, with the city and county of the city of Worcester, the sum of Two thousand one hundred thirty three pounds six shillings and eight pence

The county of Wilts, the sum of Three thousand three hundred thirty three pounds six shillings and eight pence.

The county of Westmerland, the sum of One hundred twenty three pounds nine shillings and four pence.

The Isle of Anglesey, the sum of Two hundred thirty two pounds thirteen shillings and four pence.

The county of Brecknock, the sum of Six hundred and twenty pounds.

The county of Cardigan, the sum of Seven hundred thirty two pounds.

The county of Carmarthen, the sum of Six hundred and four pounds.

The county of Carnarvon, the sum of Three hundred forty six pounds thirteen shillings and fourpence.

The county of Denbigh, the sum of Four hundred three score and six pounds thirteen shillings and fourpence.

The county of Flint, the sum of Two hundred thirty two pounds thirteen shillings and four pence.

The county of Glamorgan, the sum of Seven hundred fourscore and six pounds thirteen shillings and fourpence.

The county of Merioneth, the sum of Two hundred and thirteen pounds six shillings and eight pence.

The county of Montgomery, the sum of Five hundred and six pounds thirteen shillings and fourpence.

The county of Pembroke, the sum of Six hundred four score and sixteen pounds.

The county of Radnor, the sum of Four hundred thirty six pounds.

The town of Haverfordwest, the sum of Three score pounds.

Commissioners' names.

And be it further Enacted, and it is Enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That the persons hereafter named shall be Commissioners of the several and respective Counties, Cities, Towns and places hereafter named; (viz.)



For the County of Bedford, Sir Thomas Alston, Sir John Rolt, sir William Boteler; Robert Staunton, Richard Edwards, John Harvey, John Neal of Dean, John Okey, Thomas Arnold, Thomas Field, Robert Tap, Edward Sadler, Edward Cater, John Manley, Thomas Hensman, Henry Eden, John Robinson, Michael Cook, Richard Launder, Esqs; Thomas Cater, Robert Beverley of Bedford, Joseph Barber, Henry Gamble, John King, Thomas Vincent, William Prior, Thomas Baker, John Rush, Joseph Sair, Francis Wells, Richard Suger, John Sams, — Eakins of Fensham, Gent. The Mayor of Bedford for the time being, Francis Banister Doctor in Physick, John Easton, John Grue, Aldermen of Bedford, Richard Laundy of Statford, Thomas Brownsal of Blunham, Anthony Renals of Langford, John Hasledine, William Allen senior, John Eason of Bedford, John Smith of Dunstable Haughton, John Walker, Francis Astrey, Richard Wagstaff, Thomas Wyan, Richard Johnson of Milton, Esqs.



For the County of Berks, William Lenthal Esq. Speaker of the Parliament; Sir George Prat Baronet; Thomas Pain of Lambourne, Henry Marten Esq. Samuel Dunch, Robert Packer, George Purefoy, William Hide, William Trumbal, John Blagrave, Thomas Bateman, John Southby, Thomas Fettiplace, Daniel Blagrave, George Wooldridge, Peter Burningham, Richard Winch, William Strode, Edmund Dunch, Thomas Moor, Richard Dew, Humphrey Dolman, Edward Jennings, Arthur Evelyn, Christopher Whitchcot, William Barber, Richard Lovelace, John Lenthal Esqs; Seymor Pyle Baronet, Sir John Thorowgood of Billingbare Knight; Henry Nevil Esq; The Mayor of Abingdon for the time being, John Harrison Alderman of Reading, James Kern, John Tisdale of Abingdon; John Boult of Warfield, Thomas Brown of Winkfield, Philip Weston, Amos Avery, Alexander Blagrave, Thomas Hussey, Gent. Humphrey Edwards, Roger Knight, John Knight of Laurence Waltham, Esqs. John Hanson of Abingdon, William Stevenson of Abingdon.



For the county of Buckingham, Sir Peter Temple Knight and Baronet, Sir Richard Ingoldsby, Sir William Andrews, Sir Richard Piggot, Edmund West, George Fleetwood, Esqs; Bulstrode Whitlock, Sergeant at Law, one of the Lords Commissioners for the Great Seal of England; Thomas Scot, Simon Main, Richard Ingoldsby, Cornelius Holland, John Dormer, Isaac Pennington, Thomas Challoner, Robert Sanders, Robert Lovet, Henry Andrews, Richard Ballinger, Raynes Lowe, Richard Greenvile, John Norbury, Henry Beke, Anthony Radcliffe, Purbeck Temple, Richard Baldwyn, William Borlace, Richard Sergeant, Esqs; Christopher Egleton, William Russel, Christopher Hen, John Daverel, William Theed, Mr. Ligo senior, William Hill Esq; Thomas Shilborn, Robert Aldridge, Henry Gould, George Baldwyn, Thomas Theed, John Stacey, William Grange de St. Leonard, John Green, William Smith de Eaton, Toby Tirrel, Thomas Whitebread, Thomas White junior, William Smith, Thomas Gower, Robert Stiles Esqs.


Cambridge shire.

For the county of Cambridge, Oliver Cromwel, Captain General of the Army; William Leaman, Francis Russel, Thomas Ducket, Robert Castle, Michael Dalton, Dudley Pope, Thomas Bendish, Robert Clark, John Welbore, Edward Clench, Edward Leeds, William Janes, Esq; John Raven, Joseph Eversden, John Chynner, Gent. Henry Pickering, James Thompson, George Pyke, Roger Rant senior, Robert Hamond, Esqs; Sir Thomas Willis Baronet; Richard Howlet Gent. Killiphet Russel.

Town of Cambridge.

For the Town of Cambridge, The Mayor for the time being; John Lowry, Richard Timbes, Samuel Spalding, Thomas French, Alderman Robson, John Sadler, Thomas Buck, John Crane Esqs; Alexander Akehurst, Robert West, James Blackley, John Barns, Gent. Thomas Tifford, Richard Mendham.

Isle of Ely.

Isle of Ely.

For the Isle of Ely, Sir Miles Sandis, Oliver Cromwell Captain General of the Army, George Clapthorn, John Hubbert, Thomas Marsh, Thomas Fincham, Richard Stanes, Tristram Dymond, Thomas Castle, William Leman, Esqs; John Barns Gent. Samuel Warner Esq.



For the county of Chester, John Bradshaw President of the Council of State; Peter Warburton, one of the Justices of the Common Pleas; Sir George Booth, Knight and Baronet; Henry Brooks, Thomas Stanley, Robert Duckenfield, Thomas Manwaring, Thomas Marbury, John Leigh de Booth, Ralph Ardern, Edward Hide, John Crew, Roger Walbraham, Jonathan Bruen, Peter Dutton, Henry Birkenhead, Thomas Brereton, James Lentham, Henry Bradshaw de Marble junior, Edward Gleg, William Tuchet, Robert Venables, John Lightborn, John Millington, Gilbert Gerrard, Henry Green, John Bradshaw, Thomas Aldersey, Richard Wright, Richard Egerton, John Whitworth, Peter Brook, Esqs; Colonel Thomas Croxton, Mr. Robert Creg.

City of Chester.

City of Chester.

For the city and county of the city of Chester, The Mayor, pro tempore; John Radcliffe Recorder, Edward Bradshaw, Calvin Bruen, Richard Leicester, Randolph Hulm Aldermen; Peter Leigh, John Whittle, Samuel Buck, Christopher Blayes, Thomas Aldersey, William Crompton. Aldermen; Robert Greg, Thomas Parnel, Gent.



For the county of Cornwall, Hugh Boscowen, John Moyl, Richard Erisey, John Disborrow, James Erisey Esqs; Robert Bennet, Anthony Rowse, Francis Langdon, Samuel Keckwich, John Jago, Gent; Richard Carter, Leonard Treis Esq. The Mayor of Truro for the time being, William Hicks Gent. John Penrose, Christopher Worthival, Edward Elliot, John Bauden, Peter Ceeley, Gent. Thomas Waddon, Major Blackmore, John Carew, Robert Roll, John Gregor, Richard Lob, Andrew Trevil, Tristram Astcot, John Lampen, Stephen Trevil of Rame, Humphrey Lower, Esqs; John Chattey, Thomas Flamock of Guendon, Gent. Jacob Daniel Merchant.



For the County of Cumberland, Philip Lord Wharton, Edward Lord Howard, Sir Henry Vane senior, Knight; Sir William Armyn, Sir Arthur Heselrig, Baronets; Sir Wilfrid Lawson, Sir John Hippesley, Sir Henry Vane junior, Knights; William Armyn, Richard Tolson, Esqs; Francis Allein Alderman of the City of London, Charls Howard, Robert Fenwick, William Brisco, John Barwis, Thomas Lamplugh, Henry Tolson, John Skelton, Miles Halton, Thomas Curwen senior, Thomas Cholmley, Gent. Colonel Thomas Fitch, Thomas Christo, Gent. Captain Studhalm, Thomas Langhorn, Edward Winter, William Mawson, Robert Hutton, John Stoddart, John Crosthwait.



For the county of Derby, Sir Francis Burdet, Sir Edward Cock Baronets; Sir Edward Leech, Sir Samuel Sleigh, Knights; German Pool, John Gell, John Munday, Christopher Horton, Robert Willimot, Nathaniel Hallowes, Thomas Sanders, Randal Ashenhurst, Lionel Fanshaw, Francis Revil, Anthony Morewood, James Abney, William Woolley, Robert Ear, William Bage, William Savile, Edward Peg, Edward Gill, Nicholas Willimot, Edward Charlton, Ralph Clark, Robert Mellor, Gervas Bennet, Nathaniel Barton, John Spateman, Edward Manlove, John Wright, Samuel Taylor Esqs; Edward Large, Thomas Sligh, Thomas Ford, Aldermen; John Jackson, Robert Colchet, Robert Hope, Robert Greenwood, Gent. Hugh Bateman Esq; Richard Dale of Moniash, Gent.



For the county of Devon, Edmund Prideaux Esq; Attorney General for the State, Robert Roll, Col: John Disborrow, William Fry, Arthur Upton, Gregory Clement, Esq; Christopher Savery, Henry Pollexfen, John Bear, Arthur Fortescue, Richard Foxworthy Esqs; Sir Henry Runel, Sir John Yong, Knights; Francis Rowse, John Roll, Philip Crocker, Christopher Marten, Esqs; John Mallet of Exmouth Gent. Philip Skippon, John Barten, Thomas Boon, John Champneys, William Morris, Esqs; Sir Gregory Norton Knight; Philip Francis, Justinian Peard, Christopher Ceeley, Richard Evans, Timothy Alsop, John Hunkin, John Marshal, Matthew Heel, John Drake of Ash, William Bastard, Christopher Wood, William Fowel, Thomas Drake of Winscomb, Esqs; Peter Bevis, John Yeo, Hugh Fortescue, Hugh Trevillian, Peter Speccot, John Wollacomb, Nicholas Roop, John Carew, John Tyrling, William Put, Henry Worth, Edmund Ascot, Maurice Roll, William Woolcomb, Esqs; Walter Streat, Richard Pearse Gent. Servington Savery Esq; John Southmead, Stephen Southton, John Row of Crediton, John Pearse of Beach, James Pearse of Exon, Edward Ford Gent. Andrew Pollexfen Esq, William Nottle of Barnstable, Richard Harry of Barnstable, Gent; Richard Cool of Meath, Esq; Thomas Hatch, William Berry Esqs; John Blagden, Laurence Wheeler of Dartmouth, John Searl Gent; Robert Duke de Otterton, Nicholas Rowe, Mr. — Cholwich of Chudley, Esq. The Mayor of Plymouth for the time being, The Mayor of Dartmouth for the time being, The Mayor of Barnstable pro. tempore, John Fortescue of Buckland, James Erisey, Robert Cruse, John Witchalf, Robert Dillon, William Venner, James Fortescue, John Quick, Robert Whiddon, Thomas Sanders, Esq.



For the city and county of the city of Exon, Richard Sanders, Richard Sweet, Christopher Clark junior, James Marshal, Thomas Westlake Gent. The Mayor of Exon for the time being, Edmund Prideaux Esq. Recorder, John Hackwel, Adam Bennet, Richard Crossing, John Lovering, Richard Evans, Nicholas Brooking, Ralph Herman, John Cooper, Mr. Thomas Ford Merchant, Mr. John Doon, Major James Pierce, Mr. Henry Prig, Major Thomas Sanders Governor of Exon.



For the county of Dorset, William Earl of Salisbury, Edmund Prideaux Esq. Attorney General, John Still Esq; Sir Anthony Ashley-Cooper Baronet, John Brown, John Trenchard, Dennis Bond, John Tregonwel senior, John Bingham, Henry Henley, William Hussey, William Sydenham junior, John Fry Esqs., Elias Bond, John Wintern of Baltcomb, Edward Thornhil, William White of Helham-Lands, Christopher Earl, Richard Bury, John Squib, Walter Foy, John Arthur, James Dewey, Edward Butler, John Eyres, Edward Cheek, Gent. John Lea of Bridport Merchant, John Brag Merchant, Captain Richard Yardley, Francis Devenish of Killingham, Robert Lewin, Gent. Mr. Mew of Caudle, Mr. Whitcomb of Sherborn junior, Mr. John Jay of Hensworth, Gent. Robert Massey of Lyn Regis, John Ayres of Lyn Regis, Robert Pelham, John Every, Esqs; Philip Stansley of Dorchester, William Whiteway, John Bulstrode.



For the town and county of Pool, John Bingham Esq. Auran Durel, Hairland Healey, John Melmouth, Henry Harding, George Scut junior, Edward Taylor, John Powel, Gent, John Rede Esq; William Williams, Richard Dolebury.


County of Durham

For the county of Durham, Sir Henry Vane senior, Sir Arthur Hesilrige, Sir William Smith Baronets, Sir Henry Vane junior, Sir George Vane, Charls Vane, George Fenwick, Francis Wren, Clement Fulthorp, James Clavering, Henry Warmouth, Robert Delaval, Anthony Shadforth, Cuthbert Pepper Esqs; Thomas Hesilrigge, Colonel Francis Hacker, Colonel Robert Lilburn, Captain Robert Hutton, William Vane, Esqs; Lieutenant Colonel Paul Hobson, Captain Sedgewick, John Middleton, Edward Colston.



For the county of York, Thomas Lord Fairfax, Edward Lord Howard, Sir John Danvers, Sir William Strickland Baronet, Sir Richard Darley, Sir John Bourchier, Sir William Allanson, Sir Thomas Norcliff, Sir Henry Franckland knights; John Wastel, Henry Darley, Luke Robinson, Walter Strickland, Francis Lassels, Richard Etherington, Thomas Challoner, James Challoner, George Marwood, Ralph Reymer, Robert Waters, George Ewer, Henry Franckland, Arthur Noel, Esqs; The Bayliff of Scarborough, The Aldermen of Richmond pro Tempore, Matthew Beckwith Esq; William Weddal, John Worsley, Esqs; Sir Thomas Malleverer Baronet; John Hewley Esq; Colonel John Bright, Colonel Christopher Copley, Colonel John Malleverer, Lieutenant Colonel Spencer, Sir John Savile; Henry Arthington, Walter Hacksworth Esq; Anthony Hatfield, George Byard, Thomas Heber, William White, Thomas Stockdale, Charls Fairfax, Captain Adam Baynes, Sampson Staveley, John Baynes, Thomas Dickenson, William Armitage, John Clayton, John Stanhope, John Ward, Alexander Johnson Esq; Sampson Cooper, Alderman of Rippon, John Savile of Medley, William Bossevile, Henry Westby, Sir Edward Roads Knight; William Drake, George Marwood, William Beckwith, Esqs; Sir Robert Berwick, John Oddingsels Esq; John Seldart of York, John Oddingsels of Ross-Park, Thomas Bourchier, Tho: Dickenson of Kirkby-hall, Matthew Allured Esq.; Sir William Constable, Sir Francis Bointon, Baronets; Sir Richard Darley knight, Sir William Strickland Knight and Baronet; Sir William Allanson, Sir Henry St Quinten Baronet; Francis Thorp one of the Barons of the Exchequer; John Anlaby, Richard Darley, John Allured, James Nelthorp, The Mayor of Beverley for the time being, Joseph Micklethwait, Christopher Redley, John Stellington, Richard Robinson, Walter Strickland, Matthew Allured, Robert Overton junior, Peter Vavasor, Hugh Bethel, junior, Edmund Wingate, Charls Fenwick Esq; Philip Saltmarsh, Hugh Bethel, Esqs., Ralph Rymer of Hinderskelf.

York City.

City of York.

For the city and county of the city of York, The Lord Mayor pro tempore, Thomas Lord Fairfax, Edward Lord Howard, Sir Thomas Widdrington knight, Sergeant at Law and Recorder, Sir William Allanson, Henry Thompson, John Geldard, Stephen Watson, Thomas Dickenson, Robert Horner, Leonard Thompson, William Taylor, Edward Grey, William Metcalf, Aldermen.

Kingston upon Hull.


For the town and county of Kingston upon Hull, Peregrine Pelham, Esq; William Lister Esq; Recorder, sir Henry Vane junior Knight; Thomas Rayks, John Barnard, Henry Barnard, Nicholas Denman, William Popple, John Chambers, William Dobson, William Peck, Aldermen; Joseph Blades, Colonel Robert Overton, Governor of Hull, John Anlaby Esq; Lieutenant Colonel Salmon, Mr. Lancelot Roper, Machabeus Hollis, Cuthbert Prestwood, Richard Wood, John Rogers, James Shephard, Laurence Scortreth, John Harrison, John Gayton of Kirk-Elvlagh, William Cissen, Francis Duick, John Buchus, Gent.



For the county of Essex, Sir John Barrington, Knight and Baronet; Sir William Massam, Sir Richard Everard Baronets; Sir Henry Hamond, Knight and Baronet; Sir Henry Mildmay of Wansted Kt; Sir William Rowe, Sir Thomas Honywood, Sir Robert Kemp, knights; William Masham, Nathaniel Rich, Timothy Middleton, Henry Mildmay of Graces, Edward Birkhead, Oliver Raymond, Dean Tindal, Gobert Barrington, Robert Smith, Sampson Sheffield, Thomas Cook of Chesil, Carey Mildmay, Richard Harlackenden, John Eldred, Robert Born, John Mead, John Eaden, Thomas Clapton, Arthur Barnardiston, Isaac Allen of Haseley, George Thompson, Augustine Garland, Thomas Cook of Pedmarsh, John Hare, Joachim Matthews, Peter Whitecomb, John Brook junior, John Sparrow, Henry Wiseman, Henry Barrington, Thomas Ayloff, Francis Stonehard, Samuel Freborn, Esqs; John Watkins, John Langley of Colchester, John Sorrel, William Turner of Wimbich, Jeremiah Azlet, William Collard, Robert Crane, Robert Calthrop, Thomas Adams of Thacksteed, Richard Hawkins of Harwich, John Alleston, William Harlackenden, John Thorowgood of Walden, Thomas Talcot, Samuel Plumme, Gent; Francis Williamson of Walden, John Fenning, Thomas Azlet, Robert Maidstone, John Brewster, John Guy, Christopher Muschamp, Esq; Dionysius Wakering, Humphrey Edwards, Anthony Mildmay, Esqs.; John Langley of Chelmsford, Richard Cuts, John Lockey, Esqs.; Sir Thomas Bowes Knight; St John Holcroft, Tobias Cage, William Reade, Thomas Manly Esqs.



For the town of Colchester, The Mayor for the time being; Arthur Barnardiston Recorder, Henry Barrington, Thomas Wade, John Langley, Ralph Harrison, John Furley, Thomas Laurence, William Cook, William Vicars, John Radhams, Richard Green, Aldermen.



For the county of Glocester, Sir Giles Overbury, Sir John Horton Knights. Sir William Constable Baronet; Nathaniel Stephens, Edward Popham, Abraham Burrel, Esqs; John Lenthal, William Leigh, Thomas Overbury, Anthony Clifford, Thomas Hodges, John Stephens, Thomas Pury, William Brown, William Shephard, Richard Stephens, Robert Oldsworth, Thomas Escourt, John Codrington, William Stafford, Anthony Kingfoot, John Kite, Thomas Chamberlain, Richard Ailworth, Robert Kirl, William Cook, Thomas James, John Dorney, Esqs; Stephen Fowler, Richard Yate, John Brain, Thomas Ailway, Robert Waterworth, John Barnard, Jeremiah Buck, Gent. John Howe, Samuel Codrington, Samuel Shephard, John Coxwel, Matthew Huntley, John Clark, Esqs; Giles Hancocks, Andrew Solace, Thomas Osborn, Matthew Herbert, Thomas Rawlins.

City of Gloucester.

City of Glocester

For the city and county of the city of Glocester. The Mayor for the time being; William Lenthal Esq; Speaker of the Parliament, and Recorder of the said City; John Lenthal Esq; William Singleton, Jasper Clutterbook, William Capel, Thomas Pury, Thomas Hill, Dennis Wise, Luke Nurse, Laurence Singleton, John Maddox, Anthony Edwards, Aldermen; The Sheriff and the Town Clerk of the said City for the time being, James Stephens Alderman.



For the county of Hereford, Sir John Kirl Baronet, Sir John Bridges, Baronet; Sir Richard Hopton knight; Thomas Harrison, William Littleton, Robert Kirl, Thomas Baskervile, Job Charlton, Sylvanus Taylor, Richard Hopton, John Flacket, Ambrose Elton junior, Richard Reed, John Birch, Thomas Rawlins, John James, Francis Pember, Henry Williams, John Cholmley, Thomas Cook, Richard Dolphin, Ruddal Guillin, John Herring, Isaac Steward, John Scudamore, Esqs; Richard Nicholets, Miles Hill, Francis Hall of Ledby, Gent. Wroth Rogers, Stephen Winthrop, Esqs; Robert Higgins, Walter Merrick, Charls Durley, Gent.

City of Hereford.

City of Hereford.

For the city of Hereford, The Mayor for the time being; Thomas Seaborn, Doctor Hartford, Mr. — Cooper, Miles Hill.



For the county of Hertford, William Earl of Salisbury, Charls Viscount Cranborn, Edward Lord Howard, Robert Cecil Esq. Sir Richard Lucy Knight and Baronet, Sir John Garret, Sir John Reed, Sir Brocket Spencer, Baronets; Sir John Whitwrong, Sir William Rowe, Knights; Ralph Freeman, Rowland Litton, William Leman, Thomas Took, John Heydon, Ralph Flyer, William Ashton, Esqs; John King Doctor in Physick, Alexander Wilde, Thomas Keightley, — Scrog, Esqs; Gravely Norton, Adam Washington, Alban Cox, Isaac Puller, John Robotham, Thomas Dockery, Edmund Smith, Henry Scobell Esq; The Mayor of Hertford for the time being, John Marsh, Thomas Meade, William Dangs, Joseph Dalton, John Pemberton, Roger Pemberton, John Kensey, William Field, Thomas Big de Laurence-end, Nathaniel Yong, William Plumer, Thomas Nichols,—Blackwel, John Barber, William Ashton, Toby Combes, — Wolley de Hartfield-Hall, William Beaumont, Daniel Nichols, Henry Marsh, William Eels, George Banister, Thomas Sadler de Preston, William Cox, — Hobson, George Stringer, John Grub, Thomas Grinnel senior, Esqs; Captain William Gardiner, John Brograve, Francis Steward, John Finch of Wallsteed, Gent.

St. Albans.

St. Albans.

For the town of St. Albans, The Mayor for the time being; William Foxwist Recorder, John King Doctor of Physick, William Leman, John Robotham, John Pemberton, Roger Pemberton, John Grub, Alban Cox, John Marsh, William Hickman.



For the county of Huntington, Oliver Cromwell, Captain General of the Army, Sir William Armyn, Knight and Baronet; William Armyn of Orton-Longvile, Esq; Edward Montague, Onslow Winch, Valentine Walton, Abraham Burrel, John Castle, Thomas Cater, Nicholas Pedley, Robert Barnet, John Simcots, Doctor of Physick; William Leman, Robert Harvey, Robert Vinter, Esqs; William Drury, Gervas Fulwood, Gent.



For the county of Kent, William Lord Viscount Monson, Sir John Rivers, Sir Thomas Style, Sir Michael Livesey, Baronets, Sir Henry Vane senior, Sir Henry Vane junior, Sir Nicholas Miller, Knights. Gregory Clement, Augustine Skinner, Augustine Garland Esqs; Richard Beal, William James, George Duke, Richard Amherst, William Skinner, George Hall, Lambert Godfrey, Andrew Broughton of Maidstone, Algernon Sidney, Esqs; Sir William Strickland, Nathaniel Rich, Henry Honywood, Esqs; John Dixwel, Robert Hales, Gent. William Read of Folkeston, Esq; Miles Temple, of Dover; Gent. George Selby, Sir Edward Gilborn, knight; Edward Stacey, Gent. Sir Henry Heyman, Baronet; Sir Peter Goafrey knight; Anthony Samuel, Thomas Westrow, Thomas Scot Esq; Edward Scot junior Esq. Robert Scot, John Brown, Thomas Broadnax, Philip Lord Lisle, Sir Thomas Walsingham, Ralph Welden, Thomas Blunt, Thomas Selliard, John Twisleton, George Thompson, William Say, Edward Ash, Esqs; John Parker, John Goldwel, Stephen Beal, Robert Ellis, William Draper, John Selliard, John Polehil, Richard Porter, Henry Jools, Peter Pet, Peter Buck, Robert Wivel, Thomas Wivel, Thomas Foche, Richard Bate, William Lancaster, Peter Heyman, Sir John Roberts, Thomas Monins, Francis Butcher, Richard Parker Esq; Edward Rivers Esq; Stephen Monins, John Boyes junior of Belsanger, Thomas Plumer senior, Thomas Plumer junior; Captain Richard Bowen, George Jackson, George Cadwel, John Finch, Colonel William Kenwrick, Esqs; The Mayor of Dover for the time being; Major Michael Belk, Captain John Osborn, Captain — Aldersea, Francis Rumney, Peter Godfrey, Thomas Rook, Thomas St. Nicholas, Timothy Rumney, Colonel James Temple, Mr. — Holland of Deptford, Charls Bowls, Esqs.



For the city of Canterbury, The Mayor of Canterbury for the time being; Sir John Roberts Knight; Thomas Den, Recorder; John Nut, Thomas Scot Esqs; Mr. Bridges, Mr. Lee, Mr. Lad, Aldermen, Thomas Monins.



For the county of Lancaster, John Moor, Richard Ashton, George Dodding, Peter Bould, John Starkey, Richard Standish, Thomas Birch, Esqs; George Piggot, Robert Mawdesley, Esqs; Thomas Wilson, Leonard Rawlinson, Gent; Richard Maghal, Jeremiah Aspenwel, Esqs; Thomas Cubhan, Robert Glest, Gent. Peter Caterel, John Livesly, John Nowel, Esqs; John Halsteed, Gent. John Atherton, Sevil Radcliff, John Hartley, Thomas Strangways, Thomas Fell, Peter Holt, James Ashton, Esqs; Alexander Norris, Samuel Birch, William Williamson, George Toulson, Gent; John Lightborn, Richard Haworth, Esqs; John Walker, William West, Gent. William Rawlinson, William Knipe, Alexander Barlow, Peter Brock, John Sawry, Hugh Cooper, Esqs; Edward Stockley Gent; Robert Lever Esq; John Guilliam, Gent; Ralph Worthington Esq.



For the county of Leicester, William Lord Viscount Monson, Thomas Lord Grey of Groby, Arthur Staveley, Theophilus Grey Esqs; Sir Arthur Hesilrige, Baronet; Sir Thomas Hartop, Sir Roger Smith, Henry Danvers, Peter Temple, Thomas Hesilrige, Henry Smith, Francis Hacker, Thomas Beaumont, William Danvers, John Stafford, Thomas Punchen, John Goodman, John Swinfen, William Bandbridge, William Hartop, William Stanley, John Prat, Esqs. Edward Cradock, Alderman of Leicester.



For the county of Lincoln, William Lord Viscount Monson, Francis Pierrepont Esq; Sir William Armyn, Sir John Brownlow, Sir William Brownlow Baronets; Sir Hamond Whichcot Knight; William Armyn, William Wray, Edward Rossiter, Thomas Lister, Thomas Copledike, Henry Massingbeard, Esqs; John Buck, Christopher Wray, Edmund Ellis, William Ellis, Dreyner Massingbeard, John Weaver, Alexander Emerson, William Woolley, Humphrey Walcot, John Hobson, William Hobson, John Harrington, John Wilsby, Samuel Cust, Francis Mussenden, Thomas Hall, Richard Bryan, Edward Skinner, William Thompson, William Welby, Charls Empson, John Wincop, Edward Syler, Wyat Perkins, Edward Tilson, Richard Filtkin, Michael Munckton, John Disney, John Whiting, Thomas Ascam, Thomas Tooley, Nehemiah Rawson, Thomas Rand, William Dowman, Jeremy Cole, Robert Christopher, Thomas Johnson, Theophilus Harnes, Samuel Clyat, Thomas Rossiter, Martin Johnson, Leonard Brown, Robert Camock, James Lancton, and William Harvey, Esqs; The Mayor of Boston for the time being, The Mayor of Grimsby, The Alderman of Stamford for the time being; Thomas Johnson, Thomas Welby, John Balgney Esq.

City of Lincoln.

City of Lincoln.

For the city and county of the city of Lincoln, The Mayor for the time being, Thomas Grantham, Thomas Lister Esqs; Robert Marshal, William Marshal, William Goodknap, George Bracebridge, Edward Eamis, Richard Ward, Alderman; Original Peart, William White, Citizens; Bevercoats Cornwallis, John Disney, Stephen Mason.



For the City of London, the Lord Mayor and the several Aldermen in and for the respective Wards of the City of London for the time being; Gregory Clement, Edmund Harvey, Owen Row, Maurice Gething, John Strange, Thomas Arnold, Nathaniel Campfield, Edward Ash, Esqs; Matthew Shephard, John Langley, Edward Parks, Samuel Mozer, Daniel Taylor, Richard Gibs, John Roberts, Thomas Hussey senior, Richard Shute, James Russel, Hogan Hovel, Robert Manwaring, Walter Boothby, Alexander Jones, Francis Crofts, Gent. George Coney, John Stone, John Adams Deputy, Richard Hutchinson Deputy, Michael Reyner, Colonel William Underwood, Thomas Allen, Major Robert Russel, Martin Brown, Henry Coles, Richard Garford Deputy, Colonel John Bellamy, Robert Winch, Thomas Steane, Richard Ashurst, John Allein Deputy.



For the county of Middlesex, George Earl of Desmont, William Lord Viscount Monson, Sir Henry Vane senior Knight, Sir Edward Barkham Baronet, sir Thomas Fowler, Sir Richard Sprignal, Sir William Armyn, Sir Gregory Norton, Baronets; Sir William Massam, Sir John Trevor, Sir John Danvers, Sir John Hippesley, Sir William Roberts, Sir James Harrington, Knights; Sir Edward Powel, Baronet; Francis West Lieutenant of the Tower of London; Sir John Wollaston knight, Alderman of the city of London, William Massam Esq; Robert Wallop, Carew Rawleigh, Colonel John Downs, Henry Nevil Esq; Edmund Harvey, William Methwold, James Rowley, Francis Allein, Alderman of London; Gregory Clement, William Bossevile, Esqs; Colonel Ralph Harrison, Laurence Whitacre, Thomas Lister, John Hucksley, John Trenchard, Nicholas Love, John Morris, Richard Downton, Thomas Lane, Philip Smith, Robert Hales, Edward Birkhead, Thomas Hamond, John Okey, Esqs; Joseph Alston, Robert Spelman, Robert Scawen, Humphrey Edwards, Justinian Paget, Thomas Falconberge, George Manley, William Northey, William Hawkins, William Barns, Stephen Boreman, Edward Martin, Gent. Sylvanus Taylor, John Honor, James Parcol, Ralph Hall, Isaac Pennington Alderman of London, William Leman, Esqrs; William Jones, Edward Carter, Solomon Smith, Daniel Proctor, Josias Barners, John Hawley, James Prince, Thomas Hubbert, John Hunsden, Christopher Hill of Enfield; Justinian Povey of Hounslow, Gent. John Brown of Twickenham, Thomas Challoner, Esqs; Maurice Thompson, George Cooper, John Watterton, Henry Scobell, Vincent Potter, Henry Middleton, Esqs; Gilbert Barrel, Gent. William Powel of Fulham, John Norbury, Joseph Clark, Esqs; Thomas Currey, Thomas Sandy, Richard Watson, Lionel Robinson, Thomas Hoskins, Gent. Samuel Warner Esq; Sir William Brownlow, Sir John Thorowgood of Clerkenwel; John Hooker, Clement Vernon, Isaac Needham, Clement Oxenbridge, Matthew Herbert, Esqs; Doctor Parker, Sir John Thorowgood of Kensington.



For the City and Liberty of Westminster, William Lord Viscount Monson, Sir Henry Vane, senior Knight, Sir William Armyn Baronet, Sir William Massam, Sir John Trevor, Sir John Thorowgood, Sir James Harrington, Sir John Danvers, Knights, Sir Edward Powel Baronet; William Massam Esq; John Fielder, Sir John Hippesley knt; Michael Oldisworth, Nicholas Love, Esqs; Thomas Lister, Laurence Whitacre, John Trenchard, Humphrey Edwards, John Brown, Edward Birkenhead, George Manley, Thomas Herbert, Thomas Falconberge, Henry Middleton Esqs; William Hawkins Gent; Stephen Boreman, Edward Martin, Sylvanus Taylor, John Okey Esqrs.; James Parcol, Arthur Squib junior, Edward Dendy, Edward Carter, John Hooker, Esqrs; Thomas Devaux, Ralph Hall, William Green, George Meresfield, Henry Field, William Barns; Kelway Guidot, Sir William Brownlow, Sir John Thorowgood of Clerkenwell, Sir Gregory Norton, John Honor, Henry Scobell, Lieutenant Colonel Crompton, John Hook, Edmund Edlyn, John Cooper.



For the county of Monmouth, Thomas Morgan, William Herbert, Henry Herbert, William Jones, Edmund Morgan, John Walter, Christopher Catchmay, Edward Herbert, Roger Williams, Rice Williams, Robert Jones, William Packer, William Blethlin, John Nicholas, Esqs; Thomas Hughes, John Parry, Henry Baker, Thomas Williams, Roger Oats, James Prichard, Walter Morgan, Esqs.



For the county of Northampton, William Lord Viscount Monson, Thomas Lord Grey of Grooby, Edward Lord Montague of Boulton, Sir John Dryden, Baronets; William Dryden, Thomas Brooks of Great-Okeley, William Lord Fitzwilliams, Erasmus Dryden, John Norton, Thomas Pentlow, John Cleypool senior, John Cleypool junior, John Clerk Sergeant-at-Law, Mr. Bletzow, George Benson, Edward Harbey, Mr. Mansil, Edward Farmer, Sir Edward Nichols Baronet, John Thornton, Thomas Elmes, Robert Andrews, Esqs; Sir John Danvers, Robert Wallop Esq; Sir Gilbert Pickering, Sir Peter Wentworth, Knight of the Bath; Henry Pickering, Richard Samuels, Esqs; Sir Richard Samuel Knight, Sir John Norwich Baronet; John Parker, Sergeant-at-Law, William Ward Esq; John Ward, Gent; Henry Benson, John Cartwright of Ayno, Mr. Bletzo, Philip Holman, John Barnard, Francis Quarles junior, Gent. Henry Freeman, George Clerk, Henry Berkley of Daintrey, Esqs; Daniel Reading, Major William Leafield, Nathaniel Humphreys, Humphrey Orme junior, Esqs.



For the county of Notingham, William Pierrepont, Esqs; Sir Edward Whartley Knight; John Hutchinson, Gervise Piggot, Gilbert Millington, Joseph Widmerpool, Charls White, Nicholas Charlton, Clement Spilman, John Martin, Robert Rains, Esqs; John Mason, William Nix, Gent; Henry Ireton, Edward Aiscough, Edward Nevil, Henry Zacheverel, Richard Dobson, William Wightman, John Oddingsels, Esqs; Rowland Somersal Gent.

Villa Notingham.

Villa Nottingham.

For the county of the town of Notingham, The Mayor for the time being, Francis Pierrepont, Gilbert Millington, Esqs; Huntington Plumtre, Doctor of Physick; William Nix, John James, Aldermen; Charls White, Nicholas Charlton, Esqs; John Gregory Gent. Thomas Poulton, John Martin, Esqs; William Richards Alderman.



For the county of Norfolk, Sir Thomas Woodhouse, Knight and Baronet; Sir John Hubbard, Sir William Paston, Sir Richard Barney, Baronets; Sir Isaac Astley, Knight and Baronet; Sir Ralph Hare, Baronet; Sir Valentine Pell, Sir William Doiley, Sir Thomas Beddingfield, Sir Thomas Guibon, Sir Thomas Gawdy, Sir Edward Ashley, Sir Thomas Hoogan, Sir George Windham, Knights; William Heveningham, John Coke, James Calthrop, Esqs; Erasmus Earl Sergeant-at-Law; Miles Corbet, Robert Wood, Thomas Windham, Thomas Arkin, John Buxton, Esqs; Gregory Gawsel, Philip Skippon, Philip Beddingfield, John Haughton, James Seambler, John Walpool, Robert Walpool, Robert Haughton, Edward Chamberlain, Thomas Russel, Robert Wilton, Robert Jermy, Hamond Ward, Thomas Weld, Thomas Southerton, Esqs; Sir Horace Townsend, Baronet; Robert Sheppard, Edward Hayward, Thomas Wright, Robert Long, John Web, James de Grey, Esqs; John Reynis, Henry King, Gent. Valentine Walton, Edward Gaudy, Robert Rich, Martin Sedley, Henry Tailor, George Hunt, Toby Fryer, Symond Smith, John Beckham, Esqs; Thomas Toll of Lyn Alderman; Gabriel Barber, Doctor in Physicks; Charls-George Cock, Thomas Lincoln of Thetford, Gent; The Mayor of Lyn for the time being; The Bayliffs of Yarmouth for the time being; John May Alderman of Lyn, Thomas Utber, Esq; Bartholomew Warmer, Thomas Nelson, Edward Robinson, Nathaniel Maxey, Thomas Green, Thomas Gooch, Isaac Preston, John Basset, John Syms, Robert Calthrop, James Astwood, Jonas Scot, Joshua Green, Aldermen of Lyn; Thomas Spenceby, Thomas Toll. senior, Thomas Springal, Esqs; Edmond Borman, Thomas Weld, John Gulson, John Rawley, John Sedley, Esqs; Richard Harvey of Baber, Robert Doughty of Alisham, Francis Waller of Deerham, Samuel Puckle, Thomas Lucas of Yarmouth, Gent; Lieutenant Colonel Underwood, Thomas Crane, William Bunton, John Carter, Thomas Read, Brampton Gurdon, Thomas Bendish.



For the city and county of the city of Norwich, The Mayor for the time being, Erasmus Earl, Sergeant at Law; Thomas Atkin, Alderman of the City of London; Adrian Parmenter, Edmond Borman Aldermen; Charls-George Cock Esq; Gabriel Barber Doctor of Physick, Henry King Esq; The Sheriffs for the time being; Robert Allen, Matthew Linsey, Samuel Puckle, John Rayley, William Symonds, Thomas Barret, Bernard Church, John Cory, Richard Wenman, Aldermen; Samuel Brewster, Richard Ket, John Andrews, John Toft, William Davy, Thomas Ashwel, Nicholas Pointer, Giles Woods, Aldermen; Henry Wats, John Man.



For the county of Northumberland, Sir Arthur Hesilrige Baronet, Sir John Fenwick Knight and Baronet; Sir Thomas Widdrington Knight, Sergeant at Law; Sir William Selby, William Fenwick, Ralph Delaval, Thomas Middleton, Esqs; Michael Welden, George Fenwick, William Shafto, Henry Ogle, John Hall, Edward Fenwick, Luke Killingworth, Henry Horsley, Richard Forster, Esqs.; John Ogle of Kirkley.



For the town of Newcastle, Sir Arthur Hesilrige Baronet; George Fenwick Esq; Mark Shafto Esq; Recorder; Henry Warmouth, Henry Dawson, Thomas Ledgard, George Dawson, Aldermen; Henry Rawlins, Robert Yong, Gent; Lieutenant Colonel Paul Hobson, The Mayor of Newcastle for the time being; Thomas Bewick Esq; Ralph Grey Merchant.



For the county of Oxon, William Lenthal Esq; Speaker of the Parliament; Bulstrode Whitelock, Sergeant at Law, and one of the Lords Commissioners of the Great Seal of England; Sir John Danvers Knight, Sir Peter Wentworth Knight of the Bath; Sir James Harrington, Sir Thomas Read, Sir Francis Norris, Knights; Edmund Dunch, Thomas Tipping, Henry Martin Esqs; Robert Jenkinson, Edmund Goodyer, John Lenthal, Edm. Lenthal, Will Cope, Charls Fleetwood, Robert Scroop, Bartholomew Hall Esq. Attorney of the Dutchy, Vincent Barry, John Cartwright, Adrian Scroop, William Wheat, Edward Dixon, William Draper, Arthur Evelyn, Esqs; William Tipping, Thomas Appletree, — Griffith of Bloxham, Thomas Hales, Thomas Knight, Gabriel Beck, Robert Hales, George Lowe, Henry Goodin, Rodolph Warcup junior, Walter Elwood, Richard Ingoldsby, Thomas Kelsey; Henry Smith Mayor of the City for the time being, Edmund Fettiplace Esq; William Bartholomew, William Sprig, Gent. Edward Ash Esq; John Carey of Dichley, Robert Standard, John Palmer of Bampton, Thomas Hinton, Lancelot Granger, Henry Martin of Moor, John Crisp, John Cartwright, John Wilmore, William Goodwin, Nicholas Harman, William Woodward of StrattonAudely, John Gerrard, Thomas Butler, Gent. Sir Thomas Penis ton, John Taverner Esq; Edmund Symen of Pyrton, John Keate, — Brigham of Cave-end, William Barker, Thomas Parson, Robert Warcup, Samuel Warcup Esqs.

City of Oxon.

City of Oxon.

For the city of Oxon, The Mayor for the time being; Lieutenant Colonel Kelsey, Bartholomew Hall Esq; Attorney of the Dutchy; Alderman Southam, Alderman Nixon, Mr. Cave, Mr. Sprig.



For the county of Rutland, Thomas Lord Grey of Grooby: Sir Edward Harrington Knight; Eures Armyn, Thomas Wait, John Osburn, Christopher Brown, Robert Horseman, Edward Horseman, Samuel Barker, John Hatter, John Green Esqs; William Baseby, William Grice, Gent. Edward Falkener, Richard Halford, Peter Tryon, Esqs; Giles Harris Gent; John Weaver, Roger Dale, Benjamin Norton, Esqs.



For the county of Salop, William Pierrepont Esq; Sir John Corbet Knight and Baronet; Robert Wallop Esq; Sir Humphrey Brigs Knight and Baronet; Thomas Mitton, Humphrey Mackworth, Thomas Nichols, Robert Corbet, Andrew Lloid, Henry Mildmay Esq; Harcourt Leighton, William Littleton, Samuel Moor, Thomas Kettleby, Thomas Hunt, Humphrey Edwards, John Corbet, Job Charlton, Creswel Taylor, Edward Whitchcot, Leighton Owen, Roger Rawley, Lancelot Lee, William Childe Doctor of the Law, Rowland Hunt, Thomas Moor, Thomas Baker, Roger Evans, Esqs; Thomas Gardner, Richard Harris, Henry Powel, John Prowde, Owen George, William King, William Botterel, William Bryan, Samuel Swannich, Michael Stevens, Gent, William Whitcomb, Samuel Sandford, Richard Yong of Alderton, John Griffiths of Turstry, Thomas Edwards of Kilhenery, Thomas Kinasten of Ryton, Gent. Richard Cressent of Cund, Esq; Edward Cresset, Charls Langford, John Alston of Ludlow, Morris Overton, John Broom, Gent. William Crown, William Jucks, Charls Benyon, Thomas Clive, Esqs; Mr. Langley, Mr. Huxley, Mr. Thomas Hayes of Shrewsbury, Mr. Daniel Bennyon of Ash; Mr. Whitehal of Whitechurch, Simon Edwards Esq; Francis Harris Gent. Jeremy Powel Gent; John Harris of Cracton, Samuel Kynason.



For the county of Stafford, Sir William Brereton Baronet, John Harwood of Scourton, Thomas Crompton, Matthew Morton, Edward Manwaring, Henry Stone, John Chetwood, Thomas Parks, Alexander Whiteweek, Richard Flyer, Edward Broughton, Richard Pyot, Joseph Whitehalgh, George Bellot of Uttoxeter, William Pinson of Woolverhampton, Timothy Edge of Horton, Thomas Moseley, Thomas Gent of Leek, John Goring of Crokston-Abbey, William Turton of Aldersway, Thomas Hadghead of Milwidgh, Thomas Folley, Edward Danvers of Berryhil, Thomas Cornwallis of Ettinsals, William Bagot, Thomas Andrews, William Jolley, Daniel Watson, Edward Ashenhurst, Esqs.



For the city and county of Litchfield, The Commissioners appointed for the county of Stafford, The Bayliffs of the City for the time being: Mr. Saxon, Mr. Minors, Mr. Mot.



For the county of Somerset, Robert Wallop, Alexander Popham Esqs; Sir Thomas Wroth, Sir John Hippesley, Sir Hardress Waller, Knights; Edward Popham, John Ash, Hugh Rogers, Esqs; Edmund Prideaux Esq, Attorney General of the State; Thomas Bampfield, Roger Hill of Pounsford, John Pyne, Esqs.; James Ash and George Searl, Gent. Robert Blake John Preston, Henry Henley, Richard Cole, John Wroth, George Lutterel, Giles Strangeways, John Curtein, John Buckland, Thomas Grove, Henry Bonner, John Hippesley, Esqs; John Palmer Doctor of Physick, Jonathan Pits, Thomas English, William Cannent, Thomas Latch, Alexander Pym, John Newton, Charls Steining, Thomas Siddersin, Thomas Georges, Edward Ceeley, Esqs; Henry Mintern, Richard Trevillian, Gent. John Harrington, Richard Jones, William Samborn, William Blanchard of Kattern, Esqs; John Fisher, John Mereweather, Thomas Blanchard of Batheaston, Laurence Waldron, James Cottington, John Lock, Benjamin Tibbot, Gent. John Harrington junior, John Cary of Castlecary, Roger Hill of Taunton, Gent, Peter Roynon, John Turbervil Esqs; George Milward, Stephen Hasket, Henry Plumley, Thomas Meade, Gent, The Mayor of Wells for the time being; Edward Threwston, Thomas Morgan, George Steadman, Gent. Lislebone Long, William Doble, Esqs; The Mayor of Bath for the time being; John Big, John Parker, Walter Chapman, John Pierce, Richard Ducey, Aldermen of the City of Bath; Thomas Farewel of Holbrook Gent. James Churchey of Wincaulton Gent. Edmond Green of Milton-Clevedon Esq; Henry Albon of Upton-Noble Gent.



For the city and county of the city of Bristol, The Mayor for the time being; Edmund Prideaux Esq; Recorder; The Sheriffs for the time being, Richard Aldworth Alderman, Robert Aldworth, Luke Hodges, John Haggat, John Yong, Edward Tyson Esqs; James Powel, Daniel Hollester, Gent. Richard Vicaris, William Cam Alderman; Jonathan Blackwel, Nehemiah Collins.



For the city of Bath, The Mayor for the time being, John Big, John Parker, Walter Chapman, John Pierce, Richard Ducy, Aldermen.


County of Southampton.

For the county of Southampton, John Lisle Esq; one of the Lords Commissioners for the Great Seal of England, Sir Henry Worsley, Sir Robert Dillington, Baronets, Sir Henry Mildmay. Sir Thomas Jervoice, Sir William Uvedale, Sir William Kingsmill, Sir Richard Kingsmill, Knights, Robert Wallop Esq; Oliver Cromwel, Captain General of the Army, Richard Whitehead. Richard Norton, Henry Ireton Esqs; Robert Dillington, Nicholas Love, Robert Reynolds, John Kemp, Francis Allen Alderman of London, Thomas Jervoice, John Wolveridge, John St. Barb, Thomas Bettesworth, Francis Rivet, Richard Moor, Thomas Creswel, John Dove, William Pyt, William Wither senior, Richard Major, Thomas Cole, John Fielder, John Hook, Thomas Hussey, Francis Tilney, John Hildesley, William Boreman, Thomas Boreman, Nicholas Hayes, Richard Lucy, Esqs; The Mayor of Winchester for the time being, Edward Dowse, Thomas Dowse of Elden, William Gore, John Pitman, Alexander Wilson, William Woulgar, Edward Hayes, Thomas Gale, Henry Bromfield, Richard Cob, Colonel John Barksteed, John Wooldridge of Peterfield.

Villa Southampton.

Villa Southampton.

For the town and county of Southampton, The Mayor for the time being. Richard Major, George Gallop, Richard Exton, Esqs. Robert Wroth William Stanley, Peter Legay, Daniel Hersent, Thomas Mason Gent. Peter Seal senior Gent. William Pinhorn, Henry Ward, Peter Seal junior, Gent.

Isle of Wight.

Isle of Wight.

For the Isle of Wight, Sir Henry Worsley, Sir Robert Dillington, Baronets; Sir John Dingley knight; John Lisle Esq; one of the Lords Commissioners for the Great Seal of England; John Kemp, Robert Dillington, William Bourman, William Stephens, Thomas Bourman, Bartholomew Newx, Charls Fleetwood, William Syden ham Esqs; Daniel Broad Mayor of Newport, Moses Read, Robert Matthews, William Newland, George Searl and Henry Ringwood, Burgesses of the said Town and Borough of Newport.



For the county of Suffolk, Leicester Lord Viscount Hereford, Sir William Spring, Sir Buts Bacon, Baronets; Sir Roger North, Sir John Wentworth, Sir Thomas Beddingfield, Sir Nathaniel Barnardiston, Knights. William Heveningham, Henry North senior, Maurice Barrow, Isaac Appleton, Henry North junior, Nicholas Bacon, Charls Fleetwood, John Gurdon, Thomas Bacon, Nathaniel Bacon, Francis Bacon, William Bloys, Thomas Bloss, Thomas Scot, Brampton Gurdon, Thomas Terrel, John Hodges, John Colton, Thomas Cole, Thomas Kerredge, Esqs; Richard Pepis, Edmund Harvey, Gibson Lucas, Robert Brewster, Theophilus Vaughan, James Hubbart, Francis Brewster, Alexander Bence, Esqs; Thomas Gip of Bury, Giles Barnardiston, Samuel Fairweather of Holworth, John Brandling, Robert Wright, Humphrey Brewster, Esqs; Barnaby Bawtel, Daniel Clench, Anthony Barry, Robert Dunkon, Peter Fisher, Jacob Caley, Samuel Moody, John Clark of Bury, Thomas Chaplain, Augustine Plumsteed, Gent. Mr. Richardson senior, of Hadley; James Harvey, Robert Dove of Eastbardgeholt, Sir William Soame, Sir John Rowse, Sir Philip Parker, John Groom, Mr. Vesey junior of Hinckleson, Francis Brewster junior, Thomas Edger, Esqs. John Base, Captain Thomas Ireton Esq; Governor of Langard-Fort; John Fisk Gent. William Gibs of the City of London, Joseph Brand, Herbert Pelham, Esqs; Robert Sparrow Gent. Major Westrop, Samuel Ward, Gent Waldgrave Pelham, William Brand, Gent; Sir Thomas Barnardiston, Edmund Harvey, — Barker of Sipton.



For the town of Ipswich, The Bayliffs for the time being, Nathaniel Bacon, Esq; Recorder, Francis Bacon, John Brandling, Esqs Robert Dunkon, Peter Fisher, Emanuel Sorrel, Jacob Caley, Gent.

Bury St. Edmunds.

Bury St. Edmunds.

For Bury St. Edmunds, The Alderman for the time being Thomas Chaplin, Samuel Moody, John Clark, Miles Burrows, Gent;



For Aldburgh, The Bayliffs for the time being, Francis Bacon Esq. Recorder; Thomas Johnson, John Bence, Henry Cheany, and Thomas Gips.



For the county of Surrey, and Borough of Southwark, William Lord Viscount Monson, Benjamin Weston Esq; Sir William Armyn, Sir Michael Livesey, Sir William Brereton, Baronets, Sir Richard Onslow, Sir Matthew Brand, Sir Robert Wood, Sir John Dingley. Sir Richard Bettison, Sir Thomas Walsingham, Sir Thomas Jervoice, Sir John Lenthal, Sir John Howland, Sir Thomas Evelyn, Sir Geo: Askew, Cornelius Holland, Robert Goodwin, George Farewel, Henry Tunstal, Lancelot Johnson, George Withers, Nicholas Love, Robert Titchborn, John Goodwin, John Corbet, Thomas Scot, George Thompson, Rowland Wilson senior, Humphrey Edwards, George Snelling, Purbeck Temple, Esqs; John Hardwick, John Blackwel, senior; John Blackwel junior, Edmond Jordan, John Beaucham, Lewis Audley, John Fenwick, Walter St. John, Robert Wilson Esqs; Thomas Moor, Edmund Moor, Laurence March, Robert Pursey, William Mullins, John Mason. James Shutley, Leonard Rawlins, John Westbrook, James Pitson Sebastian Good, Robert Mead, Marleon Reeve, John Howe, John Life, Richard Blagrave, John Smith, Andrew Cad, Richard Wats, Joseph Collier, Samuel Ling, Samuel Warcup, — Dancer, Daniel Gatherson, John Inwood, Sackvil Gulston, Esqs; John Bentley, Cornelius Cook, Jackson Gunstal, Richard Woodier, Peter Delanoy, Francis Allen, Aldermen of London; Henry Bradley, William Hiccocks, Samuel Hilland, John Cartwright, Samuel Rowse, William Wimmersal, James Shirley, Josias Barners, Robert Dawlman, Esqs; Thomas Walker, Gent. Henry Massingbeard Esq.



For the county of Sussex, Sir Thomas Pelham, Sir Gregory Norton, Baronets; Anthony Stapley, Herbert Morley, Henry Shelley, John Baker, Edward Apsley, William Hay, John Busbridge, Peter Farnden, Thomas Geffry, Thomas Collins, Anthony Cruttenden, William Newton, William Cawley, John Downs, James Temple, Ralph Cooper, Peter Bettisworth of Vining, Thomas Luxford Esq; Thomas Henshaw, William Freeman, Thomas Miller of Marden, Nicholas Sheepheard, John Fag, William Morley, Arthur Bettisworth, Esqs; Philip Jermyn, one of the Justices of the Upper Bench, Thomas Smith, Stephen Humphrey senior, Nathaniel Studley, Robert Spence, Roger Gratwick, William Spence, Esqs; John Evernden, Edward Manning, Thomas White, Richard Yates, Thomas Challoner, Esqs; Simon Evernden, Ambrose Trayton, Thomas Springet, Walter Evernden Senior, Edward Madgwick, Gent. Edward Hobson, John Albery, Joseph Yong, William Cook, James Morris, Nicholas Dallender, Henry Stolman.



For the county of Worcester, John Wylde Chief Baron of the Exchequer; Sir Thomas Rouse, Baronet; Edward Pit, Humphrey Salway, Charls Cornwallis, John Latham, John James, John Dormer, William Dingley, John Corbet, Nicholas Lech mere, William Say, Henry Bromley of Upton, William Lygon, Thomas Westro, John Egyock, Thomas Jolley, Edmund Wylde, Esqs; Sir William Samblake Knight. Samuel Gardner, Edmund Giles, John Giles of Ashley, Thomas Yong, William Collins, William Moor, John Halford, Gent. Thomas Milward, Thomas Cooks, Talbot Badger, John Barnsley Esqs; Sir William Craven Knight; William Jefferies, Samuel Dingley, John Nanfan, Nicholas Acton, John Kite, Daniel Dobbins, Jervis Buck, John Bridges, Esqs; John Fowns, William Hicks; Henry Matthews, George Symonds, Philip Parsons, Gent. The Mayor of Evesham, and the Bayliffs of Bewdley for the time being, Thomas Rawlins Esq; Edmund Boylston Gent.

Worcester City.

Worcester City.

For the city and county of the city of Worcester, John Cowcher, John Nash, Edward Elvins, Henry Foord, Robert Stirrop, Aldermen; Henry Phillips senior, The Mayor and Sherriff for the time being; Francis Franks, Theophilus Aley, Faulk Easthop, William Scot, Gent. William Dingley, Francis Street, Esqs.



For the county of Warwick, and the city and county of the city of Coventry, Basil Earl of Denbigh, Sir Peter Wentworth Knight of the Bath, Sir Robert Litton Knight; William Purefoy, John Hales, William Colemore, Thomas Willoughby, Anthony Staughton, Gamaliel Purefoy, Esqs; Sir Simon Archer Knight; John Rowse, Nicholas Overbury, Esqs; Robert Wilcocks, Thomas Archer, Edward Peyto; Peter Burgoin, Richard Lucy, John Bridges, Christopher Hales, Esqs; Joseph Hawksworth Gent. John Baker, Godfrey Bosvile John St. Nicholas, Waldive Willington, Paul Wentworth, Edward Stratford, Edward Marrow, Thomas Combes, William Combes, Esqs; William Whitehal, Thomas Basnet, Gent. Richard Hopkins Esq; Robert Beak, Matthew Smith; The Mayor of Coventry for the time being, John Barker, Thomas Basnet, John Rogerson, Aldermen; Matthew Smith, Samuel Snell, John Whitewick, John Hales Esq; Thomas Love Gent. Richard Hopkins Esq.



For the county of Wilts, Philip Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery, Charls Viscount Cranborn, Benjamin Weston Esq; Sir Anthony Ashley-Cooper, Baronet; Sir Edward Bainton, Sir John Danvers, Sir John Evelyn, Edmond Ludlow, Edward Bainton, Alexander Popham, Robert Gennor, Thomas Hodges, Richard Whitehead, Michael Oldsworth, John Ash Esqs. Robert Nicholas, one of the Justices of the Upper Bench, Philip Smith, Edward Ash, Edmund Ludlow senior, Alexander Thistlethwait, William Sadler, Edward Goddard, Robert Hippesley, John Lisle Esq; one of the Lords Commissioners of the Great Seal of England, William Stevens, Edward Tooker, Walter St. John, Thomas Long of Mastown, Captain Stephen White, William Cawley, John Dove, William Ludlow, Edward Stokes, Edward Martin, Gabriel Martin, Thomas Baily, Edward Pierce, Robert Good, Robert Brown, John Stephen Gent. William Hussey, Thomas Hussey Esqs; Richard Crouch, William Cole, Robert Nicholas of Sewley, Gent. Edward Manning Esq; Edward Nicholas, John Laurence, Thomas Hunt, Gent, The Mayor of Sarum for the time being, John Ivey senior, Humphrey Ditton, William Eyre Esq; James Hulbert of Cosham, Francis Dove, John Rede, Jefferey Daniel Esqs.; Giles Eyre, Barnaby Coles, Francis Swanton Esqs; Thomas Hancock, Francis Leigh, Gent. Thomas Estcourt, William Temple, John Taylor, Samuel Ash, William Mountjoy, Esqs; Andrew Bewod, Paul Methwin, Anthony Trotman, Christopher Gardner of Tynehead, William Erby, Nicholas Green, John Bennet of Steeple-Ashton, John Smith of Bradford, Richard Franklin, William Reddish, Gent. Francis Andrews of Collingbourn, Edward Mills of Foxfield, John Cheney of Oare, Edward Tidcomb of Eastcot, Robert Munday of Charlton, Thomas Carter of Warminster, Esqs; Mr. John Keyns, Mr. William Blisset, Mr. James Abbot, Mr. George Ivey, Mr. William Shute of Segry, Mr. Richard Scot, Mr. Richard Sherston of Bromham, Mr. William Adlam, Mr. John Rideat, Mr. John Stephens, Thomas Eyre, of Bromham, Richard Hill, Gent. Sir Seymor Pyle, Baronet; John Long Esq; William Wastfield of Fovant, Gent; George Dyer of Heytesbury Gent. John Hancock of Compton Basset, Gent. John Blackbury of Tynehead, Edmund Hungerford of Chisbury and John Fettiplace, Esqs; Thomas Kelway and Walter Web, Gent, Edward Middlecot Esq; Richard Hill Gent.



For the county of Westmerland, Philip Lord Wharton, Henry Ireton, Richard Salwey, Edward Brigs, Richard Branthwait, John Fallowfield, John Moreland, Robert Branthwait, Edmund Guy, Robert Scaff, Richard Crackingthorpe, Jervis Benson, Thomas Sands, Roger Bateman, John Archer, Richard Branthwait.



For the Isle of Anglesey, Thomas Harrison, Esq; John Jones, Thomas Mitton, William Bold, Esqs; John Wood, Sir Hugh Owen, Richard Owen, Theodore Owen, Owen Holland, Owen Wood, Perie Lloyd, Thomas Madrin, John Carter, George Twisleton, Richard Price, Thomas Ball, Esqs; The Mayor of Beaumaris for the time being; Thomas Williams Esq; John Sydenham, Richard Bolton, Henry Marsh, Gent, Richard Dryhurst, Owen Cramley, Thomas Swift, Hugh Courtney, Esqs.



For the county of Brecknock, Thomas Harrison Esq; Howel Gwyn de Lanbrave, Edward Romsey, Edward Games, Henry Williams, Edward Vaughan, Thomas Williams, William Watkins, Lewis Jones, Esqs; Charles Walbeaf, Thomas Lewis, Edward Williams, Meredith Lewis, Thomas Watkins, Thomas Bowen, Roger Games, Esqs.



For the county of Cardigan, Thomas Harrison Esq; Thomas Lewis, Hugh Lloyd, James Lewis, James Phillips, Thomas Lloyd, Esqs; David Lewis, John Lloyd of Vaerdriff Esq; John Lewis of Glascrig, Thomas Parry of Fowen, Richard Lloyd of Llangadney, Esqs; Abel Griffith of Cardigan Gent. Edward Vaughan Esq.



For the county of Carmarthen, Sir Erasmus Philips Baronet; Thomas Harrison Esq; Roger Lort, Francis Lloyd, James Jones, William Fleming Esqs; Sir Edward Vaughan, Henry Lloyd Gent. Thomas Morgan, Evan Thomas, Rowland Dawkins, Esqs; Philip Jones, James Philips, John Lloyd of Vaerdriff, Esqs; Morris Morgan Gent. David Morgan, John Russel, Esqs.



For the county of Carnarvan, Thomas Harrison Esq; John Jones, Thomas Mitton, Thomas Madrin, Griffith Jones, Maurice Wyn, Edmund Glyn, Esqs; Sir William Williams Baronet, Thomas Williams, John Wyn of Gronfryn, Hugh Griffith, Edward Williams, John Owen, Richard Anwel, Griffith Williams, Richard Coitmore, William Stoddart, John Carter, George Twisleton, Richard Price, Thomas Ball, Esqs; John Parry Gent. Thomas Mason Esq.



For the county of Denbigh, Sir Thomas Middleton, Sir John Trevor, knights; Thomas Harrison Esq; Thomas Mitton, Simon Thelwal, John Puleston, one of the Justices of the Common Pleas, Robert Wyn, Robert Sentley, John Jones, Owen Salisbury, Owen Thelwal, Edward Thelwal, Fowlk Middleton, Richard Egerton, Richard Bassnet, Edward Wyn of Lanhicham, John Longford, John Carter, George Twisleton, John Peck Esqs; Watkin Kiffin, Thomas Ball, Edward Taylor, Ralph Crutchley, Gent. Thomas Ravenscroft, Richard Middleton, Robert Duckenfield, Esqs; Philip Eyton.



For the county of Flint, Sir Thomas Middleton, Sir John Trevor, knights, Thomas Harrison Esq; John Puleston one of the Justices of the Common Pleas; Thomas Ravenscroft, John Jones, John Aldersey, Humphrey Dymmock, John Salisbury, Peter Evans, Roger Hanmer, Roger Ellis, Luke Lloyd, Thomas Lloyd, Thomas Dymmock, Richard Young, David Jones, Ralph Hughes, Peter Fowlkes, Pierce Conway, John Carter, George Twisleton, Thomas Ball, Thomas Critchley, Esqs; John Maddon, of Botfaray, Gent, John Peck, Robert Duckenfield, Esqs.



For the county of Glamorgan, Thomas Harrison, Algernon Sidney, Esqs; Sir Thomas Lewis Knight; Oliver Cromwel Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Richard Cromwel, William Lewis, Bassey Mansel, Michael Oldisworth, Edward Pritchard, Evan Syes, Humphrey Windham, William Herbert de Cogan, William Powel, William Basset, Edward Stradling, Richard Jones, Philip Jones, Henry Bawen, John Herbert, John Price, Thomas Evans, Rowland Dawkins, John Gibs, William Peer, Edmund Gamadge, Thomas Spencer, and Thomas Boteler, Esqs.



For the county of Merioneth, Sir Thomas Middleton Knight; Thomas Harrison Esq; Thomas Mitton, Griffith Nanny, Owen Salisbury, Robert Anwil, John Jones, Howel Vaughan, John Vaughan, Lewis Lloyd, William Wyn de Glyn, John Lloyd, Edmund Merrick, Robert Wyn, Lewis Owen, Robert Vaughan, John Vaughan de Carogay, Lewis Gwyn, John Lloyd of Carog, Esqs. Maurice Wyn, Morris Lewis, John Owen, Rowland Lewis, Edward Jones of Moches, Gent. John Carter, George Twisleton, Richard Price, Thomas Ball, Esqs; Theodore Vaughan, Edward Wyn of Talthreythin, Gent.



For the county of Montgomery, Sir Thomas Middleton, Sir John Witewrong, knights; Thomas Harrison Esq; Thomas Mitton, John Pugh, Lloyd Pierce, Lewis Owen, Charls Lloyd of Garth; Hugh Price, Richard Price, John Kinnaston, Samuel Moor, John Price, Matthew Morgan, Richard Owen, Gabriel Wyn, Thomas Owen, Rice Vaughan, William Kiffin, Richard Griffith, Robert Griffith, Esqs; Edward Owen, Samuel Bigs, Lodowick Lewis, Charls Jones, Gent. Evan Lloyd Esq.



For the county of Pembroke, Sir Erasmus Philips, Baronet; Thomas Harrison, Esq; Robert Lort, Henry White, Herbert Perriot, Sampson Lort, Richard le Hunt, Walter Caney, John Lort, Esqs; James Phillips, Rowland Dawkins, Thomas Parry, Esqs; Morris Morgan, John Matthews, William Barber, Esqs; — Puthoraugh, Abel Griffith, Gent.



For the county of Radnor, Silvanus Taylor, Thomas Harrison, Esqs; Henry Williams, Thomas Baskervile, William Beaumont, John Williams, Peter Price, John Dancey Esqs; Richard King, Gent. John Williams de Skenless, Hugh Lewis, David Lloid de Dissert, Peter Tailer, Nicholas Tailer.



For the town of Haverford West, Arnold Thomas, Thomas Harrison, Maurice Cannon, William Williams, William Bawen Esqs. John Milward Gent. The Mayor for the time being; John Price Alderman, Owen Howel, Richard Luntley, William Batemore junior; William Davies, Jenkin Howel, William Meyler, William Bowen, John David, Roger Bevons, Aldermen; William Walter Mercer, William Bateman.

Said sums to be levied by pound rate.; Commissioners' meetings; Nomination of surveyors and assessors; Their oath.; Further instructions to Commissioners concerning assessment.; Allowances to collectors and others.; Collectors may levy sums by distress on refusal to pay.; Assistance in case of resistance.; Commissioners to settle differences between distrainers and distrained.; Penalty for refusal to pay assessment.; Tenants to pay rates and deduct landlords' share out of rents.; Commissioners may relieve persons over-rated.; Collectors to pay moneys to Receivers-General.; Commissioners to name General-Receiver in each county.; His salary.; Commissioners may fine persons neglecting their duties.; Limit of fine.; Proviso.; No privielged place.; or person exempt from rate.; Tenants of fee-farm rents to pay rates.; Double rate on such as have left Commonwealth (merchants excepted).

And for the more equal and right proportioning the several sums before-mentioned, Be it further Enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That the several Sums of Money to be Rated, Assessed and Levied by vertue of this Act, shall be taxed and assessed by a Pound-rate on the several Divisions, Ridings, Hundreds, Lathes, Wapentakes and Parishes, in the respective Counties, Cities and places aforesaid, for all and every their Lands, Tenements, Hereditaments, Annuities, Rents, Parks, Warrens, Goods, Chattels, Money, Stock, Merchandise, Office, or any other Real or Personal Estate whatsoever, according to the value thereof; (viz.) so much upon every Twenty shillings Rent, or Yearly value of Land and Real Estate, and so much upon Money, Stock, and other Personal Estate, by an equal Rate; (wherein every Twenty pounds in Money, Stock, or other Personal Estate, shall bear the like charge as shall be laid upon Twenty shillings yearly Rent, or yearly value of Land) as will raise the Monethly sum or sums so charged upon the respective Counties, Cities and Towns aforesaid: For the better effecting whereof, It is hereby Enacted, That the several and respective Commissioners hereby appointed for the several and respective Counties, Cities and Towns before named shall meet together at the most common and usual place of meeting in each of the said Counties, Cities and Towns respectively, on or before the Tenth day of December, One thousand six hundred and fifty: And the said Commissioners. or as many of them as shall then and there attend and be present, shall cause this present Act to be put in execution, according to their best discretion and judgement; And having agreed amongst themselves of some general Rules and Directions for the doing thereof, and appointed another time for their second general Meeting, which shall be on or before the sixteenth day of December aforesaid at the furthest, to receive the Returns from the several Divisions, Hundreds, Ridings, Lathes, Wapentakes, Townships, Parishes and Places, the said Commissioners shall repair unto their several Divisions, Ridings, Lathes, Wapentakes or Hundreds, and then with all convenient speed they or any two or more of them shall nominate and appoint two or three of the honest and able Inhabitants in the several and respective Townships and places within their said Divisions, Ridings, Lathes, Wapentakes, Hundreds or Parishes, to be Surveyors and Assessors, who (or any two of them) are to ascertain and Rate the yearly value and profits of the said Township, Parish and place for which they shall be appointed Surveyors or Assessors, and shall return the same to the said Commissioners, or to such person or persons as shall be appointed to receive the same, four days at the least before the said second general Meeting of the said Commissioners may deliver in all the Surveys to be made throughout the said Counties, Cities and Towns aforesaid, at the said second general Meeting appointed as aforesaid, at or before the said Sixteenth day of Decem ber. And for the better proceeding, and more perfect discovery of the truth in the said Surveys, that the intention of an equal Rate throughout the several places aforesaid, and every part of them, may be obtained, the said Commissioners in their several and respective Divisions and Limits, or any two of them, may, and are hereby authorized to administer an Oath (if they shall see cause) unto the respective Surveyors and Assessors, for their faithful discharge of the Trust reposed in them, and for their just and impartial dealing in the same. And the said Commissioners, or the major part of so many of them as shall be present at the said second general Meeting, shall upon view and perusal of the said several Surveys, cast up the true yearly Revenue, and Profits of the whole County, City or Town, to the end that an equal Pound-Rate may be appointed upon every Division, Hundred, Riding, Lathe, Wapentake, Township and Parish, according to the proportion and sum of Money charged upon the said County, City or Town by vertue of this present Act: which proportion and equal Rate the said Commissioners, or the major part of them present as aforesaid, are by vertue of this Act authorized and appointed to make; and that being done, The Commissioners, or any two or more of them, shall send forth their Warrants to the High Constables, and other Officers or persons within their several Divisions, Hundreds or Ridings, Lathes or Wapentakes, to cause the said several proportions and sums of Money to be equally assessed, taxed, levyed and collected in due manner and form, according to the true intent and meaning of this Act; and to appoint Assessors for the perfecting thereof, who are hereby likewise authorized and required to put the business with all care and diligence in present execution, observing the Rules in this Act prescribed, for the equal assessing of all Estates both Real and Personal within the Limits, Circuits and Bounds of their respective Divisions: And for the compleating of the sum or proportion charged upon the same; and to the end the said Rates be equally and indifferently Assessed, and the Monies duly collected, and true account thereof made, The said Assessors are hereby required within six days after such Assessments made, to deliver one Copy of their respective Assessments fairly written and subscribed by them, unto the said respective Commissioners: And the said respective Commissioners, or any two or more of them, are hereby Ordered and Required to Sign and Seal two Duplicates of the said respective Assessments, whereof one Duplicate the said respective Commissioners are to deliver to the respective Collectors, with Warrant to them forthwith to Collect the said Assessments, and one other Duplicate to the Treasurers at War at Guild-Hall London: And the said several Commissioners, or any two or more of them, are hereby respectively authorized from time to time, to nominate and appoint one or more sufficient, honest and able persons in every Division or Allotment, to be Collectors of the said Money so Assessed and Rated; which said Collectors, and every of them, are hereby authorised and required forthwith to Collect the said Money so Assessed: And the said Commissioners, or any three or more of them, are hereby authorized to allow one peny in the pound to the said respective Collectors and their Subcollectors, for their pains in Assessing and Collecting the said Moneys, and one peny in the pound to the Commissioners Clerks for their pains in fair Writing the said Assessments and Duplicates. And if any person shall refuse or neglect to pay any sum of money whereat he shall be Rated or Assessed, That then it shall and may be lawful to and for the said Collectors, or any of them, who are hereby authorized and required thereunto, to levy the sum so Assessed, by distress and sale of the Goods of such person so refusing or neglecting to pay, deducting the sum Assessed and reasonable charges of distraining, and restore the overplus to the Owner thereof; and to break open any House, Chest, Trunk, Box, or other thing where any such Goods are, and to call to their assistance any of the Forces next adjacent, to or within the Cities, Counties, Town or Places, where any such resistance shall be made, or any other Officer or Officers, person or persons Civil or Military whatsoever; which said Forces, Officers and Persons, are hereby required to be ayding and assisting in the premises as they will answer the contrary at their perils. And if any question or difference happen upon the taking of such distress between the parties distrained or distraining, the same shall be ended and determined by the said Commissioners, or by any two or more of them; And the said several Commissioners, or any two or more of them, are hereby authorized to use such other lawful ways or means for the speedy levying of the said Assessments, as to them shall be thought fit: And if any person or persons shall neglect or refuse to pay his Assessment, and convey his or their Goods, or other personal Estate, whereby the sum of money so assessed cannot be levied according to this Act, Then the said respective Commissioners, or any two or more of them, are hereby authorized to Imprison the persons, and Sequester the Estates of every such person, for the advancement of the said Service: And the several and respective Tenants or Tenant of all Houses and Lands which shall be Rated by vertue of this Act, are hereby required and authorized to pay such sums of money as shall be Rated upon such house or lands, and to deduct out of their Rents so much of the said Rates as in respect of the Rents of every such House and Land the Landlords should or ought to pay and bear: And the said Landlords, both mediate and immediate, according to their respective interests, are hereby required to allow such deduction and payment, upon the receipt of the residue of their Rents. And be it Enacted, That every Tenant paying the said Assessment, shall be acquitted and discharged for so much money as the said Assessment shall amount unto, as if the same had been actually paid unto such person or persons unto whom his Rents should have been due and payable: And if any difference shall arise between Landlord and Tenant, or any other concerning the said rates, The said several Commissioners, or any two or more of them in their several Divisions, shall, and have hereby power to settle the same as they shall think fit: And in case the proportions set by this Act upon all and every the respective Counties, Cities, Towns and places, shall not be so fully assessed, levyed and paid, according to the true meaning thereof; or that if any of the said Assessments shall be rated or imposed upon any person not being of ability to pay the same; or upon any empty or void House or Land, where the same cannot be Collected or Levyed, or that through any other wilfulness, negligence. mistake or accident, the said Assessment shall fall short, and not be paid, That then in all and every such cases, the several and respective Commissioners, Assessors and Collectors aforesaid, and every of them respectively are hereby authorized and required to Assess, or cause to be Assessed, Collected, Levyed and paid, All and every such sum and sums of money, upon the respective Counties, Cities, Towns or places, or upon the several and respective Divisions, Hundreds, and Parishes, where the same shall be unassessed, not collected, levied, or not paid; The said new Assessment to be made, collected, levyed and paid, in such manner, and by such means as in this Act for the Assessment is declared. And it is further Enacted, That if any person or persons shall finde him or themselves agrieved, That he or they is or are over-rated, and shall within six days after demand made of the sum of money assessed on him or them, complain to the Commissioners who signed or allowed his or their Assessment, The major part of the said Commissioners who signed or allowed his or their Assessment, shall have power upon Examination, within eight days after the demand as aforesaid, to relieve such person or persons, and to charge the same upon such other person or persons as they shall see cause. And the said Collectors and every of them, are hereby required from time to time to pay such sum or sums of money as shall be by them collected by vertue of this Act, to the Receiver-General appointed by the said Commissioners for the County, City or Town wherein they are Collectors for the receiving of the moneys to be levyed by vertue of this Act. And be it Enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That power be, and is hereby given to the respective Commissioners in the several and respective Counties, Cities and Towns in this Act nominated, to appoint in each particular county a General-receiver, who shall receive the Assessments of the said Counties from the particular Collectors and Sub-collectors; and the said General-receiver of each particular county shall transmit or cause to be paid the monies by him received, unto the Treasurers at War, or where or to whom they shall appoint to receive the same; And the said Treasurers at Wars are to allow unto the said Receiver-General in each County, a Salary for his pains, not exceeding one peny in the pound upon his Accompt. And be it further Enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That if any person or persons shall wilfully neglect or refuse to perform his duty in the due and speedy execution of this present Act; The said respective Commissioners, or any three or more of them, have hereby power to impose upon such person or persons so refusing or neglecting their duties, such Fine or Fines as to them shall be thought fit, and cause the same to be levied by distress and sale of his Goods, in maner and form aforesaid. Provided, That no Fine to be imposed by any of the said Commissioners, shall for any one offence exceed the sum of Twenty pounds; And that all Fines so imposed, shall be paid to the respective ReceiversGeneral, and by them to the Treasurers at Wars, for the use of the Forces raised by the authority of Parliament. And provided also, That in case any controversies arise concerning the said Assessments, or the dividing, apportioning, or payment thereof, which concern any of the Commissioners by this Act appointed. That the Commissioners so concerned in the said Controversies shall have no Voyce, but shall withdraw at the time of the debate of any such Controversie, until it be determined by the rest of the Commissioners. And be it hereby Enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That no priviledged place or person, Body Politique or Corporate within the Cities, Counties, Towns and places aforesaid, shall be exempted from the said Assessments and Taxes; but that they and every of them, and also all Fee-Farm rents, or other Rents of the late Kings Revenue; all rents and other Sums reserved by the late Court of Wards, out of any Wards, Infants or Lunaticks Estates; and all other maner of Rents, Payments and Sums of Money, and all Annuities issuing out of any Lands within any City or County, shall be lyable towards the payment of any sum by this Act to be taxed and levyed: And all the Tenants of any Fee-farm rent, other Rent, Sums of Money or Annuities aforesaid, are hereby directed and authorized to pay them proportionably according to the Rates and Assessments by this Act appointed and Enacted: And all such Tenants shall be hereby saved and kept harmless by Authority of Parliament, from any further payment of such portion of any such Rent, Rents, Sums or Annuities either to the Exchequer, to the Committee of the Revenue, or to any person or persons to whom any such Rent, Rents, Sums of Money or Annuities as aforesaid shall or ought to be paid, to all intents and purposes whatsoever, as fully and as amply as if they had paid the same into the Exchequer, to the Committee of the Revenue, or to any person or persons to whom the same is reserved and become due. And it is hereby Enacted, That all those persons who have left the Commonwealth, and removed themselves beyond the seas to inhabit (except Merchants, whose affairs do necessarily call them abroad) shall be assessed a Double proportion upon their Lands, Stocks, and Chattels, of what others, for the Lands, Stocks and Chattels of the like value, should be assessed.

Proviso in case pound-rate be prejudicial.

Provided nevertheless, And be it further Enacted, That in case the way or maner of Assessing by a pound-rate in this present Act prescribed, shall prove any way prejudicial or obstructive to the bringing in of the Assessments appointed by this present Act, That then, and in all such cases, the said Commissioners in any of the said Cities, Counties, Towns and Places before-mentioned, where such Obstruction shall be or happen, shall appoint a general Meeting together, and the major part of them then present, may, and are hereby authorized, for the removal of all Obstructions, and the more speedy and effectual Execution of this Act, to proceed according to the most just and equal way of Rates held in such places, in the apportioning, levying and assessing the respective sums charged upon them, Anything in this Act contained to the contrary thereof in any wise notwithstanding.

Commissioners may appoint surveyors, and administer oath to them.

Provided always, That it shall and may be lawful to and for the Commissioners in this Act named, or any three or more of them for the more just and impartial Surveying of any Lands, in their several and respective Counties and Divisions, Parishes and Places, to appoint two or three such other able Surveyors, as to them shall seem meet, though not persons residing within the Limits and Divisions where the Differences do arise; and that it shall and may be lawful for the said Commissioners, or any three of them, to Administer an Oath (if they see cause) unto the said Surveyors, for their faithful discharge of the Trust reposed in them, and impartial dealing in the same.

Both Universities, and schools of Winchester, Eton, and Westminster, etc., exempt.

Provided also, That nothing contained in this Act shall be extended to charge any Master, Fellow or Schollar of any Colledge in either of the Universities, or in the Colledges of Winchester, Eaton or Westminster, or any other Free-Schools; or any Reader, Officer or Minister of the said Universities, Colledges or Schools; or of any Hospital or Alms-house, for or in regard of any Stipend, Wages or Profit whatsoever, arising or growing due to them in respect of their said several Places, and Imployments in the said Universities, Colledges, Schools, Hospitals or Alms-houses, nor to charge any of the Houses or Lands belonging to Christs Hospital, Bartholomew, Bridewel, Thomas and Bethlehem-Hospitals, in the City of London and Borough of Southwark or any of them, for or in respect of any Rents or Revenues payable to the said Hospitals, being to be received and disbursed for the immediate use and relief of the Poor in the same Hospitals.

Rating of persons holding of exempt Hospitals.

Provided, That no Tenants who hold or enjoy any Lands or Houses by Lease, or any other grant from any of the said Hospitals, do claim or enjoy any Freedom, Exemption or Advantage by this Act; But that all the Houses and Lands which they so hold, shall be rated and assessed for so much as they are yearly worth, over and above the Rents reserved and payable to the said Hospitals.

No abatements to be made.; Commissioners to give account to Army Committee.

Provided nevertheless, That no Clause or Proviso in this Act shall extend to the lessening or abatement of the full sum by this Act appointed to be taxed, levyed and paid; But that the same be fully assessed, taxed, levyed, collected and paid, in the several Counties, Cities and Places, in such maner and form, and to the uses herein before mentioned and declared. And that the several and respective Commissioners and every of them, shall from time to time give a true and perfect accomt of all their doings and proceedings in the Execution of this Act, to the Committee for the Army, or to such other persons as the Parliament shall appoint.