December 1644: An Ordinance for bringing in the Areares of the Monethly Assessment, formerly charged upon the Cities of London and Westminster, and all other Parishes and places within the Lines of Communication and County of Middlesex.

Pages 580-582

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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December, 1644

[26 December, 1644.]

Power to respective Assessment Committees to fine and imprison all persons appointed by former Ord. to collect, or to pay any sums, and that have not so done

Whereas by an Ordinance of the six and twentieth of March last, The Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled, did Ordain, That there should be monethly charged, and levied upon the Cities of London and Westminster, the Hamblets of the Tower, the Borough of Southwarke, and all other Parishes and places within the Line of Communication, and weekly Bills of Mortality, the sum of six thousand nine hundred sixty two pounds foure shillings, and upon the County of Middlesex without the said limits, the sum of one thousand fourscore and seventeen pounds eleven shillings, for the maintenance and payment of the Army under the immediate command of the Earle of Essex, Lord Generall of the Forces raised by the Parliament, and other things in the said Ordinance mentioned, for the space of foure moneths, to commence from the twentieth day of March 1643. accounting twenty eight dayes to the moneth to be assessed, levied, collected, and paid unto Sir Gilbert Gerard Baronet, in such manner, and by such wayes and meanes, as in and by the said Ordinance is mentioned and expressed. And whereas by another Ordinance of the fourth of October last, The said Lords and Commons did Ordaine, That the greatest part of the sums due and payable by vertue of the said former Ordinance, which were then in Arreare, should by the said Sir Gilbert Gerard be paid over to Sir Walter Earle Knight, Lievtenant of the Ordnance, for the uses therein limited and expressed; enjoyning all and every such persons, as by the said first recited Ordinance were appointed to collect and leavy the said Arreares, forthwith to proceed effectually therein, and to make payment of the same in such manner as in and by the said first recited Ordinance was formerly appointed. Notwithstanding which, through the carelessenesse and negligence of many of those persons, who by the said first recited Ordinance were nominated and appointed to collect and levy the said sums, very little of the said Arrears hath since that time been brought in and paid unto the said Sir Gilbert Gerard, or his Assignes. The Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, do therefore now Ordain, That if any person or persons by vertue of the said first recited Ordinance, nominated and appointed to collect, levy, or pay any of the sums before mentioned, shall wilfully neglect or refuse to performe the same: The Lord Mayor of the Citie of London for the time being, or any two Aldermen of the said City, within the same, and Liberties thereof, and the respective Committees without the said City and the Liberties thereof, for the City of Westminster, the Borough of Southwark, and County of Middlesex, by vertue of the said first recited Ordinance respectively nominated and appointed, as aforesaid, or any five of them, have hereby power to commit such person or persons so refusing or neglecting, to Prison, there to remaine without Baile or Mainprize, untill hee shall conforme himselfe; or otherwise to impose upon such person or persons for every time so refusing or neglecting to performe the said service or their duties therein, such fine or fines as to them shall be thought fit, and cause the same to be levyed by Distresse and sale of Goods, in such manner and forme, as in and by the said first recited Ordinance, for and concerning such persons as should refuse or neglect to pay the sums of money, whereat they should be rated or assessed by vertue of that Ordinance is limited and appointed: Provided that no fine so imposed, shall for any one offence exceed the summe of five pounds.

Members of both Houses of Parl. excepted.

Provided, that this Ordinance shall not any wayes extend to the Members of either of the Houses of Parliament, or to the Assistants or Attendants to the House of Peeres.