September 1644: An Ordinance fo[r] three thousand pounds for Sir Thomas Middleton.

Pages 514-515

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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September 1644

[30 September, 1644.]

Whereas the County of Lancaster have been of late exceedingly wasted by the Enemy, and during such time as they were masters of the feild, the forces of that County had no contribution or releife, by meanes whereof they are now in a great deale of misery and want.

Moneys given for repair of St. Paul's and yet unspent, not exceeding £3,000, to be used for Sir T. Middleton's Forces.; Indemnity.

And whereas the forces under the command of Sir Thomas Middleton are likewise in distresse, because they are not yet able to settle in North-Wales, out of which they are to be maintained; All which being taken into consideration, The Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament do Order and Ordaine, That all such monies as have been given to the repaire of Pauls that shall be discovered unto the Committee of the house of Commons for Examinations to remaine unpaid, not exceeding the summe of three thousand pounds, shall be forthwith paid unto Thomas Stone, Andrew Middleton, John Langley, and James Wainwright, Citizens of London, for the use of the said forces, and an acquittance under their hands or any two of them, shall be a full discharge unto all Executors and other persons paying the same, who are hereby acquitted and shall be saved harmlesse from the Receavers of Pauls or any other person or persons for all such summe or summes of money as they shall pay as aforesaid.

To whom Moneys to be paid.

And the said Thomas Stone, Andrew Middleton, John Langley, and James Wainwright and every of them shall forthwith pay all such summe and summes of money as they shall receive by vertue of this Ordinance, the one Moiety unto Colonel William Barton, for the use of Sir Thomas Middleton, for the service of North-wales; and the other Moiety unto Humphrey Cheeton Esquire, Treasurer of the said County of Lancaster, who shall issue the same (as all other monies he doth receive for the forces of the said County) by warrant under the hands of sixe Deputy-Leivetenants of the said County at the least, whereof one or more to be a Member of the house of Commons, to be equally disposed unto all Souldiers there now in Armes.

Public Faith engaged for repayment in 6 months.

And it is further ordered and Ordained, That the Publique Faith of this Kingdome shall be ingaged for the repayment at the end of sixe Moneths after the date of this Ordinance of all such summes of money as shall be received by vertue of this Ordinance, unto the said repaire of Pauls.

And whatsoever any person or persons shall doe in pursuance of this Ordinance, they shall be saved harmlesse by the power and authority of both houses of Parliament.


Provided alwaies That this Ordinance shall not extend to any person or persons whatsoever who have promised to give or pay, or have subscribed the giving or paying of any sum of money for or towards the repaire of Pauls-Church, nor to any sum of money so promised or subscribed for, any thing in this Ordinance to the contrary notwithstanding.