April 1645: An Ordinance for the setling of Mr. Philip Goodwyn in the Vicaridge of Watford, and of Doctor Burgess in the publique Lecture of the Church of Pauls London.

Pages 672-674

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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April, 1645

[23 April, 1645.]

Philip Goodwyn to be Vicar of Watford.; Dr. Burgess to have £400 yearly from sequestered Revenues of St. Paul's Cathedral and also house of late Dean.;Provision for more certain payment of said sum.; Arrears.; In case of alienation of sequestered Revenues, good provision to be made for payment of said £400.; Ord. to be Printed and Published.

Whereas the Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled, did by an order of the sixteenth of Decemder 16 3. appoint and constitute Doctor Cornelius Burges Vicar of Watford in the County of Hertford, to be publike Lecturer in the Church of Pauls London; And for his incouragement therein did further Order, That four hundred pounds per annum should be paid unto him quarterly out of the Sequestred Estates of the Dean, and Dean and Chapter of the said Church. And whereas by another Order of both Houses of Parliament of the Twelfth of March 1643. the Lord Mayor of London, and Court of Aldermen there, are appointed and Authorized to seize and Sequester into their hands, the Houses, Rents and Revenues of the said Dean, Dean and Chapter, and other Prebendaries, Officers and Ministers, belonging to the said Cathedral Church in right of the said Church: And that out of the said Revenues they should pay to the said Doctor Burges one hundred pounds at the end of every quarter of the year, the first payment to begin at the then next Lady day, & thence to continue; And moreover that they should set out and deliver unto him, a good and convenient house for his dwelling, well Repaired and fitted for his use, which is done accordingly (as by the said Orders among other things appeareth) It is now Ordered and Ordained, and be it Ordered and Ordained by the said Lords and Commons, That the said Church of Watford shall be void and quit of the said Doctor Burges: And that Philip Goodwyn shall be from henceforth Vicar of Watford, and officiate the said Cure as Vicar thereof; And shall have and receive to himself, all Tithes, Oblations, Pensions, Annuities, Houses, Duties, Profits and Commodities whatsoever thereto belonging, from the 25. day of December, One thousand six hundred forty three, (he discharging the Cure, and paying all payments and duties issuing thence from the time aforesaid) for and during his natural life, in as ample maner, to all intents and purposes as the said Doctor Burges, or any other Vicar heretofore enjoyed the same, without any further Presentation, Admission, or Induction. And it is also Ordained, and be it Ordained by the said Lords and Commons in Parliament, That the said yearly allowance of four hundred pounds shall be well and constantly paid out of the said Revenues of the said Church, to the said Doctor Burges quarterly as aforesaid, by the said Lord Mayor and Court of Aldermen, for, and during his natural life, he performing the Lectures in the said Church, as by the said Lords and Commons he is Ordered to do. And it is likewise Ordained, That the said Doctor Burges shall have and enjoy the House set out by the said Lord Mayor and Court of Aldermen for his dwelling, Scituate and being in or neer Pauls Church yard, and late in the possession and use of Doctor Steward Dean of Pauls; Together with all outlets, Easements, Commodities, Gardens, and Appurtenances thereto belonging, in as ample maner as the said Doctor Steward, or any other before Indemnity him enjoyed the same, for and during the natural life of him the said Doctor Burges. And for the more certain payment of the said Annual sum of four hundred pounds to the said Doctor Burges as aforesaid, Be it further Ordained by the said Lords and Commons in Parliament, and by the Authority of the same, That all and every Farmer, Tenant, Leasee, and every other person and persons within the Kingdom of England and Dominion of Wales, who do, or shall owe, or ought to pay any Rents. Issues, Fines, Heriots, Profits, Sum or Sums of Money, or ought else reserved upon any Lease, Covenant or Agreement to the said Dean, Dean and Chapter, or other Prebendaries, Officers or Ministers of the said Cathedral Church, in right thereof (except for the House and premises granted to the said Doctor Burges as aforesaid) shall from time to time pay the same, and all Arrerages thereof unto the said Lord Mayor and Aldermen, or to their Sub-Committee, Assistants, or other person or persons by them Authorized to receive the same, as it is or shall grow due, and to no other person or persons whatsoever; And that the Acquittance of such Receiver thereof under his hand, shall be a sufficient discharge to every person so paying the same against all other persons whatsoever, any Reservation, Covenant, Proviso, or other thing to the contrary notwithstanding: And that the said Lord Mayor and Court of Aldermen, their Sub-Committee or Assistants, or any four or more of them, shall hereby have and use the same and the like power, authority and assistance, for, and in the discovery, seizing and getting into their hands, all and every the premises (except before excepted) as they are and shall become due: And all Arrerages thereof, as is granted by any Ordinance of Parliament, or Explanation thereof, to any other Sequestrators or Committee for Sequestrations of the Estates of Papists and other Delinquents, as if the said Lord Mayor, Aldermen, their Assistants, Sub-Committees, and Receivers, and every of them, had been particularly named in such Ordinance or Explanation: And that out of the said Rents, Issues, Revenues and Profits, so from time to time received, the Receiver or Treasurer thereof for the time being, shall at the end of every quarter of the year, pay the full sum of One hundred pounds lawful Money, to the said Doctor Burges constantly, during his natural life, without further or other Order or Warrant from any person or persons whatsoever, before the said Treasurer Issue or pay out any other sum or sums of Money out of the premised Rents or Revenues, to any other person or persons for any other matter, cause or thing whatsoever; And that all and every person or persons, that hath done, or shall do any thing in pursuance of, or obedience to the said former Order of the twelfth of March, 1643. (which Order is hereby Ordained also to be still in force, and to be fully obeyed by all whom it may concern) or that shall do anything in pursuance and obedience of this present Ordinance, shall therein be esteemed to do an acceptable Service to the Kingdom, and have the protection of both Houses of Parliament for their Indempnity. And if the said Sequestred Estates and Revenues, or any part thereof, shall hereafter be put into any other hands then now may be, or otherwise Aliened, Sold or disposed of, It is yet further Ordained, by the Authority aforesaid, That good and sufficient Provision shall be made in the passing and disposal thereof, whereby the said Doctor Burges may, and shall by all the time aforesaid, well and truly, by quarterly payments, receive the aforesaid yearly allowance of four hundred pounds out of the said Sequestered Estates and Revenues, and enjoy the House abovesaid, and all other the premises according to the true intention of this present Ordinance, Any Order, Act or Ordinance, made or to be made to the contrary hereof in any wise notwithstanding. And to the end this Ordinance may be better known and obeyed, It is Ordered that this Ordinance be Printed and Published.