December 1652: An Act touching the Receipts severall Receipts of the Revenue of Treasuries of the Comonwealth and the bringing the same into one Treasury

Pages 652-653

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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December 1652

[10 December, 1652.]

Be it Enacted by this present Parliament and the Authority thereof That Dennis Bond Esqr. Francis Allein Esqr, John Downes Esqr, Cornelius Holland Esqr, or any two of them be authorized and required with all convenient Speed to informe themselves of the severall Revenues and Treasuryes belonging to this Comonwealth and to make Deligent search and enquiry into the true state of the same by whom and how the same are mannaged and what Sallary or Sallaryes are allowed For the Collecting receiveing and issueing out of the same As also what is by Authority of Parliament Charged as Debt or otherwise upon any of the Revenues or Treasuries of this Comonwealth together with the nature and ground of any such Charge or Debt and particularly what interest is paid or payable For any money borrowed or Debt Contracted For the use of the Comonwealth And likewise how the severall receipts and issues of the Revenue and Treasuries of this Comonwealth may be brought with all Convenient Speed into one Channell and managed with Least Charge and best Advantage to the Comonwealth and particularly how unnecessary Officers and Sallaries may be taken off and Discharged and to consider of all wares and meanes for the better improvement of the Revenue of the Comonwealth and particularly to consider how all Debts Charged by way of security or otherwise upon the Excise Compositions Sequestrations or any other receipts of the Comonwealth may be Discharged to the end the same may be applyed to Publique use only, and that as soone as the persons above named shall have informed themselves of all or any of the premisses or shall have Considered of any other particulers that may Conduce to the better Execution of the directions aforesaid that they doe Give and account hereof to the Parliament or such as shalbe appointed to receive the same And all officers and persons whatsoever that are or shalbe any wayes imployed or Concerned in the receiveing Issueing or Mannageing of any of the Revenue or Treasure of the Comonwealth are hereby enioyned and required to observe the order of the said persons before named and to give their best ayd and Assistance for the Due execution of the premisses.