September 1645: An Ordinance for the making void all Commissions and Warrants, or other Writings issued forth in His Majesties Name to Captain George Carteret Governor of Jersey.

Pages 772-774

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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September, 1645

[16 September, 1645.]

Whereas divers Gentlemen, and others, well-affected persons of the Island of Jersey, have, notwithstanding the defection of that Island, continued firm and stedfast in their Loyalty and Obedience to the King and Parliament; by means whereof illegal and unjust proceedings have issued and gone against them, and their Lands have been unduly Sequestred, and their Goods and Estates Plundred and taken from them by Captain George Carteret, head of the Rebellion there, and a great Fomenter of these present Distractions, pretending himself (though unlawfully) Governor there, and by other Malignants and evil affected persons, Iurates, and others adhering to the said Carteret; And the said Carteret and the other Malignants not resting there, but conspiring the utter ruine of the said well-affected persons, have attempted to boulster up their own Injustice by colour of Illegal Warrants and Commissions by themselves or their false suggestions surreptitiously procured to be penned and issued forth in the Name of His Majesty, by pretence whereof the said Carteret, and the rest of the said Malignants, have wickedly proceeded against the said Loyal and well-affected persons in the said Island, and contrary to all rules of Justice, declared them to be Traytors and Rebels, and made entries thereof, and seized upon their Lands and Estates as confiscate, having also attempted scandalous acts, derogatory to the High Court of Parliament.

All Warrants, etc. issued in King's Name without consent of Parlt. to Capt. George Carteret, Gov. of Jersey, declared void.; Carteret and his Adherents disabled from bearing Office in Jersey.

The Lords and Commons now in Parliament assembled, upon due consideration thereof, have Ordained and Declared, and be it Ordained and Declared by the said Lords and Commons now in Parliament assembled, That as well the said Warrants and Commissions heretofore issued, and all other Warrants, Commissions, Patents or Writs whatsoever, that shall hereafter (if any) be procured or issued forth in the Name of His Majesty under any Seal or Signature whatsoever to the said Carteret, or any other person or persons joyntly or severally, without the consent and authority of Parliament, and all Proclamations, Indictments, Judgements, Sealents, Arrests, Decrees, Condemnations, Sequestrations, Seisures, Confiscations, and all other Acts, criminal Processes, and other proceedings, in what kinde, maner or nature soever there, or by any other colour had, made, given, awarded, pronounced, entred, done or executed since the first beginning of these unhappy differences by the said Carteret, or any of the said Malignants, Iurats, or other Adherents to the said Carteret, or others disaffected to the King and Parliament, are hereby declared and adjudged to be, and shall be, and shall for ever be taken, adjudged and construed to be in all Courts and places, as well within the said Island as without, utterly void, frustrate and of none effect to all intents and purposes. And the said wellaffected persons, their Heirs and Assigns, shall have and enjoy all and every their Lands and Estates as freely and intirely, and in as full and ample maner as if none of the said wicked and illegal proceedings had ever been. And forasmuch as the said Carteret and the said other Malignants his Adherents have manifested their poisonous rancour, and shewed themselves unworthy and unfit to be hereafter trusted in any publique Imployment, Be it Ordained, That they and every of them be hereby disabled and made uncapable of having, bearing or executing any Offices or Places, either Judicial or Ministerial in the said Island, and that such proceedings shall in due time be had against them for their foul and enormous Offences as to Justice shall appertain.

Well-affected to be compensated out of Estates of Carteret and his Adherents.

And be it further Ordained by the said Lords and Commons, That the Losses, Damages and Sufferings of the said well-affected, and their Persons, Goods and Estates shall be taken into consideration, and such reparation made unto them out of the Lands and Estates of the said Carteret, and the said others, Malignants, his Adherents in the said Island, standing in Rebellion and Opposition to the King and Parliament, in such maner as the said Lords and Commons shall finde just and meet.