October 1645: An Ordinance of the Lords and Commons for the better Securing and Government of the City of Bristoll.

Pages 797-798

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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October, 1645

[28 October, 1645.]

Ordinance for the Government and Security of Bristol.

Forasmuch as Francis Creswicke Mayor, Humfry Hooke, Richard Longe, Ezekiell Wallis, Alexander James, Thomas Colston, William Fitz Herbert, Henry Creswicke, William Colston, Nathaniell Cale, William Bevan, Richard Grigson, and John Elridge, Aldermen, and Members of the Common Council of the City of Bristoll, have (as both Houses of Parliament are credibly informed by divers well-affected Persons of the said City) become very much disaffected to the Proceedings of Parliament, and forward and active to promote the Designs of the Enemy, so as their Continuance in the Magistracy, Government, and Common Council of the City (of so great Concernment to the whole Kingdom) will be altogether inconsistent with the Safety and Welfare thereof in these Times of War and Danger: It is therefore Ordained, That the said Francis Creswick, Humfrey Hooke, Richard Longe, Ezeckiell Wallis, Alexander James, Thomas Colston, William Fitz Herbert, Henry Creswick, William Coleston, Nathaniell Cale, William Bevan, Richard Gregson, and John Ellridge, be forthwith suspended from their respective Places of Aldermen and Members of the Common Council of the said City; and that the Committee of Parliament for the City of Bristoll, appointed by this or any other former Ordinance do speedily and effectually proceed to the Examination of their several Delinquences, and return the Proofs of their their Delinquencies, proved by sufficient Testimonies upon Oath, to the Parliament, to the End the Parliament may proceeed to further Judgement: And they do further Ordain, Nominate, and Appoint, John Gonning Mayor of the City of Bristoll, to all Intents and Purposes, in the Room and Place of the above mentioned Francis Creswick; hereby enjoining and requiring the Sheriffs of the said City, presently after such Proof of Delinquency as aforesaid, to summon the rest of the Aldermen and Common Council Men of the said City, or such others which, by and according to the Charters of the same, ought to be present, to meet, within Two Days after the said Summons, at their usual Place, and then and there to give unto the said John Ganning, according to the ancient Custom, the Oath usually taken by him which is chosen Mayor of the said City, and to elect so many other Persons, Freemen of the said City, wellaffected to the Parliament, as will complete the Number of those Persons above mentioned, which shall be so disabled and removed as aforesaid; and that no Person for the Time to come shall be elected into any of those Places, whose Person shall be imprisoned, or his Estate sequestered, by virtue of any Ordinance of Parliament: And they do further authorize the said Committee, or the major Part of them, to remove and displace all other Inferior Officers of the said City from their respective Places and Offices, which shall be proved before them to be Malignants or Delinquents, within the Compass of any Ordinance of Parliament, and to elect others to succeed them in their Offices and Places, who shall execute and enjoy the same by virtue of this Ordinance: And it be Ordained, that all Person and Persons shall have free Liberty to trade and traffic, by Land and Sea, to and from the said City, as formerly they might have done when the same was under the Obedience of Parliament: And the Lords and Commons do further Order and Ordain, That Serjeant Major General Skippon Governor of Bristoll, Edward Stevens, Alexander Popham, John Ashe, and Richard Aldworth, Esquires, Robert Haynes, and Denis Hollister, be added to the Committees of Parliament in the said City, who have hereby as full Power and Authority, together with them to all Intents and Purposes, as if their several Names had been inserted in the former Ordinances.