November 1645: Ordinance to settle the Magistracy of the City of Bristol.

Pages 801-802

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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November, 1645

[1 November, 1645.]

Whereas Richard Aldworth One of the Aldermen of the City of Bristoll, Richard Vickris and Luke Hodges, who have heretofore been Sheriffs, and were of the Common Council of the said City, for their Fidelity to the Parliament, and adhering to it in the Defence of their just Cause, have been pronounced to be removed and displaced from being of the Company of the Aldermen and Common Council of the said City; the same being done without any just or lawful Cause, and contrary to the Rules of Justice and Laws of the Land; the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, having received full and ample Testimony of the Integrity and Ability of the said Richard Aldworth, Richard Vickris, and Luke Hodges, as likewise of their great Sufferings for their being faithful in this Cause, do Declare and Ordain, That such Amoving and Displacing of them, and every of them, was unjust, unwarrantable, and unlawful and is in itself void, and of none effect, and do further Declare, That the said Richard Aldworth doth continue, and is, One of the Aldermen of the said City; and that the said Richard Vickris and Luke Hodges do continue, and are, of the Common Council of the said City; notwithstanding any such pretended Removings, Expulsion, or Displacing, had or made, at any Time whilst the said City hath been in the Hands and Power of the Enemy; and do Ordain, That they be accepted, admitted, and taken, to be of the Magistracy Government, and Common Council of the said City, to all Intents, and Purposes, as they were at the Time of the Beginning of this unnatural War, or at any Time since: And the said Lords and Commons do likewise Ordain and Declare, That Francis Creswicke, the now Mayor of the said City of Bristoll, be forthwith, and is hereby, removed and displaced from being Mayor of the said City; and they do nominate and appoint John Gonning to be the present Mayor of the said City, to all Intents and Purposes, in the Room and Place of the said Francis Creswick; and do require and enjoin the Sheriffs of the said City forthwith to summon the rest of the Aldermen and Common Council of the said City, or such Officers which by and according to the Charters of the same City ought to be present, to meet at their usual Place; who are hereby likewise required and enjoined to meet and attend accordingly, and then and there to give unto the said John Gonning, according to the ancient Custom, the Oath usually taken by him which is chosen Mayor of the said City: And it is lastly Ordained, that John Harrington Esquire be added unto, and is hereby made One of the Committees or Parliament of the said City.