October 1644: An Ordinance Commanding that no Officer or Soldier either by Sea or Land, shall give any Quarter to any Irishman, or to any papist born in Ireland, which shall be taken in Arms against the Parliament in England.

Pages 554-555

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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October 1644

[24 October, 1644.]

No Quarter for Irishmen or Papists taken in arms against Parlt.; Irishmen and Papists born in Ireland to be excepted from all Capitulations, and to be put to death.; Penalty for Officers negligent in executing this Ord..

The Lords and Commons assembled in the Parliament of England do Declare, That no Quarter shall be given hereafter to any Irishmen, nor to any Papists whatsoever born in Ireland, which shall be taken in Hostility against the Parliament, either upon the Sea or within this Kingdom, or Dominion of Wales: And therefore do Order and Ordain, That the Lord General, Lord Admiral, and all other Officers and Commanders both by Sea and Land, shall except all Irishmen, and all Papists born in Ireland out of all Capitulations, Agreements, or Compositions hereafter to be made with the Enemy; and shall upon the taking of every such Irishman or Papist born in Ireland as aforesaid, forthwith put every such Person to death. And it is further Ordered and Ordained, That the Lord General, Lord Admiral, and the Committees of the several Counties, do give speedy notice hereof to all subordinate Officers and Commanders by Sea and Land respectively, who are hereby required to use their utmost care and circumspection that this Ordinance be duly executed. And lastly, the Lords and Commons do Declare, That every Officer and Commander by Sea or Land, that shall be remisse or negligent in observing the Tenour of this Ordinance, shall bee reputed a favorer of that bloody Rebellion of Ireland, and shall be liable to such condign punishment as the Justice of both Houses of Parliament shall inflict upon him.