October 1644: An Ordinance for a weekly Assessment upon the County of Northampton.

Pages 528-530

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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October 1664

[12 October, 1664.]

Names of Committee for Northampton.; Power to raise money in said County for six months from 9 Sept. 1644.; To appoint Treasurers, etc.; To grant Warrants for distress.; Where no distress to commit to prison.; Committee accountable to Parliament only.; Power to Fine for nonexecution of Warrants.; Abatement to be made in tax of persons overrated by former Ord. for £400000.; Proviso.

It is Ordained by the Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled, That William Lord Fitzwilliams, Sir John Dreydon, Sir Christopher Yelverton, Sir Gilbert Pickering, Baronets; Zouch Tate, Iohn Crew, Richard Knightley Esquires, Members of the House of Commons; Sir Rowland St. Iohn Knight of the Bath, Sir Edward Nicols, Sir Iohn Norwich, Baronets; Sir Humphrey Orme, Sir Richard Samuel, Knights; Richard Knightley of Fawzley, Robert Mildemay, Edward Harby, Edward Only, Iohn Cartwright, Philip Holman, Richard Samuel, Edward Farmer, Iohn Whirley, Edward Shugborough Edward Hanbury, William Lisle, Thomas Elmes, Iohn Cleypool, Francis Quarles, Iohn Norton, Iohn Breton, and Iohn Thornton, Esquires, and the Mayor of the Town of Northampton for the time being, or any three or more of them, residing in the Town of Northampton, for the furnishing of Arms and Ammunition, making Fortifications, and payment of the Garisons, Officers and Soldiers, and other publike necessary Charges for the Defence and Preservation of the said County from Plunder and Ruine, shall or mav from time to time, during the space of six Moneths, to commence from the ninth day of September, 1644. raise in the said County such sums of Money as shall be by them, or any three or more of them thought necessary for the uses aforesaid, the same to be Rated and Assessed in like sort as was the Four hundred thousand pounds granted by Act this present Parliament, not exceeding the sum of Six hundred pounds a week. And for the better Levying of the said sums of Money, the said Committee, or any three or more of them then residing in the Town of Northampton, shall or may nominate and appoint Treasurers, Collectors and Assessors in the said County, for Assessing, Receiving and Collecting the said sums of Money, and shall and may grant Warrants under their hands to any Constable or other person or persons, as well Soldiers, when need shall require, as others, to raise and Levy the said sums so to be Assessed and Taxed as aforesaid, upon all such persons upon whom any such sum shall be so assessed and set, that do refuse or neglect to pay the same, by way of Distress and sale of the Goods of the persons assessed and refusing, and two pence for every shilling that shall not be paid upon demand, to bear the charge of those that Distain: And in case any opposition be made, or no Distress can be found, the said Committee, or any three or more of them residing in Northampton as aforesaid, shall or may commit such person or persons refusing to pay, or not having a sufficient Distress to be found as aforesaid, to some common Gaol within the said County, there to remain until payment made of such sum and sums of Money as aforesaid; for which sums so to be raised, the said Committee shall be accomptable to both Houses of Parliament, or such as they have appointed, and to none else. And if any shall refuse or neglect the execution of such Warrants as shall be directed to them by vertue of this Ordinance, it shall be lawful for the said Committee residing as aforesaid, or any three of them, to punish such person refusing or neglecting by Fine, not exceeding five pounds to be Levied as aforesaid. Provided, That where it shall appear to the said Committee, or any two of them residing as aforesaid, That any person hath been overrated to the Tax upon the Bill of 400000 l. an abatement may be made in the Tax of such person by the said Committee, or any two of them residing as aforesaid, according to their discretions. Provided also, That this present Ordinance shall be no hinderance to Taxes made by any former Ordinance