December 1644: An Ordinance for the raising of 66666 pounds 13 shillings foure pence, by way of Loane, for the better inabling of our Brethren of Scotland, for our Assistance and defence in this common cause of Religion and Libertie.

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Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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December 1644

[2 December, 1644.]

Ord. 16 Oct., 1643.; Ord. 27 Oct., 1643.

Whereas the Lords and Commons Assembled in Parliament for the better inabling of our Brethren of Scotland to assist us in this War, did think it fit to publish an Ordinance of the 16. of October, 1643. for the raising of the sum of two hundred thousand pounds, by way of voluntary Loane, to be paid unto them towards the maintenance of their Armies in England and Ireland, since which time the said Lords and Commons, taking notice of the refractorinesse of many wealthy persons, who have either refused to lend at all, or at least any competent summe of Money for the purpose aforesaid, did likewise publish a second Ordinance of the 27. of the said Moneth of October, for the levying of the summe of 66666. pounds 13. shillings foure pence, being the one third of the said two hundred thousand pounds, upon such backward and ill-affected persons as did or should so refuse to contribute, as fearing that the whole summe would not bee raised by voluntary Loane.

And wheras (notwithstanding the said second Ordinance) a great part of the said 200000 pounds, is yet uncollected by reason of the great number of ill-affected and wilfull persons, and likely to be delayed (if not altogether lost), unlesse some further course be taken to constraine them to contribute in proportion with the honest and well affected party.

£66666. 13s. 4d. to be raised as Loan on persons that have not yet contributed for better enabling Scotland to assist us in the War.

Wee therefore the Lords and Commons considering our ingagements to our said Brethren of Scotland, and the present necessities of their Armie, by means of the great scarcity which must necessarily be in the Northerne parts, by reason of the multitude of Souldiers so long quartering there, and the extreame oppression, rapine, and spoile committed by the Enemy, as also the extremities they may be driven to without seasonable supplies from us, together with the dangerous consequence that will thereupon arise, and for the better ease of such persons who are well affected, and have in this and other services exprest their freenesse by lending very considerable summes of Money, Doe hereby Order, Ordain and Declare that the like sum of 66666 pounds, 13 shillings foure pence, another third of the said summe of 200000. pounds, shall with all convenient speed be raised by way of Loane upon such able and wealthy persons, as have not already, nor shall hereafter voluntarily and proportionably to their Estates and abilities, lend any summes of money for the purpose aforesaid.

Said Sum, how to be raised.

The said summe of 66666. pounds thirteen shillings foure pence to be Assessed and raised within the Cities, Towns, Counties and Places respectively, according to their proportions in the said Ordinance of the 27. of October aforesaid, allotted and charged upon every particular City, Towne, and County therein expressed. The same to be Ordered, Levyed, and Collected in manner, and by such Persons and meanes, and paid to such men as in the said Ordinance of the 27. of October is directed. And as hath been hitherto observed by the persons intrusted with the managing of this service.

To be levied on none whose Estates are under £500.

And it is hereby further Ordered, Ordained and Declared, That the said summe of 66666. pounds, thirteen shillings foure pence, shall not be levyed but upon such persons whose Estates are of the value of five hundred pounds, or upwards of that summe.

£70,000 to be received on Ords. of Sequestration ordered for repayment of said £66666. 13s. 4d. at 8 per cent. interest.

And it is likewise Ordered, Ordained and Declared, that seventy thousand pounds out of the Rents, Issues, and Profits, that shall be received upon the Ordinances of Sequestration of the Estates of Papists, Delinquents, and other Malignants, shall be, and is hereby Ordered for the repayment of the 66666 pounds thirteen shillings foure pence, to be raised upon this present Ordinance with Interest after the Rate of eight pound per centum, in such manner as in the said former Ordinance is mentioned.

Persons that do not live where their estates lie, to be nevertheless subject to assessment and penalties.

And it is hereby further Ordered, Ordained, and Declared, That if any person who shall not willingly contribute proportionably to his Estate, have any considerable Estate reall or personall, in any the Counties, Cities, great Townes, or Places in the former Ordinance mentioned, and doth not inhabite there where his said Estate shall lye, That such Estate shall be neverthelesse subject to the Assessement, and be constrained to pay the same, unlesse he bring Certificate from some other Committee imployed in the said service elsewhere, that he hath paid proportionably to his whole Estate: and the persons so assessed in case of obstinacy and wilfull refusall, or case of want of sufficient distresse, shall be lyable to such forfeitures, penalties, and perils, as in the said Ordinance of the 27 of October, are in that case provided and expressed. And it shall be lawfull for the Collectors of the summes assessed in any of the Cities, great Townes, and Counties aforesaid, for want of other Distresse, to seize the Rents, and arreares of any Rents, Issues, and Profits whatsoever, due to such person, however they shall grow due: For which an acquittance under the hands of any three or more of the Committee or Commissioners imployed in this service shall be a sufficient discharge to the Tenant for any summe paid in to the use aforesaid.

Peers, Members of House of Commons and their Assistants to be assessed only by their respective Houses.

Provided, That no Peeres of this Kingdome, Member of either House of Parliament, or Assistant, or Attendant of either of the Houses be assessed by this Ordinance, but by the respective Houses whereof they be Members or Assistants, or Attendants, and the other Peeres by the House of Peeres.


Provided also, if any City, County, great Towne, or Place in the said Ordinance mentioned, already hath, or shall pay into the Treasury at Goldsmiths-Hall, the proportion laid on them over and above all necessary Charges and Disbursments: That is to say, treble the summe exprest in the said Ordinance of the twenty seven of October last, either upon voluntary Loane, or upon Assessement, there shall be no more required of them by vertue of this, or any former or other Ordinance towards the raising of the said summe of 200000 pounds.

Collectors may levy money by distress on any that promise subscriptions, and thereafter refuse to pay

Provided also, that if any person hath or shall subscribe or promise any sum of Money, either in the Parish where such person shall inhabite, or before any Committee appointed for the dispatch of this service: and hath, or shall after any such promise or subscription refuse to pay the same; it shall then be lawfull for the Collectors of the Money to be advanced for this service, to distraine for such summes of Money and to claime their Fees thereupon according to the allowance made by the said last Ordinance, as if the same had been assessed on them.