March 1645: An Ordinance for providing of Draught-horses for carriage of the traine of Artillerie to the Army, under the Command of Sir Thomas Fairfax, And for paying of Coat and Conduct-money.

Pages 653-655

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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March, 1644/5

[14 March, 1644/5.]

Power to Committees of respective Counties to raise Draught-Horses for Army.

Whereas the Lords and Commons now assembled in Parliament, have by an Ordinance, dated the fifteenth of February, 1644. Ordained, That there be forthwith raised, and formed, an Army under the immediate Command of Sir Thomas Fairfax, Knight; And have thereby provided for the raising, paying, and maintaining of the said Army: It is therefore Ordered, that the severall and respective Committees, named and appointed in the said Ordinance, for the severall and respective Cities, Counties and places therein mentioned, or any two, or more of them, shall forthwith raise and provide the severall and respective proportions and numbers of good, able and sufficient Drawing-horses for Carriages belonging to the said Army, and Train of Artillery: That is to saw, out of the City of London, and the County of Middlesex and hundred sixty and one.

The County of Essex, an hundred thirty and one.

The County of Suffolke, an hundred forty and one.

The County of Norfolk, an hundred forty and one.

The City of Norwich, seven.

The County of Lincolne, forty and one.

The County of Hertford, forty and eight.

The County of Cambridge, forty and three.

The Isle of Ely, fourteen.

The County of Huntington, twenty.

The County of Sussex, seventy and eight.

The County of Derby, ten.

The County of Warwick, six.

The County of Leicester, five.

The County of Northampton, nine.

The County of Bedford, twenty.

The County of Kent, an hundred forty and one.

The County of Surry, fourty.

Power to buy at best rates.; Payment to be made out of first month's assessment.

And for the more speedy effecting of this service; the said severall and respective Committees, or any two or more of them in the severall and respective Cities, Counties and places before mentioned, shall have power, and are hereby authorized to buy and provide the said horses at the best rates; as in their wisedome, judgment, and discretion shall be thought most for the advantage of the service: And the moneys for Providing, Buying, and Conducting of the said Horses, shall be paid upon warrant of the said Committees or any two of more of them respectively by the Collector or Collectors of the severall Cities, Counties, and places before mentioned, out of the first Moneths Assessment, to be Rated and Levied by vertue of the said Ordinance.

Price of each Horse, with transport, not to exceed £6.

Provided alwayes; That all the said Horses one with another, together with the charge of Conducting them to the place of Rendezvous shall not exceed the summe of six pounds; which horses so to be bought and provided, shall be brought unto such place or places of Rendezvous, and at such time or times, as shall be appointed by the Committee of both Kingdomes, or by the said Sir Thomas Fairfax.

Discharge to Collectors.

And what Sums of money shall be so disbursed, upon a Certificate thereof made, under the hands of two or more of the Respective Committees, shall be allowed upon the Collectors Accompt, as if so much money had been paid to such persons as shall bee appointed to receive the money raised by vertue of that Ordinance; And the persons appointed to Receive the said moneys upon the said Ordinance, Are hereby Authorized to give acquittances for the same to the respective Collectors, And the producing of those Certificates of the Respective Committees, shall be a sufficient discharge for so much, unto the persons appointed to receive the money upon their Accompt, without further Order or Warrant, in that behalfe.

Instructions for conduct, marking and registering of Horses, etc.

And it is further Ordered, That the said Committees, or any two of them, shall imploy fit persons to Conduct the said Horses and give them fit allowance for the same; and shall marke the Horses with a mark, and shall deliver the said Horses by Indenture unto the Conductors, comprizing the Colours and Sizes of the Horses, which Conductors shall deliver the said Horses. together with the Indenture unto the Commissary for Draughthorses at the place of Rendezvous; And the Commissary for Draught-horses is hereby required to attend at the place of Rendezvous, and to receive the horses, and upon examinations the Indenture to give a Certificate to the Conductors, for what Horses he shall receive; And to see the Mark-Master of the Army, immediately to mark them with the States Marke; and cause them to be there delivered, to one of the Quarter-Masters for Draught-horses, to take them into his charge, and to take a Receipt of him for the same.

And to that end it is Ordered; That the Commissary of the Draught-horses, and his Assistants, together with the MarkMaster be not wanting at the time and place of the Generall Rendezvous, to be appointed for receiving of the Draught-Horses, but that they and every one of them give their attendance to receive, and marke the said Horses, and then to deliver them to the said Quarter-Masters, that none of them bee lost, but imployed in the service as is before declared.

Charge of levying, etc., of soldiers for Sir T. Fairfax's Forces to be borne by said Counties.

And it is further Ordered, That the charges and expences of Levying, Impresting, Coating, and Conducting of Souldiers for the Recruiting of the Forces under the said Sir Thomas Fairfax, shall be defrayed and born by the severall Cities, Counties and places aforesaid, where the Committee of both Kingdomes or Sir Thomas Fairfax shall appoint any Presse of Souldiers to be made: And that the said severall and respective Committees, or any two or more of them in such the said Cities, Counties and places doe take speciall care thereof, that all things may be done according to the directions given and to be given in that behalfe: And that such Sum or Sums of money as shall bee requisite for the said service, shall be disbursed upon Warrant of the said Committees or any two or more of them respectively, to such persons as they shall appoint by the Collector or Collectors of the said severall Cities, counties and places out of the first moneths Assessment, as is before specified; And upon a Certificate thereof as aforesaid the said respective Collectors shall be allowed for so much money upon their Accompt, and shall have Acquittances given them by such persons as shall be appointed to receive the money raised upon that Ordinance, and they upon those Certificates shall also have allowance without further Order or Warrant in such manner and forme as is before declared.