July 1644: An Ordinance for the explanation of a former Ordinance for the taking and receiving of the Accompts of the Kingdom.

Pages 468-470

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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July 1644

[10 July, 1644.]

Whereas upon the former Ordinance of both Houses of Parliament, for taking the Accompts of the Kingdome, some doubt doth arise, whether there be sufficient power given the Committee named in that Ordinance, by the express words thereof to determine any Accompts by them taken, and to receive and keep the Vouchers which concern the same Accompts; And whereas the sub-Committees to be appointed by them by vertue of the said Ordinance, in any County, City, or place where they shall think meet, have the self-same power given them within their several limits as the said Committee hath, and are not appointed to receive any directions from, or to return any Accompts unto them, which will prove inconvenient, and hinder the Orderly taking of the said Accompts by the said Committee.

Committee for accounts have power to determine accompts and give discharges.; Committees shall once a month take particular musters and keep muster Rolles.; Horses & Arms shall be made good unless lost in actual service.; Muster Rolls shall be returned to the Committee for Accompts.; Fines imposed and moneys due shal be paid into the Chamber of London.; Salaries of Clerks, and incident charges of the Committees to be paid out.

Be it therefore Ordained by the Lords and Commons in Parliament, That the said Committee or any five or more of them, shall have power and authority to determine the Accompts by them taken, to give discharges in writings under the hands of any five or more of them, and to receive and keep all Vouchers which concern the same; And that all and every sub-Committees, appointed or to be appointed by vertue of the said Ordinance, shall pursue such directions as they shall from time to time receive from the said Committee of Accompts, for the better ordering and expediting of their Accompts, and likewise to return unto them all and singular Accompts which shall be taken by them before the same shall be finally determined. And because a true Accompt cannot be taken of such moneys as are payed unto the Armies Officers, and Souldiers in the several Garrisons, Cities and Counties of the Kingdom, except exact Musters be duly made and kept of the said Forces, and accompts taken of the Arms and Horse in the several Counties aforesaid; It is hereby further Ordained, That the several Committees of Parliament, or such or so many of them as have power to execute the several Ordinances in the said Counties, Cities and Garrisons, shall from time to time hereafter, every Moneth at the least, or oftner if they shall see cause, take particular Musters, and keep true Muster Rolls, of all the Officers and Souldiers by name now being, or hereafter to be raised within the said several Counties, Cities, and Garrisons where they are authorized as Committees of Parliament; and that all Colonels, Captains, and Officers within the said Armies, Counties, Cities, and Garisons raised or to be raised, shall from time to time make good all Horses and Arms under their several Commands, unto the said several Committees of Parliament, in the said several Counties, Cities, and Garisons aforesaid, unless the same were lost in actual service; and the said several Committees of Parliament shall return the said Muster Rolls, or true notes of all the Musters aforesaid, and certifie all the defects therein, and of Arms and Horse aforesaid unto the Committee for the Accompts of the Kingdom, or unto the several sub-Committees of Accompts in the several Counties of the Kingdom, which the same sub-Committees shall return up unto the said Committee of Accompts in manner and form aforesaid, to the end that satisfaction may be made unto the Commonwealth for such loss of Horse and Arms out of the said Officers pay. And that all Fines to be imposed by vertue of the said Ordinance of Accompts, and all such sums of money as the said Committee of Accompts, or any two of them shall certifie to be due, and owing by any Person or Persons upon their said Accompts determined by them, shall be payed into the Chamber of London, and shall not be issued out but by Orders of both Houses; which Orders shall be first entred with the said Committee of Accompts before any money be payed upon the same, other then arreres of such moneys as by particular Acts of Parliament, and Ordinances, are limited to particular Treasurers nominated in the said Acts of Parliament, and Ordinances which shall be paid in to the said Treasurers. And be it further Ordained by the Authority aforesaid, that such sum and sums of money as the said Committee, or any five of them shall finde necessary for the paying and satisfying of the Registers, Accomptants, Clerks, Agents, and Ministers imployed by them or otherwise, for defraying any charges for taking the said Accompts, shall be paid out of the Chamber of the Chamber of London aforesaid, whensoever the said Committee or any five of them shall require the same, for which they shall keep and give a true and perfect accompt under their hands in writing, and that according to an Order of the thirteenth of March, two hundred pounds shall be forthwith payed unto the said Committee for Accompts.