February 1645: An Ordinance for Raising and maintaining of Forces for the defence of the Kingdome, under the Command of Sir Thomas Fairfax, Knight.

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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'February 1645: An Ordinance for Raising and maintaining of Forces for the defence of the Kingdome, under the Command of Sir Thomas Fairfax, Knight.', Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660, (London, 1911), pp. 614-626. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/no-series/acts-ordinances-interregnum/pp614-626 [accessed 18 June 2024].

. "February 1645: An Ordinance for Raising and maintaining of Forces for the defence of the Kingdome, under the Command of Sir Thomas Fairfax, Knight.", in Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660, (London, 1911) 614-626. British History Online, accessed June 18, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/no-series/acts-ordinances-interregnum/pp614-626.

. "February 1645: An Ordinance for Raising and maintaining of Forces for the defence of the Kingdome, under the Command of Sir Thomas Fairfax, Knight.", Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660, (London, 1911). 614-626. British History Online. Web. 18 June 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/no-series/acts-ordinances-interregnum/pp614-626.

February, 1644/5

[17 February, 1644/5.]

Order for raising of Forces to be under Sir T. Fairfax, as Commander in Chief.

Bee it Ordained, and it is Ordained by the Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled, That there bee forthwith raised and formed, for the defence of the King and Parliament, the true Protestant religion, and the Lawes and Liberties of the Kingdom, an Army consisting of Six thousand six hundred Horse, to be distributed into Eleven Regiments; and of one thousand Dragooniers, to be distributed into ten Companies; and of Fourteen thousand foure hundred Foot, to be distributed into Twelve Regiments, each Regiment of Foot to consist of twelve hundred, and each such Regiment to be distributed into, and to consist of ten Companies: which said Army shall be paid according to the Establishment hereafter to be made by both Houses of Parliament, and shall be under the immediate Command of Sir Thomas Fairfax Knight, who is hereby Constituted and Ordained Commander in chiefe of all the Forces raised, or intended to be maintained, by vertue of this present Ordinance, and shall from time to time be subject to such Orders and directions as he shall receive from both houses of Parliament, or from the Committee of both Kingdomes.

Col. Philip Skippon to be Sergeant-Major-Gen.

And it is likewise Ordained, That Collonel Philip Skippon shall be Sergeant Major generall of all the Forces aforesaid.

Rate for maintenance of said Forces to begin 1 Feb 1644.

And it is further Ordained by the said Lords and Commons, that the severall summes hereafter herein mentioned, shall from the first day of February, one thousand six hundred forty foure be Taxed, Leavied and paid, for the maintenance and payment of the said Army, and charges incident, in manner and forme following.


There shall be monethly charged, untill the first of December next, if the War shall so long continue.

Upon the City of London, and the County of Middlesex, the sum of Eight thousand fifty nine pounds, and fifteen shillings.

Upon the County of Essex monethly, the sum of six thousand, seven hundred, and fifty pounds.

Upon the County of Suffolke monethly, the summe of seven thousand and seventy pounds.

Upon the County of Norfolke monethly, the summe of seven thousand and seventy pounds.

Upon the City and County of the City of Norwich monethly, the summe of three hundred, sixty and six pounds.

Upon the County of Lincolne monethly, the sum of two thousand and seventy pounds.

Upon the County of Hertford monethly, the summe of two thousand, foure hundred thirty two pounds and ten shillings.

Upon the Isle of Ely monethly, the summe of seven hundred twenty eight pounds, thirteen shillings and foure pence.

Upon the County of Cambridge monethly, the summe of two thousand, one hundred, and seventy one pounds, six shillings and eight pence.

Upon the County of Huntington monethly, the sum of one thousand, & twenty pounds.

Upon the County of Kent, with the City and County of the City of Canterbury, and the Cinque-ports monethly, the sum of seven thousand, and seventy pounds.

Upon the County of Surry, with the Borough of Southwarke monethly, the summe of two thousand pounds.

Upon the County of Sussex monethly, the sum of three thousand, nine hundred, and twenty seven pounds, fifteen shillings, and six pence three farthings.

Upon the County of Derby monethly, the sum of five hundred and sixteen pounds.

Upon the County of Rutland monethly, the summe of one hundred and eighty foure pounds.

Upon the County of Warwick monethly, the sum of three hundred pounds.

Upon the County of Leicester monethly, the sum of two hundred and fifty pounds.

Upon the County of Northampton monethly, the sum of five hundred & fifty pounds.

Upon the County of Bedford monethly, the sum of one thousand pounds.

Committees of respective Counties and Places to meet for apportionment of Rates, etc.; Warrants to Assessors.

And that the said severall summes of money may be duly Taxed, Leavied and paid, as is hereafter directed: Be it further Ordained by the said Lords and Commons, that the severall and respective Committees hereby appointed for the severall and respective Cities, Counties, and places aforesaid, shall within eight dayes next ensuing the publication hereof, meet together at some convenient place in every of the said Cities, Counties and places respectively, and afterwards seven of them at the least, shall twice every week at least, meet at such convenient places as they shall think fit, and appoint for the more speedy execution of this Ordinance, and the said respective Committees are hereby required and authorized at the dayes and places of their first meetings, to divide and apportion the severall sums of money appointed by this Ordinance, to be levied for the maintenance of the said Army, upon the severall and respective Wards, Divisions Hundreds, Lathes and Wapentakes, within the severall Cities, Counties, and places aforesaid, according to the usuall proportions and divisions of rates in the said places, & likewise shall and may there agree to divide and sever themselves for the better execution of this Ordinance, into such Wards, Hundreds, places, and divisions within their respective Cities, Counties and places, as to them shall seeme expedient; and to take to their assistance for the more speedy execution of the said service in their severall divisions; such able and sufficient persons as they shall thinke fit, and to assemble and meet as often as to them shall seeme good; and forthwith the said Committees or any two or more of them respectively, are hereby authorized and required to direct their Warrants to such number of persons as they shall think fit within their severall and respective Divisions, to be Assessors of the said Rates; which said persons are hereby authorized and required, to assesse all and every person and persons, having any reall or personall estate within the limits, circuits, and bounds of their respective Divisions, according to the rate and proportion in this Ordinance mentioned.

Rate how to be assessed.

And be it further Ordained, that the severall and respective Committees in each of the severall Counties, Cities, and places, shall have power to Assesse and Leavie the severall sums before mentioned upon the Lands, Goods, Annuities, Rents, Offices, or other Estate, reall or personall, in such manner and forme, and according to the most equall and usuall Rates for levying of money, for maintenance of the forces for the defence of the King and Parliament, or by a certain Rate upon the true yearly values of Lands, Rents, Annuities, Offices, Hereditaments, and according to the true value of Goods, Chattells, Debts, or other estate reall or personall within the said severall Counties, Cities, limits or places respectively.

Copies to be made of Assessments

And to the end the said Rates be equally and indifferently Assessed, and the moneys duly collected, and true accompt thereof made; The said Assessors are hereby required within six dayes after such assessement made, to deliver one Copy of their respective assessments fairly written, and subscribed by them unto the said respective Committees; and the said respective Committees are hereby Ordained and required to signe and seale three Duplicates of the said respective assessments, whereof one Duplicate the said respective Committees are to deliver to the respective Collectors, with warrant to them to collect the said assessments, and one other Duplicate to such person or persons as the houses of Parliament shall afterwards appoint for the receiving of the moneys to bee levied by vertue of this Ordinance, and the third Duplicate unto the Committee of the Accomps of the Kingdome. who are hereby authorised to administer an Oath to the person that shall bring the said Duplicates to the Committee for the accompts, as hath been accustomed in the Court of Exchequer in case of the Estreates of Subsidies.

Collectors.; Their Allowances.; Distress.; Power to imprison and sequester.; Tenants to deduct land lords' proportion of rate.

And the said severall Committees, or any two of them, are hereby respectively authorized from time to time to nominate one or more sufficient and honest persons in every division or allotment, to be collectors of the said moneys so assessed and rated, which said Collectors are hereby authorized and required to collect the said moneys so assessed and the said Committee, or any six of them are hereby authorized to allow and pay to the said respective Collectors, and their Sub-Collectors, one penny a piece in the pound for their paines in collecting the said moneys, and one halfe penny in the pound to their Clerkes for their paines in faire writing the said Assessments. And if any Person shall refuse or neglect to pay any summe of money whereat he shall be Rated or Assessed that then it shall and may be lawfull to, and for the said Collectors, or any of them to leavy the sum so Assessed, by distresse and sale of the Goods of such person so refusing or neglecting to pay, deducting the summe Assessed, and the reasonable Charges of distraining, and restore the overplus to the Owner thereof; and to break open any House, Chest, Trunk, Box, or other thing, where any such Goods are, and to call to their assistance any of the Trained-Bands, or any other Forces within the Cities, Counties, or Places, where any resistance shall be made, or any other person or persons whatsoever; Which said Forces and persons, are hereby required, to be ayding and assisting in the premises, as they shall answer the contrary at their perils. And if any question or difference happen upon the taking of such distresse, between the parties distrained or distraining, the same shall be ended and determined by the said Committees, or any two or more of them: And the said severall Committees, or any two or more of them, are hereby authorized to use such other lawfull wayes or meanes, for the speedy leavying of the said Assessments, as to them shall be thought fit. And if any person or persons shall neglect, or refuse to pay his Assessement, and to convey his or their Goods, or other personall Estate, whereby the sum of Money so Assessed cannot be leavied according to this Ordinance; then the said respective Committees, or any two or more of them, are hereby Authorized to imprison the persons, and sequester the Estate of every such person, for the Advancement of the said Service; And the Tenants of all Houses and Lands, which shall be rated by vertue of this Ordinance, are hereby required and authorized, to pay such summes of Money, as shall be Rated upon such House and Lands, and to deduct out of their Rents, so much of the said Rates, as in respect of the Rents of every such House and Lands the Landlords should or ought to pay and beare; and the Landlords both mediate, and immediate, according to their respective interest, are hereby required to allow such deductions and payments, upon the receipt of the residue of their Rents. And be it provided, That every Tenant paying the said Assessement, shall be acquitted and discharged for so much Money as the said assessment shall amount unto, as if the same had been actually paid unto such person or persons, unto whom his Rents should have been due and payable.

Rents due to His Majesty to be charged.

Provided also, and be it Ordained, That all Fee-Farm Rents due to his Majesty, all Rents, and other summes reserved by the Court of Wards, out of any Wards, Infants or Lunatick Estates; and all other manner of Rents, Payments, and sums of Money, and all Annuities issuing out of any Lands within any City or County, shall be liable towards the payment of any sum by this Ordinance to be taxed and levied. And all the Tenants of any Free-Farme-Rent, other Rent, summes of Money or Annuities as aforesaid, are hereby directed and authorized to pay them proportionably, according to the Rates and Assessements, by this Ordinance appointed and ordained. And all such Tenants shall be hereby saved and kept harmlesse by authority of both houses of Parliament, from any further payment of such proportion of any such Rent, Rents, sums, or Annuities, either to the Exchequer, to the Committee of the Revenue, to the Court of Wards, or to any other person or persons, to whom any such Rent, Rents, Payments, sums of Money, or annuities, as aforesaid, shall, or ought to be paid, to all intents and purposes whatsoever, as fully, and as amply, as if they had paid the same into the Exchequer, to the Committee of the Revenue, the Court of Wards, or to any person or persons, to whom the same is reserved, and become due.

Differences between Landlords and Tenants to be settled by Committees.

And if any difference shall arise between Land-lord and Tenant, or any other, concerning the said Rates; the said severall Committees, or any two or more of them, in their severall Divisions, have hereby power to settle the same, as they shall think fit.

Committees to relieve persons over-rated.

And it is further Ordained, That if any person or persons, shall finde him, or themselves agrieved, that he or they is, or are over-rated; and shall within six dayes after demand made, complain to the Committees who signed or allowed, his, or their Assessement; The Major part of the said Committees shall have power upon examination, within eight dayes after the demand, as aforesaid, to relieve such person or persons, as they shall see cause. And the said Collectors, and every of them, are hereby required, from time to time, to pay such summe and summes of Money, as shall be by them collected by vertue of this Ordinance, to such person or persons as the Houses of Parliament shall afterwards appoint for the receiving of the Moneys to be leavied by vertue of this Ordinance.

Penalty for neglect or refusal of duty; No fine to exceed 40s.

And be it further Ordained by the said Lords and Commons, That if any person or persons shall wilfully neglect or refuse to performe his Duty in the due and speedy execution of this present Ordinance; the said respective Committees, or any five or more of them, have hereby power to impose upon such person or persons so refusing or neglecting their Duties, such Fine or Fines, as to them shall be thought fit; and cause the same to be leavied by distresse and sale of Goods, in manner and forme aforesaid. Provided, That no Fine to be imposed by any of the said Committees, shall for any one offence exceed the summe of twenty pounds, to be paid for the Forces raised by vertue of this Ordinance: And that no Fine to be imposed upon any Assessour, Collectour, or other person, to be employed by the said Committees in the said Service, shall for any offence exceed the summe of fourty shillings: And that no Priviledge Place, or person within the Cities, Counties, and places aforesaid, shall bee exempted from the said Assessments and Taxes.

Accounts of Committees

And be it further Ordained, That the said severall and respective Committees, and every of them, shall from time to time give a true and perfect account of all their Doings and Proceedings in the execution of this Ordinance, to the two Houses of Parliament, or to such persons as they shall appoint.

Officers to respite half pay pro tempore

And be it further Ordained by the said Lords and Commons, That every Captaine both of Horse and Foot, and every other inferiour, and superiour Officer, or other, in the said Army, whose Pay comes to ten shillings a day, or above, shall take but halfe the Pay due to him, and shall respite the other halfe upon the publike Faith, untill these unnaturall Warres be ended. And every Officer or other that is to have five shillings a day, or above, and under ten shillings, shall accept of two thirds of the pay due to him, and shall respite one third part upon the publike Faith, untill those unnaturall Warres shall bee ended. And when there is three moneths pay due to any of them, or more; a Certificate thereof from such person or persons as the Houses of Parliament shall afterwards appoint for the receiving of the Moneys to be leavied by vertue of this Ordinance, shall be sufficient to demand the said Moneys owing upon the publike Faith, as aforesaid.

Rates on members of either House to be presented to respective Houses.

Provided alwayes, That such Rates and Assessements that shall be made by vertue of this Ordinance upon any Peers, Members, Assistants, or Attendants upon either of the Houses of Parliament, for any Rate or Tax made within the Cities of London and Westminster, or Lines of Communication, shall before the same be leavied, be presented to the respective Houses where any Peer, Members, Assistants or Attendants shall be concerned therein respectively, and by such respective House allowed and approved of; any thing in this Ordinance to the contrary notwithstanding.

Committees names.

And it is further Ordained, That the persons hereafter named respectively, shall be Committees for the severall and respective Cities, Counties and places hereafter mentioned, to put this Ordinance in execution, in the severall and respective Counties, Cities and places, for which they are hereby respectively appointed Committees, viz.

For the County of Bedford.

Sir Beauchamp Saint-John, Sir John Burgoyn, Baronet; Sir Thomas Alston, Knight and Baronet; Sir Oliver Luke, Knight; Sir Samuel Luke, Sir John Rolt, Sir Roger Burgoyn, Sir William Boteler, and Sir John Thompson, Knights; Thomas Rolt, Thomas Sadler, James Beverley, Lewis Monox, Edward Osborne, Robert Stanton, Samuel Brown, Onslow Winch, John Harvey and Edward Cater, Esquires; Humphrey Monox, William Duncomb, John Vaux, Humphrey Fish and John Neal, Esquires.

The Major of the Towne of Bedford for the time being, Francis Banister, Doctor in Physicke, Robert Hawes, Thomas Hawes and Thomas Paradine.

For the County of Northempton.

Lord Fitz-Williams, Edward Farmer, Esquire; High Sheriff of the said County; Sir John Dreydon, Sir Gilbert Pickering, Knights; John Crew, Zouch Tate, Esquires; Sir Christopher Yelverton, Knight; Richard Knightley, Esquire; Sir Rowland Saint-John, Knight of the Bath; Sir John Norwich, Sir Edward Nichols, Baronets; Sir Richard Samuel, Sir Humphrey Orm, Knights; John Barnard, Edward Harby, Richard Samuel, Robert Mildmay, John Bretton, John Norton, John Claypoole, John Thornton, Thomas Pentloe, Richard Onsley, and Thomas Elms, Esquires.

The Major of Northampton for the time being, John Gifford, John Fisher, and Francis Rushworth, Aldermen.

For the City of London.

Thomas Atkins Lord Major, Sir Nicholas Rainton, Knight and Alderman, Isaac Pennington, Alderman, and Lievtenant of the Tower; Sir John Wollaston, Sir John Cordall, Sir Thomas Soam, Sir John Gayre, Sir Jacob Garrad, Knights and Aldermen; Thomas Adams, John Warner, Aldermen; Samuel Vassall, John Ven, Esquires.


Sir Edward Boys, John Boys of Fretvile, Esquire; John Boys of Wingham, Sir William Strickland, Sir Edward Monins, Sir James Oxenden, Knights; Henry Oxenden, Esquire; Sir Thomas Pierce, John Dixwell, Collonel Henry Honywood, Sir Richard Hardres, Alderman Sabine, Robert Hales, Esquires; Sir Thomas Godfrey, Sir Michael Livesey, Collonel William Kenwrick, Master Bix, Captaine Humphrey Scot, Captain Plummer senior; Captain Thomas Plummer junior; Sir Edward Scot, Master Robert Scot, Sir John Honywood, Captain Thomas Westrow, Captain Thomas Brodnax, Sir Henry Heyman, Sir Peter Godfrey, Lambert Godfrey, Richard Brown, Collonel John Brown, Sir John Sedley, The Major of Rochester for the time being, The Major of Maidstone for the time being; Sir John Rivers, Sir Henry Tufton, Sir Isaac Sedley, Captain Augustine Skinner, Captain Richard Beal, Captaine Richard Lee, Master George Newman, Sir John Rayny, Sir Nicholas Miller, William James and William Skinner; Esquires; Sir Thomas Walsingham, Sir Anthony Weldon, Master Thomas Blunt, Master Thomas Seyliard, Master Thomas Francklin, Master William Boothby, Master John Twisleton Captain, and Thomas Seyliard.

For the City and County of the City of Canterbury.

The Major for the time being; Sir Edward Master, Sir William Man, Knights; Thomas Den, Recorder; John Nut and John James, Esquires; Avery Savine, and John Lade, Aldermen; Master Lee.

Committees of Warwickshire and of Coventry.

Sir Peter Wentworth, Sir William Bolestrode, Sir Richard Skeffington, Master William Gesson, Godfrey Bosseville, William Purefov, John Barker, John Haleg. William Colemore, Thomas Willoughby, Thomas Boughton, Anthony Stoughton, Esquires; Gamaliel Purefoy, George Abbot, Waldane Willington, Thomas Bassenet, and Robert Wilcox, Esquires.

County of Cambridge.

Sir Dudley North, Sir John Cuts, Sir Miles Sandys junior; Sir James Reynolds, Doctor Eden, Oliver Crumwell, James Reynolds, Francis Russel, Tho. Symonds, Tho. Ducket, Robert Castle, Michael Dalton senior, Michael Dalton junior, Killiphet Russell, Talbot Pepys, Thomas Parker, Dudley Pope, Thomas Bendish, Esquires; Robert Clerk, John Welbore, Edward Clench, Edward Leeds, James Tomson, William Janes, John Chennery, John Raven.

For the Town of Cambridge.

The Major pro tempore, John Lawry, Alderman Spalding, Alderman French, Alderman Robson, Talbot Pepis, Richard Foxton, Esquires; James Blackley, Alderman Finnes, Edward Aldmond.

Sir Miles Sandes, junior; Sir Edward Partridge, Oliver Cromwell, George Glapthorn, George Hubbert, and William March, Esquires; Richard Stane, Doctor of Physick; Thomas Castle and Tristram Diamond, Gentlemen.


Sir George Gresely, and Sir John Curson, Knights and Baronets; Sir John Gell, and Sir Edward Cook, Baronets; Sir Edward Deich, Sir John Cook and Sir Samuel Sleigh, Knights; Ralph Clark, Rowland Morewood, John Monday, Rand. Ashenhurst, Henry Wigsall, John Wigley, and Robert Eare, Esquires; Thomas Sanders, George Pool, and Edward Charleton, Gentlemen.


Thomas Gell Esquire, Recorder; Nathaniel Hallows, Luke Whitington, and Robert Mellor, Aldermen.

Committee for the County of Essex.

Sir John Barrington, Knight and Barronet; Sir Harbottle Grimstone, Knight and Baronet; Sir William Hicks, Sir William Masham, Sir Richard Everard, Baronets; Sir Martin Lumley, Knight and Baronet; Sir Thomas Cheeke, Sir Henry Mildmay of Wanstead, Sir William Roe, Sir Henry Holcroft, Sir Thomas Honywood, Sir William Martin, Sir Robert Kemp, Knights; Harbottle Grimstone, James Cambell, William Masham, John Saver, Timothy Middleton, Henry Mildmay, William Umphrevil, Oliver Raymond, Anthony Luther, Master Topsfield, Dean Tindall, Robert Barrington, Robert Smith, Samson Sheffield, Thomas Cook, Cary Mildmay, Richard Harlackenden, Robert Wiseman of Mayland, John Eldred, John Jocelin, Robert Bourn, John Meed, John Eden, Thomas Clapton, Arthur Barnerdiston, Isaac Allen of Haseley, William Gouldingham, William Atwood, John Atwood, Peter Whitcome, John Brook, John Harvey, Henry Wiseman, Henry Barrington, Robert Young, Francis Stonehand, George Walton, John Whatkins, Edward Berkhead, John Langley, Joachim Matthews Esquires; Richard Wiseman, John Langley of Colchester, Thomas Cooke, John Serrill, William Turner of Wimbech, Robert Vesey, Jeremy Aylet, William Collard, Robert Crane, Doctor Reade of Burchanger, Robert Calthrop, Thomas Adams of Thackesteade, Richard Haukin of Harwich, John Aliston, William Harlackenden, John Thorogood of Walden, Isaac Wincoll, Thomas Talcot, Samuel Plumme, John Shawe the younger, Francis Williamson of Walden, Francis Nicholson, John Fenninge, Robert Talcot, Thomas Allyet, Robert Maidstone, Gent.

Committee for Colchester.

The Mayor of Colchester for the time being: Harbottle Grimstone, Recorder, John Joceline, Deputy-Recorder, Henry Barrington, John Langeley, Robert Buckstone, Ralph Harrison, Thomas Wade, and William Cook, Aldermen.

For the County of Huntington.

George Montague, Edward Montague, Valentine Wanton, Onslow Winch, Abraham Burwell, Terrill Joceline, and Oliver Crumwell, Esquires; Sir William Armyne, Knight and Barronet; Thomas Templer, John Bonner, Robert Vintner, and William Drury, Gentlemen.


Charles Lord Viscount Cranborne, Robert Cecil, Esquire; Sir Richard Lucy Knight and Baronet; Sir Iohn Garret, and Sir Iohn Read, Baronets; Sir Thomas Dacres, Sir William Litton, and Sir Iohn Witewrong, Knights; Edward Atkins, Serjeant at the Law; Richard Jennings, Rowland Litton, Ralph Freeman, William Leaman, William Prisly, Thomas Cooke, Edward Wingate, and John Heydon Esquires; John King, Doctor of Physick; Alexander Wilde, Richard Porter, Gabriel Barber, Captaine Scroggs, and Gravely Norton, Gent.

St. Albanes.

The Major for the time being, John King, Doctor of Physick; John Robotham, and Ralph Pemmerton, Esquires.


Thomas Lord Grey, Theophilus Gray; Sir Edward Hartopp, senior; Sir Arthur Haslerigg, Sir George Villers, Baronets; Sir Martin Lister, Sir Tho. Hartopp, Sir Roger Smith. Quarles, John St. John, Tho. Babington Peter Temple, Arthur Staveley, Hen. Smith, Thomas Haslerigg, William Hewet, William Nowell, Francis Hacker, Thomas Beamont, William Danvers, Thomas Cottent, John Stafford, Thomas Pochyn, William Shereman, and Thomas Goddard, Esquires; John Goodman, John Swinfield, and Francis Smalley, Gentlemen; William Stanley, Richard Ludham, and Edward Cradock, Aldermen.

For the County of Lincoln.

Sir John Wray, Knight and Baronet; Sir William Armyn, Sir John Brownlow, Sir William Brownlow, Sir Richard Erle, and Sir Thomas Trollop, Baronets; Sir Edward Ashcough, Sir Hamond Witchcot, Sir Christopher Wray, and Sir Anthony Ireby, Knights; John Wray, Edward Ascough, Thomas Grantam, Thomas Hatcher, John Broxholme, Edmund Anderson, Mountague Cholmeley, Mullenax Disney. William Ellis. Francis Fines, Henry Pelham, Norris Cave, John Archer, Francis Missendine, William Berry, William Wolley, Charles Hall, Thomas Lister, Henry Massinbeard, Draynard Massinbeard, Alexander Emmerson, Edward Rosseter, Thomas Rosseter, John Sheffield, William Savile, and Thomas Cornwallis, Esquires; Thomas Nethercote, John Barnard, and Nehemiah Sympson, Gentlemen. The Major of Boston for the time being; John Harrington, Thomas Disney, Thomas Ireby, Samuel Cust, and John Wilsby Esquires; Edmund Tilson, Alderman; John Hobson, William Hobson, Francis Empson, John Brown, Charles Empson, Wiat Perkins, John Whiting, Thomas Welby, Thomas Hall, and Martin Johnson, Gentlemen; The Mayor of Lincolne, William Marshall, Alderman; Steven Dawson, Alderman; and Brassbridge, Alderman.


George Earl of Desmond, Sir Henry Vane senior, Knight; sir Richard Winn, Knight and Baronet; Sir Gilbert Gerrard. Baronet; Sir Edward Barkham, Knight and Baronet; Sir Thomas Fowler Knight and Baronet; Sir Richard Sprignan, Baronet, Sir Gregory Norton, Baronet; Sir John Danvers, Sir John Francklyn, Sir John Hippesley, Sir William Roberts, Sir Robert Pye, senior; Sir John Trevor, Sir James Harrington, Sir Wil. Ashton, and Sir Edward Powell, Knights; The Lievtenant of the Tower of London for the time being, John Glynne, Esq. Recorder of the Cities of London & Westminster, Laurence Whittaker, John Huxley, John Trenchard, William Wheeler, Tho. Wilcox, John Morris, Richard Dounton, Tho. Lane, Robert Scowen, Humphrey Edwards, John Brown, John Packer, Robert Packer, Justinian Paget, and Thomas Swallow, George Manley, Thomas Fauconberge, and Laurence Swetnam, Esq; William Bell, William Hawkins, Thomas Brigham, Anthony Withers, William Barnes, Stephen Bournman, George Beverhasset, & Edward Martin, Gent.


Sir Thomas Woodhouse, Knight and Baronet; Sir Iohn Holland Baronet; Sir John Potts, Knight and Baronet; Sir John Hobart, Knight and Baronet; Sir Wiliam Paston, Baronet; Sir John Palgrave, Knight & Baronet; Sir Richard Berney, Baronet; Sir Isaac Astley, Knight and Baronet; Sir Valentine Pell, Knight, Vicecomes; Sir Miles Hubbert, Knight of the Bath; Sir William Doylie, Knight; Sir Thomas Guibon, Sir Tho. Gawdy, Sir Edward Astley, Sir Thomas Hogan and Sir George Windham Knights; Will. Heveningham, Framlingham Gawdy, John Spelman, John Coke, James Calthrope, Miles Corbet, Francis Jermy, Robert Wood, Thomas Windham, John Buxton, Gregory Gawsell, Edmund Thorisby, Philip Skippon, Philip Beddingfield, John Houghton, Robert Houghton, James Scamler, John Walpoole, Edward Chamberlain, Tho. Russell, Robert Wilson, Robert Bainham, Robert Iermy, Hamon Ward, Thomas Weld, Samuel Smith, Thomas Southerton, Adam Scamler, Robert Sheppard, Edward Heyward, Roger Townsend, Tho. Wright, Robert Long, John Web, James de Grey, John Reimes, Edward Gawdy, Robert Rich, Martin Sedley, Henry Taylor, George Hunt, Edward Owner & Thomas Toll, Esquires; Toby Fryer, Gent. The Mayor of Lynne for the time being; John May of Lynne, Alderman; The Bayliffs of Yarmouth for the time being; Thomas Johnson and Robert Gower of Yarmouth: Thomas Lincoln, and Henry Kettle of Thetford.

For the Cit. and County of Norwich.

John Tooley, Mayor, & the Mayor for the time being, Samuel Smith, Recorder; Erasmus Earl Steward, John Thacker Christopher Barret, Tho. Baker, Richard Harman and Adrian Parmenter, Esq. Mr. Tho. Barret & Mr. Bernard Church, Sheriffs; and the Sheriffs for the time being, Mathew Peckford, Henry Watts, Samuel Parks, Matthew Linsey, Thomas Tofts, Livewell Sherwood, & Wil. Symonds, Aldermen; John Salter, John Grey, Samuel Brewster, Iohn Collier, Iohn Tofts, Timothy Scottow, Henry King and Thomas Wasted, Gentlemen.

For the County of Rutland.

Thomas Lord Grey of Grooby, Sir Edward Harrington, Knight and Baronet; Sir Iames Harrington, Knight; Evers Armyn Robert Horseman, Thomas Waite, Iohn Osborne, Thomas Levett, Christopher Browne. Robert Horseman, junior; and Samuel Barker, Esquires, Iohn Hatcher, Iohn Greene and William Busby, Gentlemen.

For the County of Sussex.

Sir Thomas Pelham, Sir Thomas Parker, Sir John Chapman, Sir Gregory Norton, Baronets; Anthony Stapeley, Herbert Morley, Sir Thomas Ersfield of Denne, Henry Shelley. John Baker, Hall Ravenscroft, Edward Dowse, William Hay, John Busbridge, Herbert Boord, Herbert Springate, Herbert Hay. Peter Farnden, Thomas Jefferay, William Michaelborne, Thomas Collins, John Borde, Anthony Crutenden, Anthony Foule, Francis Sellwyn, William Newton Senior, William Cawley, Thomas Middleton, John Downes, George Oglander, James Temple, Thomas Chase, Ralph Cooper, George Churcher and Peter Bettisworth of Fineing, Esquires; Thomas Hensbawe, William Freeman, William Marlet, Thomas Greene of Marden' Thomas Millet of Marden, William Cooke, Nicholas Sheppard, John Fag, William Morley, Humphrey Edwards, Arthur Bettisworth, George Greene, Philip Jermain Serjeant at Law, Stephen Humphrey, Nathaniel Studley, Robert Spence, Roger Gratwicke, William Spence, Robert Heath, John Everenden, Edward Manning, Thomas White, Richard Yates, John Roberts, Henry Avery, Gentlemen; Thomas Challoner, Esquire; Captain Simon Everrenden.

For the County of Suffolk.

Sir Edmond Bacon, Sir William Playters, Sir Simond Dewesl Knights and Baronets; Sir William Springe, Sir Buts Bacon, Baronets; Sir Roger North, Sir John Wentworth, Sir Nathanie, Barnardiston, Sir William Soame, Sir John Rous, Sir Philip Parker, Sir Robert Brooke, Sir Richard Barnerdiston Knights; William Heveningham, Brampton Gurdon Senior, Henry North Senior, Maurice Barrowe, Isaac Appleton, Henry North junior, Nicholas Bacon, Robert Reynolds, John Gurdon, William Cage, Tho Bacon, Nathaniel Bacon, Francis Bacon, John Brooke, William Bloyse, Thomas Blosse, Brampton Gurdon junior, Thomas Terrell, Thomas Cole, John Hodges, John Cotton, Richard Pepps, Edmond Harvye, Gibson Lucas, Robert Brewster, Theophilus Vaughan, James Hubbert, Francis Brewster, William Lawrence, Alexander Bence, Squire Bence Esquires.

The Baliffes for the time being, William Cage, Nathaniel Bacon Esquires, John Aldus, Robert Duncon, Peter Fisher.

For the Town of Ipswich.

The Alderman for the time being, Thomas Chaplyn, Samuel Moodye.

For Bury St. Edmonds.

The Bayliffes for the time being, Thomas lackson, Henry Cheney.

For Aldeburgh.; For the County of Surry.

Edmond Jordan Esquire, high Sheriffe of the said County, William Lord Munson, Denzil Hollis, Esquire; Benjamine Weston Esquire; Iohn Glyn, Esquire, Recorder of London, Sir Ambrose Brown, Baronet; Sir Thomas Iervoyse, Sir Richard Onslowe, Sir Iohn Maynard, Knight of the Bath; Sir John Dingley, Sir John Howland, Sir William Elyot, Sir Richard Bettinson, Sir Mathew Brand, Sir Robert Parkhurst, Sir Robert Wood, Sir Robert Gorges, and Sir John Evelyn, Knights; John White, Thomas Sandes, Nicholas Staughton, George Farewell, Henry Tonstall, Arthur Onslowe, Robert Wood, Robert Goodwin, Francis Drake, George Evelyn of Wotton, John Goodwin, John Farewell, Henry Weston, Thomas Locke, John Turner, John Cartwright, Sackford Gonson, Robert Purse, Robert Meade, and Lancelot Johnson, Esquires; Robert Holman, Robert Haughton, Cornelius Cooke, Richard Wright, George Snelling, Thomas Hudson, Henry Hardwicke, Gentlemen.

Provided, that from and after the first of February 1644. no more money shall be raised upon the respective Counties of Sussex, Surry, and Kent, by vertue of any former Ordinance of Association, then what the Committees of the said Counties respectively shall raise, for paying of Arreares due uqon any former Ordinance for paying the respective Garrisons in the said Counties, according to the Establishment of the said Garrisons, and for paying such Forces for the defence of their Counties, as the respective Committees and Deputy Lievtenants, or the major part of them shall thinke fit.

Commander in Chief to nominate Colonels, etc.

Provided also, That the Commander in chiefe nominated in this Ordinance, shall have power to nominate all Collonels, Lievtenant Collonels, Serjeant Majors and Captains, out of any of the Forces under the Command of the Parliament, to be approved of by both Houses of Parliament.

All officers to take National League and Covenant.

Provided further, that all Commanders, and Officers that shall be imployed in this Army, and to be approved of by both Houses of Parliament, as aforesaid, shall take the Nationall League and Covenant of both Kingdomes, within twenty daies next after such approbation; And all other Officers to be imployed as aforesaid, shall take the said solemne League and Covenant, within twenty dayes after they shall be Listed in the said Army; which solemne League and Covenant shall be tendred as aforesaid, into all the Officers before mentioned, by some Minister whom the Commander in chiefe, shall choose, in the presence of him the said Commander in chiefe, or the Major Generall. And a returne to be made by them unto the two Houses of Parliament from time to time, of the names of all such as shall take the same: and all such as shall refuse to take the said solemne League and Covenant, shall upon such their refusall be displaced, and shall not be admitted to any Office or Command in the said Army, untill they shall have taken the said solemne League and Covenant in manner and forme as aforesaid, and such their conformity certified and approved of by both Houses of Parliament.

Also Common Soldiers.

And be it Ordained, That all Common Souldiers of this Army shall likewise take the same at such time, and in such manner as shall be in that behalfe directed by both Houses of Parliament.

Lord Lieutenants to be on Committees

Provided also, that every Lord-Lievtenant, who is not disabled by Ordinance of Parliament, to sit in the House of Peeres, shall in their severall and respective Counties, be of the Committee now appointed by this Ordinance.

Arrears in Norfolk, etc

Provided further, That all arrerages due upon the severall Ordinances of weekly Assessements for the seaven Associated Counties of Norfolke, Suffolke, Lincolne, Cambridge, Essex, Hertford and Huntington, which are yet unleavied, shall be leavied according to the said severall Ordinances, notwithstanding the expiration of the said Ordinances by which they were due, and notwithstanding this Ordinance, or any thing therein contained to the contrary.