July 1644: An Ordinance for the enabling the Committees herein named, to put in execution severall Ordinances of Parliament in the Counties of Wilts, Dorset, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall, the Cities of Bristoll and Exeter, and the Town and County of Poole.

Pages 459-461

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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July 1644

[1 July, 1644.]

Committees Names.

The Lords and Commons taking into their consideration the necessity of speedy raising Moneys for the maintenance of the Army, and Garrisons that are or shall hereafter be in the Counties of Wilts, Dorset, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall, together with the cities of Bristoll and Exeter, and the Town and County of Poole, And for the reducing of the said Counties to the obedience of the King and Parliament, Doe Ordain and appoint the persons hereafter named, to be Committees for the said severall and respective Counties and Places; that is to say,


For the County of Wilts, Philip Earle of Pembroke and Mountgomery, Denzill Hollis, Esquire; Sir Edward Hunger ford, Knight of the Bath; Sir Nevill Poole, and Sir Edward Baynton, Knights; Alexander Popham, Edward Baynton, Edward Poole, Walter Long, Robert Jennor, Robert Nicholas, Edward Ash, Thomas Hodges, Philip Smith, John Ash, Esquires; Sir John Danvers, Knight; Edmond Ludlow, Alexander Thistlethwayte junior, Edward Goddard, Thomas Bennet of Norton, Edmond Ludlow senior, Walton Poole, John Goddard, Henry Hungerford, Robert Hippisly, and Edmond Warnford, Esquires; Robert Long of Southwick, Thomas Goddard, William Sadler, John Read of Porton, Robert Stoakes Humphry Ditton, John Dove, Richard 'Hill, Edward Brown, Robert Talboys, Thomas Baily and William Jessy.


For the County of Dorset; William Earle of Salisbury, Thomas Earle of Elgin, Denzill Holles, Esquire; Sir Walter Erle, Knight; John Brown, Edmond Prideaux, Thomas Erle Thomas Moore, John Trenchard, Dennis Bond, William Whittaker, Roger Hill, Giles Greene, Richard Rose, Esquires; Sir Thomas Trenchard, Knight; John Fitz-James, junior; John Bingham, William Savage, Robert Butler, Richard Bradrip, William Sydenham junior; Francis Chettle, Thomas Crompton, Elias Bond, Bartholomew Hall, Thomas Ceely, Robert Rowe, Henry Henly and John Hill, Esquires; William Kirridge and Richard Bury, Gent.


For the Towne and County of Poole: John Bingham, Esquire, Governour; George Skut senior; Aaron Durell, Haviland Healy, William Skut and John Mellmoth.


For the County of Somerset; Sir Edward Hungerford, Knight of the Bath; Sir Francis Popham, Knight; Alexander Popham, John Pyne, Hugh Rogers, John Ash, Roger Hill of Pounsford, and George Searle, Esquire; Sir Thomas Wroth, Sir John Horner, Sir Robert Georges, Knights; Edward Popham, Samuel Horner, Henry Roles, Serjeant at Law, William Strode, Clement Walker, James Ash, John Preston, Thomas Hodges, Henry Henley, William Long, Henry Bonner, Richard Hippesley, Jonathan Pits, Robert Paradine, Thomas Hippesley, Alexander Pym, William Pryn, Thomas English, William Caple, John Barnard, John Prickman, and Robert Blake Esquires; John Palmer, Roger Hill of Taunton, Nicholas Saunders, Richard Trivilian, Lisleborne Long, Matthew Clift of Bath, Robert Morgan of Wells, and Christopher Pettard, Gent; Edward Ceely, Thomas Francis and Henry Miutterne.


And for the City of Bristoll; Richard Viccaries, Luke Hodges, John Birch, Henry Gibs, James Powell, Edward Tyson and Robert Aldworth.


And for the County of Devon; Sir John Bamfield, Baronet; Sir John Specket, Sir Richard Strode, Sir Edmond Fowell, Sir Shilston Calmady, Sir Henry Rosewell, and Sir John Young, Knights; Walter Young, Edmond Prideaux, John Maynard, John Harris of Karne, William Strode, Francis Rowse, John Waddon, John Rolles, William Fry, John Crocker, Robert Savery, Elias Grymes, Arthur Upton, Richard Gilbert, John Lutterell, Richard Mallack senior of Axmouth, Thomas Crewe, Charles Vaughan, John Ware, Collonel John Beare, Thomas Beare, Henry Polexfin, John Kelly of Kelley; John Caws, Major of Plymouth; John Barton of Silverton; John Champneys, Thomas Boone, Philip Harris, Joseph Huntkine, John Marshall, Philip Francis, Thomas Ceely, Richard Evans, Timothy Alsop, Justinian Peard, Christopher Ceely.


And for the City of Excester; Samuel Clark, Adam Bennit, John Lovering, Richard Crossing junior; and Richard Evans.


For the County of Cornwall; John Lord Roberts, Francis Buller, Richard Erysey, Thomas Arundell, Francis Godolphin of Treveneage, Anthony Nicholl, George Buller, and John Moyle, junior; John Elliott, John Seyntaubyn, John Trefusis, John Moyle, John Carter, Nicholas Boscawen, George Kekewich, John Trefusis, junior; Thomas Gewen, Richard Chiverton, Christoper Worethivall, Anthony Rowse, Nicholas Wadham, Henry Wills, Robert Bennet, Richard Carver, Edward Elliot, John Martin, Richard Penwaren, William Ceely and Robert Martin.

Power to execute former Ordinances.; Powers formerly given to others made void.

Which Persons, or any three of them, are hereby Authorised and appointed to put in Execution within their respective Counties and Places, these Ordinances following; That is to say, The Ordinance for Administring the Nationall Covenant, the Ordinance for the Fifth and Twentieth part, The severall Ordinances, Orders and Instructions for Sequestrations, And the Ordinance for the weekly Assessment; Which said Ordinance for the weekly Assessment shall be put in Execution for three Moneths from the date of this Ordinance; and the said Committees respectively, shall doe their utmost for the preservation of the said Counties from spoile and plunder, and shall be likewise obedient to such further Instructions as from time to time they shall receive from both Houses of Parliament. And be it further Ordained, That all Power formerly giving by any Order or Ordinance of Parliament to any person or persons, other then such as are named in this Ordinance for the putting in Execution any of the forenamed Ordinances in these Counties and places, is hereby repealed and made voyd.