November 1644: An Ordinance for the freeing and discharging of all Rents and Revenues (belonging to the Hospitalls of Saint Bartholomew, Bridewell, Saint Thomas, and Bethlem) from any Assessments, Taxes and Charges whatsoever.

Pages 570-571

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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November 1644

[16 November, 1644.]

Whereas the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, have been given to understand, from the Major, and Comminalty and Citizens of London, Governours of the Possessions, Revenues and Goods of the Hospitals of Saint Bartholomew, Bridewell, Saint Thomas, and Bethlem; That the Rents and Revenues belonging to the said Hospitalls respectively, are not sufficient to keep and maintain the poore People, properly appointed to be kept in the said Hospitalls, in ordinary times, without the help and supply of Legacies and Gifts of Charitable persons, which since these present Troubles are much decreased, and very small; And that the Rents of divers of the said Lands in [the] mote Countries where the Armies are, or have been, are lost, and divers Tenants of other of the said Lands, in and neere London, alledge that they are so farre impoverished, that they are not able to pay their Rents in these dead and troublesome Times, neither doe pay any Rent at all to the said Hospitalls; And that the Rents of divers Houses belonging to the said Hospitalls being out of Lease, and standing empty, are wholly lost; And that many Tenants of the Lands belonging to the said Hospitalls, withhold and deduct severall sums of Money out of their Rents, for severall Taxes and Rates upon Divers Ordinances of Parliament; Whereby the said Hospitalls are become much indebted, and want Moneys to buy necessary provision for the Poore therein: And that nevertheless, great numbers of sick, wounded, and other Soldiers have for the time of above Twenty moneths past, been constantly kept in the said Hospitalls, at very great and extraordinary Charges, especially for their Cure and Dyet.

Rents and Revenues of Hospitals of St. Bartholomew, Bridewell, etc., freed from all taxes.

The said Lords and Commons taking the Premisses into their consideration, thinke fit, and Ordain, and be it Ordained, That all the Rents and Revenues belonging to the said Hospitalls respectively (being to be received and disbursed for the immediate use, and reliefe of the Poore in the same Hospitalls) shall be freed and discharged of and from all Assessments, Taxes and Charges whatsoever, aswell already made or charged, and not paid, as hereafter to be made or charged by vertue of any Ordinance of Parliament.

Tenants of said Hospitals to pay full Rents.

And it is hereby further Ordained, That it shall not be lawfull for any of the said Tenants to withhold and deduct out of their Rents any sum of Money, which is or shall be rated by vertue of any Ordinance of Parliament, upon his and their Houses and Lands, belonging to the said Hospitalls respectively, which in respect of the Rents of every such House and Lands, the Landlords ought to pay; And every such Tenant is hereby required to make payment of his full Rent, that is or shall hereafter be due unto the said severall Hospitalls, Any Ordinance to the contrary notwithstanding.

Collectors, Assessors, etc., to take notice of this Ord.

And all Assessors, Collectors, and others whom this may concern, are hereby required to take notice of this Ordinance; Provided that the Tenants who enjoy good and considerable Bargaines in their Leases from the said Hospitalls respectively, doe claime and enjoy no freedome, exemption or advantage by this Ordinance.