May 1645: An Ordinance for freeing and discharging the Vintners, with certain exceptions, from any demand, for or concerning any delinquency, &c.

Pages 678-679

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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May, 1645

[6 May, 1645.]

Whereas divers persons in the behalf of themselves and the Company of Vintners, being questioned in the House of Commons for their Delinquency, touching the imposition of Forty shillings upon the Tun of Wine, did submit themselves to the judgment of Parliament, and did freely offer the sum of Four thousand pounds to the use of the Publique, and desired the favor of both Houses to be freed from their Delinquency; which favor the said Houses are willing to extend: Whereupon some particular persons have advanced the said Four thousand pounds, and paid the same according to the direction of the House of Commons, for the use of the City of Glocester and otherwise.

Vintners discharged from Delinquency.; Names of persons excepted.

It is Ordained and Declared, and be it Ordained and Declared by the Lords and Commons in this present Parliament assembled, That the Master, Wardens, Freemen and Commonalty of Vintners of London, and all Vintners, parties to any Indenture or Indentures for the Forty Shillings per Tun, or for Farming the Imposition, or that have taken the advance of the prizes upon retail of Wines, except Richard Smallwood, Thomas Mason, Theodore Collins, Executrix of Iohn Rotham, William Radford, Edmond Waters, Ioseph Graves, Iohn Philpot, William Tarry, Iohn Steel, Executors of Iohn Mears, Iohn Doe, William Mears, Ambrose Paulson, Iohn Pettit, George Tomlinson, the Executor of Philippa Paul, William Butler, Iohn Vaugenew, Anthony Lewis, Iohn Champe, Iohn Byfield, Francis Palfryman, Nathanael Field, Thomas Whicher, Randal Willy, William Long, Alice Flowerdew, Executor or Executrix, Administrator or Administratrix of Iohn Ballard, William Agge, Iohn Booth, George Flower, Executor or Executrix, Administrator or Administratrix of George Hulbert, Robert Ioyner, Executor or Executrix, Administrator or Administratrix of Iames Evyat, Christopher Debnam, Elizabeth Bolles, Thomas Syms, William Clifton, Thomas Glascock, Pelham Moor, Robert Panton, Alexander Lee, Henry Hodgkins, Moses Mear, Thomas Smith, Samuel Wethered Iohn Matthews, Edward Milman, Richard Simonds, Executor or Executrix, Administrator or Administratrix of Iohn Westley, William Moor, Abraham Atwood, Richard Ordway, Peter Cox, Walter Wormell, Robert Quartermain, Peter Hinde, Richard Nix, William Baker, Ascanus Hicks, Executor or Executrix, Administrator or Administrators of Nathanael Axtel, Richard Smith Iohn Car, Executor or Executrix, Administrator or Administratrix of Iohn Barker, Executor or Executrix, Administrator or Administratrix of Richard Hoult and Elizabeth Maxey, be absolutely discharged, and from ever freed from any claim, demand, or Delinquency for or concerning the same. And the said Master, Wardens, Freeman and Commonalty and the persons above named (except before excepted) shall be, and are hereby freed and discharged from every Grant or Covenant contained in any Grants, Letters, Patents, from His Majesty under the Great Seal of England, Indenture or Indentures, and all Bonds and Bills given for the Fourty shillings per Tun, and the Farm thereof, and all Arrears in any wise depending upon the same and the Bonds and Bills are to be delivered up, and the Books crossed, except what concerneth the said Richard Smalwood and the persons excepted as aforesaid: which said persons before excepted being questioned for the same Delinquency with the rest that have submitted, have not only forborn to submit and conform themselves with the rest, but refuse to contribute their proportion of the said Four thousand pounds with others of the Company (although they are involved under the same guilt) and because divers of the persons before excepted stand ingaged by Bonds and otherwise to pay several Sums of money upon the said Project of Forty shillings the Tun, which they have not paid, and yet they have exacted the same from the Subject; In recompence thereof,

Persons above excepted may be proceeded against for Delinquency

Be it therefore Ordained by the said Lords and Commons, That the persons before excepted shall not have any benefit by this Ordinance; And that it shall and may be lawful for the Committee of the House of Commons, commonly stiled the Committee for Glocester, to call before them the persons excepted as aforesaid, and to proceed against them, and examine their Delinquency, and according to the nature and quality of their respective offences, to deliver their judgment and opinions thereupon, and present the same to the House of Commons, that they may be further proceeded against as the merits of their offences do deserve.

Gloucester Committee to demand Sums owed by said persons, and distrain or imprison for non-payment.

And be it further Ordained by the Authorities aforesaid That if it shall appear to the said Committee for Glocester, that any of the persons before excepted are indebted to the State any Sums of money as aforesaid, it shall and may be lawful for the said Committee to demand and compound the same, and in case of refusal or non-payment, to Destrain for the same, and in default of Distress, to commit the person or persons so indebted to Prison, until he, she or they shall make satisfaction.

Moneys raised by this Ord. to be used for Gloucester Garrison.

And it is further Ordained, That all such Moneys as shall be further raised by vertue of this Ordinance, shall be imployed to the use of the City and Garison of Glocester; and that it shall be lawful for the said Committee to allow such proportion thereof to the persons that have advanced the said Four thousand pounds, as to them shall seem to stand with Justice and Equity, having regard to the proportions that would have faln to the shares of the persons excepted, had they submitted and conformed themselves with the rest.