December 1645: An Ordinance for the Constituting and appointing of Sergeant-Major General Philip Skippon, to be Governor of the City and Garison of Bristol.

Pages 811-812

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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December, 1645

[3 December, 1645.]

Maj.-Gen. Philip Skippon to be Governor of Bristol.

Whereas by the Providence of God, and his blessing upon the Forces under the Command of Sir Thomas Fairfax, the City of Bristol is reduced unto the obedience of the Parliament; And it being most necessary, that for the preservation and continuance of it under the power of the Parliament, a Garison be placed therein, and a person of Quality, and approved Fidelity, to be intrusted with the Government of the same, and a certainty of pay established for the support thereof, The Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled, being abundantly satisfied of the eminent deservings of Sergeant-Major General Philip Skippon, who hath given many and real Testimonies of his Judgement and abilities in the well ordering and managing of this War, and of his integrity and fidelity to this Cause, Do Ordain, nominate and appoint the said Major General Philip Skippon, to be Governor of the said City of Bristol, and of the Garison, Castle and Forts there, and of all Forces in the same, Willing and Requiring all Officers and Soldiers of the said Garison to receive and Obey his Orders and Commands.

To execute Martial Law.; Monthly Rate of £3000 on Bristol, etc., for Bristol Garrison

And it is further Ordained, That the said Major-General Philip Skippon shall have power, and is hereby Authorized to execute Martial Law within the said City and Garison of Bristol, according to the Articles published by the Earl of Essex, and now used in the Army under the command of Sir Thomas Fairfax; And the said Lords and Commons for the support and maintenance of the Forces of the said Garison, and defraying incident and necessary charges, Do Ordain, That three thousand pounds a Moneth shall be Leavied and Raised out of the City of Bristol, and of the several Counties hereafter mentioned, And by the several Committees of the said City and County (that is to say)

The City of Bristol, the sum of two hundred pounds a month.
The County of Somerset, twelve hundred pounds per mensem.
The County of Gloucester, eight hundred pounds per mensem.
And the County of Wiltshire, eight hundred pounds per mensem.

Directions for levying said sum.

Which said three thousand pounds shall be disposed of according to such establishment for the said Garison, as shall be appointed by both Houses of Parliament. And the Committees of the said City and County are hereby required and enjoyned to cause the same to be duly and effectually leavied and satisfied unto the Treasurers of the said Garison for the time being, the said Committees within their several Counties being hereby Authorized to set out such part of the County, lying nearest unto the City of Bristol, as the proportion of Money allotted for the payment of that Garison and laid upon that County, will be raised in, and the said sums so levied to pay in as aforesaid: And in case the said Committees or their Collectors or under-Officers shall fail in doing their duties, and the Moneys shal not be paid according to the direction of this Ordinance, and the true intent and meaning of the same, That then the Committee of Lords and Commons for the safety of the Western Associated Counties, and the Committee for Glocester respectively, shall direct such course, and use all such ways and means for the due and effectual raising and leavying of the said Moneys, either by enabling and Authorizing the Garison to raise and leavy the same, or by setting and allotting out those limits and precincts, out of which the said several and respective sums before mentioned shall issue and be paid, as to them in their Judgement and discretion shall be thought most conducing to the safety and preservation of that place, and advancement of that service, The said Taxations and Assessments to be made, and the said several sums to become payable from the first day of November last past, And accordingly the said Committees and the several Collectors and Officers of the said City and County, are to cause the same to be rated and leavied.

Ord. to continue 6 months

Provided that this Ordinance or any thing therein contained shall not extend to the prejudicing or lessening any power or authority granted by any former Ordinance to Sir Thomas Fairfax General, And that this Ordinance shall continue for six Moneths and no longer.