July 1645: An Ordinance for the Leavying and Collecting of Money in Arrear in the County of Middlesex, and Cities of London and Westminster, Borough of Southwark and places adjacent.

Pages 736-738

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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July, 1645

[24 July, 1645.]

Power to Edw. West, Jeremy Whiteworth and William Tyestead to levy Arrears on former Ord. of 30 June 1644.; And to Fine and Imprison faulty Collectors.; Assistance

Whereas by an Ordinance of Parliament of the fourth of October last, the sum of Nine thousand pounds, part of the Arrears of a Monethly Assessment, by vertue of a former Ordinance of the 26. of March, 1644. Taxed and Assessed upon the County of Middlesex, and the Cities of London and Westminster, with the Borough of Southwark and parts adjacent, was alotted for the providing of a new Train of Artillery for the Army under the immediate command of the Earl of Essex; a great part whereof, through the carelessness and negligence of the Collectors, and others employed in Leavying and Collecting the same, doth yet remain unsatisfied; The Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled do now Ordain, That Edward West and Jeremy Whiteworth, Citizens of London, and William Tyestead, of Fulham in the County of Middlesex, shall be Authorized within the several and respective Limits before mentioned, to call before them the said Collectors and other persons employed as aforesaid, and to take Accompt of them what sums they have (as part of the said Monethly Assessments) Collected and paid, and to whom, and what is remaining in their hands, and how much thereof doth yet remain in Arrear and uncollected; and to cause the same to be forthwith Leavyed, Collected and Paid over unto the Committee of Parliament, by Ordinance of the thirtieth of June last, appointed to contract for Gun-powder, Match and Bullet, or to such person as they shall appoint, whose Receipt shall be unto the said Collectors, and their Sub-Collectors, a sufficient discharge, Any thing in the said former Ordinances limitting the same to be paid unto Sir Gilbert Gerrard Baronet, to the contrary notwithstanding. And in case they the said Edward West, Jeremy Whiteworth and William Tyestead shall finde that any of the said Collectors or Sub-Collectors have refused or neglected to do their duty in Collecting, Distreining or otherwise for the time past, or shall neglect their duty therein for the time to come; They the said Edward West, Jeremy Whiteworth and William Tyestead are hereby Authorized to bring them before the several and respective Committees, and other persons in and by the said Ordinances of the 26. of March, 1644. and by an Ordinance of the 26. of December last, Authorized to impose Fines upon, and to imprison the persons so neglecting or refusing, to the end they may be proceeded against in such maner, as in and by the said Ordinances is directed and appointed; for the doing whereof, all Justices of Peace, Constables and other Officers are required to be Ayding and Assisting as well to the said Edward West, Ieremy Whiteworth, and William Tyestead, as the said Committees, and others Authorized.

Moneys how to be used

And it is further Ordained, That the said Committee by this Ordinance appointed to receive the Moneys remaining of the said Arrears, shall therewith, and out of the same, in the first place satisfie and pay all and every the sums due for the Provisionheretofore contracted for, and brought into the Stores for the furnishing of the Train of Artillery before mentioned, which by the Certificate of Sir Walter Erle Knight, late Lieutenant of the Ordnance shall appear to be unsatisfied; and with the remainder thereof shall cause Provision to be made of Match and Bullet, to be sent into the Tower of London, for the better furnishing of the publique Magazine there.

Allowance to E. West, J. Whiteworth and Wm. Tyestead.

Provided always, and be it Ordained, That the said Committee shall be, and are hereby Authorized (out of the sums so received by them as aforesaid) to allow unto the said Edward West, Ieremy Whiteworth and William Tyestead, for their pains and travel in and about the Premises, such reasonable allowance as they shall think meet and convenient, so as the same do not exceed the sum lected and paid in as aforesaid.