September 1651: An Act providing for Maimed Soldiers and Widows of Scotland and Ireland.

Pages 556-559

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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September, 1651

[30 September, 1651.]

Treasurers or maimed soldiers and widows to pay allowances for 6 months.; Then to such only as procure certificates.; And to discharge all others.

The Parliament taking into their consideration the necessities of the sick, wounded and maimed Soldiers of the Armies in Scotland and Ireland, and of the Widows and Orphants of such as have lost their Lives in that Service, since the last of June, One thousand six hundred forty nine, Do Enact and Ordain, and be it Enacted and Ordained by Authority of this present Parliament, That the Treasurers appointed for the time being for Maimed Soldiers and Widows, be hereby Authorized and Impowred to pay unto the afore-mentioned sick, wounded or maimed Soldiers, Widows and Orphants, who have been already Ordered to be paid by the Committee of Parliament for the Army; And others that are already, or shall be taken into allowance of pay, and are in present necessity, for the space of six Moneths, after the first day of February, One thousand six hundred fifty one: And from and after the expiration of the said Six Moneths, shall continue such payment to such of the maimed soldiers, Widows and Orphants, as shall at or before the end of the said Six Moneths procure such Certificates in such maner from their several Commanders, under whom the said maimed and wounded Soldiers, or the deceased husbands of the said widows, or Father of the said Orphants did serve, as is hereafter provided and directed; and to no others; but shall from henceforth discharge all and every such person and persons, as shall not by that time exhibit to the said Treasurers such Certificate as aforesaid, from receiving any further Pension or Allowance, until he or they shall procure and deliver unto the Treasurers such Certificate. And be it further Enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That the certificate so to be procured as aforesaid under the hand and seal of the General, Major General, Lieutenant General, or Commissary General of the Army, in which the said maimed, sick or wounded Soldier, or the deceased Husband or Father of the said Widow or Orphant did serve, in maner and form following; viz.—

Form of certificate

I do hereby certifie, that the Husband of was a Soldier in my Regiment, or in the Regiment, Company or Troop of and was slain, or dyed in the Service of the Parliament about last; or that was a Soldier in my Regiment, or in the Regiment, Company or Troop of and fell sick, or was wounded or maimed in the Service of the Parliament, about past; and deserves to be relieved according to such Orders and Directions as the Parliament hath or shall give.

Muster master to have duplicate of certificates.; And keep register thereof.; Soldiers only to be pensioned till cured.; Provision for soldiers and widows in other parts of Commonwealth.; Justices of Peace to execute law for sick and maimed soldiers, etc.; Likewise Judges of Assize.; Act of 8 July, 1644, continued.; Sick soldiers weekly allowance to be 4s. 8d.; Allowance to widows and orphans according to judgement.; Continuance of Act.

And it is hereby also Enacted and Declared, That a Duplicate of the said Certificates be at the end of every Three Moneths returned to the Muster-Master of the Armies, or his Deputy residing at London, by the aforesaid Officers of the Armies under their Hand and Seal; and that the said Muster-Master or his Deputy, keep a Register of the said Duplicates, to the end the same may be examined by the Treasurers for maimed Soldiers and Widows; which Examination the said Treasurers are hereby required to make once every Three Moneths. Provided always, That the said wounded or sick Soldiers, on whose behalf such Certificates shall be made, be continued by the said Treasurers, upon pain, no longer then they shall be cured or recovered of their wounds or sicknesses, except they be made thereby Unserviceable or unfit for other Imployment, in the Judgement of the Phisitians and Chyrurgions under whose Cure they have been, and did formerly Inhabit within the Lines of Communication of the City of London: And for such other Soldiers who Inhabited and took up Arms in other parts and places of this Commonwealth, and have or shall be cured of their wounds and sicknesses, and yet remain dis-inabled for other Service or Imployment, and for such Widows having Certificates as aforesaid, whose husbands did or shall likewise take up Arms in other parts and places of the Commonwealth as above-said, It is hereby Enacted, That they shall be provided for in the former respective places of their Habitations, according to former Ordinances of Parliament in that behalf. And be it further Enacted and Ordained, That all and every the Justices of the Peace, in their several places and Counties within England and Wales, be enjoyned and required at their Quarter Sessions to put the Laws in Execution for maintenance of sick and maimed Soldiers; and thereby, from time to time to provide a Stock for that purpose: And that they or one of them do take order for the relief of all such maimed Soldiers belonging to the Armies of this Commonwealth, in England, Scotland or Ireland; and the Widows and Orphants of such Soldiers as have been slain there, as soon as they shall deliver unto them such Certificate as aforesaid, or be sent unto them by the said Treasurers for Maimed Soldiers, by a Pass under their Hands, and the Publique Seal of their Office appointed for that purpose: And that the said Justices do forthwith make provision for such Soldiers and Widows, not exceeding Four shillings by the Week to any such maimed or sick Soldier or Widow; or else shall provide that such of the said Widows and Soldiers that are able to work, shall be set on work, whereby they may gain by their said labor at least Four shillings weekly, or give such additional Allowance unto each of them as shall make up Four shillings a week; And likewise take care of the setting of the Children of such Widows to be Apprentices, and bred in some way to get their Livelyhood. And be it further Enacted and Ordained, That the Judges of Assize shall diligently enquire, give in Charge, and cause Presentment to be made of the Defaults of the Justices of the Peace herein, and cause this Act to be duly put in Execution, and take an accompt thereof; and cause Certificates thereof to be made, and returned within a Moneth next after every their several Assizes holden by them, of all such Soldiers and Widows, or Orphants, as shall be so provided for by the said Justices, unto the Committee of Parliament for maimed Soldiers and Widows; together with the Defaults of the several Justices of the Peace within their several Counties, That thereby the Parliament may be informed of the same, and take such further Order therein as need shall require. And be it further Enacted and Ordained, That one sixth part of an Additional Excize, by vertue of an Ordinance of Parliament, Entituled, An Ordinance of Parliament of Additional Excize and New Impost, bearing date the Eighth day of July, One thousand six hundred forty four, and not yet disposed of, shall be continued to be paid by the Commissioners of Excize for the time being, to the aforesaid Treasurers for the maimed Soldiers and Widows, for and towards the uses mentioned in this Act. And it is hereby further Enacted and Ordained, That the said Treasurers for maimed Soldiers and Widows, shall be and are hereby Impowered and Authorized to allow and pay to every sick and wounded Soldier certified as aforesaid, during the time of their sickness, or so long as they shall lie under Cure of their wounds, the sum of Four shillings eight pence by the week unto every maimed Soldier certified as aforesaid, who by reason of his wounds and maims received in the service of Scotland and Ireland, is disabled from any further Service in the War and Imployment in his former Profession; and to every Widow certified as aforesaid, so much weekly as in their Judgements they shall deem reasonable, according to their charge of Children or otherwise, not exceeding in allowance to any one of them above Four shillings by the week: And the Committee of Parliament for maimed Soldiers and Widows, or any three or more of them, are hereby authorized from time to time to give order to the said Treasurers for the sick and maimed Soldiers, for providing all necessary Accommodations for the aforesaid Soldiers, Widows and Orphants; And to give such further Directions and Instructions for the better managing of this business, as they from time to time shall finde necessary and fit, and to give such Allowances to the Officers and Agents necessarily imployed in this Service for their Imployments, as to the said Committee of Parliament shall from time to time seem meet. Provided, That this Act shall continue and be in force until the First day of February, One thousand six hundred fifty and two, and no longer.