August 1645: Ordinance concerning the Isle of Ely.

Pages 744-745

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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August, 1645

[12 August, 1645.]

The Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, taking into their consideration the great Importance of the Isle of Ely, and Town and Garrison of Croyland, as well with regard to the Security and Preservation of the Seven associated Counties, as in relation to the Designs of the Enemies (who are watchful to take Advantages to possess themselves of the said Isle and Garrison), have therefore thought fit, Ordered, and Ordained, and do hereby Order and Ordain, That there be a Garrison, consisting of Six Hundred Foot, and one Troop of Dragoons, consisting of One Hundred and Twenty, placed within the said Isle, and Garrison of Croyland, for the Safety thereof, whereof Five Hundred Foot and One Hundred Dragoons to be for the Isle of Ely, and One Hundred Foot and Twenty Dragoons to be for the Garrison of Croyland: And be it further Ordered and Ordained, by the Lords and Commons, That Colonel Francis Russell be hereby constituted and appointed Governor of the said Isle, and Lieutenant Colonel Dodson be likewise hereby constituted and appointed Governor of the said Garrison and Town of Croyland, and the Forces therein; and that the Committees of both Kingdoms do grant out Commissions to the said Colonel Francis Russell and Lieutenant Colonel Dodson accordingly, who shall command the said Garrisons, and Forces there, in such Manner as both Houses of Parliament, the Committee of both Kingdoms, Sir Thomas Fairefax, or the Committee hereafter named shall order and direct: And be it further Ordained, That, in the County of Norffolke, Sir Thomas Hoogen Knight, Mr. Thomas Sotherton, Mr. John Brewster, Mr. Robert Wilton, Mr Robert Wood of Brakenash; and in the County of Suffolke, Mr. Nathaniell Bacon, Sir William Spring, Mr. Robert Brewster, Mr. Bampton Gurdon Junior, Mr. Francis Bacon; and in the County of Essex, Mr. Richard Herlakenden, Mr. Wincoll, Mr. Arthur Barnardiston, Mr. Henry Mildmay, Mr. Raymond; and in the County of Cambridge, Mr. John Hubbard, Mr. Robert. Castle, Mr. Thomas Duckett, Mr. Robert Clerke, Mr. Thomas Bendish; and, in the County of Hertford, Sir John Wittrong, Mr. John Haydon, Mr. William Leamon, John King Doctor of Physic, Isaack Puller; and in the County of Huntington, Mr. Vintner, Mr. Burrell, Mr. Fulwood, Mr. Castle, Mr. Templer; and in the County of Lincolne, Mr. Humfrey Wallcott, Mr. William Savell, Mr. John Willsby, Mr. John Harrington, Mr. James Trollop; and all the Members of both Houses of Parliament that serve for, or live within, the Association; shall be a committee of the said Seven associated Counties; and that they, or any Five or more of them, shall have Power to order and direct the said Governors and Forces belonging to the said Isle and Garrison, subject nevertheless to the Orders and Directions of both Houses of Parliament, or of the Committee of both Kingdoms, and Sir Thomas Fairefax; And, that there may be a settled Maintenance of the said Garrisons, it is further Ordained, and the Commissioners of Excise are hereby Ordered and Appointed, to pay Weekly the Sum of Three Hundred Pounds, for the Use of the said Garrison; that is to say, to the Use of the said Isle, the Sum of Two Hundred and Fifty pounds per week; and for the use of the said Garrison of Croyland, the sum of Fifty pounds per week; unto such Person or Persons as shall be authorized to receive the same, by the Committee aforenamed, or any Five of them, whose receipt shall be a sufficient Discharge to the Commissioners of Excise; the first day of Payment to be accounted from the 23rd day of April, in the year of our Lord 1645, and to continue till further Order of both Houses of Parliament; and the Committees before named in this Ordinance, or any Five of them, or such as they shall appoint, are hereby required and authorized to cause musters to be taken so often as they hold necessary; and to take care that the said Garrisons be well and duly paid, from Time to Time, according to the true Intent and Meaning hereof; and the said Governor, with the consent of the said Committee, or Five or more of them, shall have Power to make such Works and Fortifications for the securing of the said Isle, as they shall think fit and necessary.