June 1645: An Ordinance enabling the Committee at Goldsmiths-Hall for the Scots Affairs, to manage the Ordinance of the Twentieth of February, 1644. For the more speedy raising and payment of the 21000l. per Moneth, for the Four Moneths therein mentioned, for payment of the Army of our Brethren of Scotland, now on their march towards the Southern parts for the service of the Kingdom.

Pages 700-702

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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June, 1645

[13 June, 1645.]

Whereas by an Ordinance of the Lords and Commons in Parliament of the 20. of February, 1644. for the reasons therein expressed, It is Ordered and Ordained, That the sum of One and twenty thousand pounds Monethly, shall for four Moneths, beginning the first of March, 1644. aforesaid, be charged, raised, taxed and leavyed upon divers and several Counties, Cities, Towns, Liberties and Places therein mentioned, according to the proportions, rates and distributions in the said Ordinance expressed; the same to be paid Monethly to Mr. Richard Waring and Mr. Michael Herring, Treasurers at Goldsmiths Hall for the Scotish Affairs. And whereas albeit the said Ordinance hath now been passed and published for two Moneths since and upwards, and that the said Ordinances have been sent and distributed into the several Counties, Cities, Towns, Liberties and Places aforesaid, to have been put into present execution, yet have there not any Moneys been brought into the said Treasury, nor any Accompt been given of the proceedings, whereby the Forces and Army of our Brethren of Scotland, come in to our assistance, being now upon their March Southward, and wanting these Moneys for their present supplies, will be driven unto great straights and extremities, and many inconveniences and disorders must inevitably follow to the places where they shall be come for want of maintenance and support, if some timely remedy be not had.

Power to Committee for Scots Affairs at Goldsmiths Hall to manage Ord, of 20 Feb. 1644, for raising moneys for maintenance of Scotch Army.;Allowances.

Be it therefore Ordered and Ordained, That the Committee of Goldsmiths Hall now employed there for the Scots affairs, shall have the care and managing of the business upon the said Ordinance, and shall and may, and are in and hereby authorized by themselves, or by order of any five or more of them, and by such other person or persons as they shall therefore think fit to imploy and entrust in this affair, to make, do and perform whatsoever acts and things they shall think necessary and convenient, by making of dispatches, appointing of Forces, and giving directions in pursuance of the said Ordinance of 20. February, 1644. to cause the present Assessing, Collecting and bringing in of the said Moneys according to the directions of the said Ordinance, and otherwise as shall be useful and necessary for and concerning the same; and are hereby authorized and required, not only to take an especial care of the execution of the said Ordinance, but to give such further and other orders and directions for that purpose, and for all proceedings therein hereafter to follow, as shall be meet, and as in their good discretions they shall think fit; And all and every the Commissioners, Assessors, Collectors, and other person and persons whatsoever now named or concerned, or that are or shall be hereafter named or mentioned in the Premises, for and according to the Tenor and Direction of the said Ordinance, or of any thing therein contained, are in, and hereby required and enjoyned to conform and give obedience to the same in all things accordingly. And the said Committee, or any such number of them as aforesaid, are further hereby authorized upon any complaint to be made of any neglect of duty or other miscarriages in the Premises, of or in any the person and persons now already imployed, or hereafter to be imployed in this business as aforesaid, to hear, examine and determine of and concerning the same, and to Order, Conclude, Adjudge, Execute and do therein as they shall in their good discretions think fit, and if need be, to alter and adde any other person or persons whatsoever as Commissioners, Assessors and Collectors, to be named and joyned together with those in the said Ordinance formerly named and appointed for the more speedy bringing in of the said Moneys and execution of the premises; and the said Committee or any such number of them as aforesaid, are in and hereby further authorized and appointed to make and give such alowances and satisfaction out of the Moneys that shall come in upon the said Ordinance unto all and every person and persons whom they shall imploy in the Premises for their pains and labors to be taken therein, as in their wisdoms and good discretions they shall Order and Direct as aforesaid, whose Orders the said Treasurers are to obey and observe therein accordingly.

Power to send money to Army.

And it is further Ordered and Ordained by authority aforesaid, and the said Committee of Goldsmiths Hall, or such number of them as aforesaid, with the advice and assent of the Commissioners residing here for the Kingdom of Scotland, or of any one or more of them, shall and may order and direct the sending and carrying of the Moneys from time to time to the said Army as they shall think to be most safe and convenient.

Ord. of 20 Feb. 1644, be in to force till whole Moneys hereunder paid in.

And it is further Ordered and Ordained by authority aforesaid, That the said Ordinance of the Twentieth of February 1644. aforesaid, and the power and authority in and hereby given unto the said Committee of Goldsmiths Hall as aforesaid, shall continue, be and remain in force to all intents and purposes aforesaid, from and after the expiration of the said four Moneths mentioned in the said Ordinance, until the whole Moneys herein Ordered and Ordained to be leavyed and Collected as aforesaid, shall be gathered, brought in and received by the said Treasurers, and disposed of and satisfied to the said Army as aforesaid.

Saving for Members of both Houses.

Provided always, That this Ordinance, nor any clause therein contained, shall authorize the distraining of the Goods, or Commitment of the Persons of any Peer of this Realm, Member of the House of Commons, Assistant, Officer or Attendant of either of the Houses of Parliament.